International Locations

Paris, France
The word "Paris" floats between the words
"Champs Elysees" and "Tour Eiffel"


Safari South Africa - Silhouette of jeep travels towards rhino; savannah in background
South Africa, Ostrich Race - riders on ostriches bolt out of starting gate


Misiones Ruinas De San Ignacio - 3 tourists walk past this Argentinean ruins
Tierra Del Fuego - Lone penguin on ice floe floats past city
Ushuaia - Boat approaches this southernmost city of the world


Antartic Adventure, Tasmania•Australia® - Penguin walks across ice (China)
Crocodile Hunter, Australia Zoo - Crocodile walks out of swamp; other crocs nearby
Crocodile Hunter, Australia Zoo - Steve Irwin falls into mouth of croc; text "Crikey" in bkgd (China)
Kuranda Scenic Railway; Est. 1891; Australia Train floats past lush greenery and waterfall
Ned Kelly, Glenrowan Victoria - Legendary outlaw walks toward horse, cabin in background


Alpenstadt Kufstein - Austrian couple floats past cityscape; sky tram
Bad Hofgastein; Thermalbad; Salzburg-Austria - Austrian couple walks past the health & recreation resort
Bregenzer Wald - Aerial tram floats above village; mountains
Grobglockner; Hochalpenstraße - Convertible drives up to 2368m marker in this National Park
Grossglockner 3798m - Murmeltier floats past mountains, flowers
Europabrücke, Tirol - Main highway bridge (opened 1963) used for north/south traffic in Europe
Ferienparadies, Kirchberg, Tyrol, Austria - Man in chairlift; scenic city view
Festspielstadt Salzburg Mozartstadt - Horse pulls carriage; fountain & couple in frgd
Fügen im Zillertal, Tirol, Austria - Train travels past scenic mountain village; couple in right frgd
Het Arsenaal, Vlissingen, Arsenaalplein - Shark swims along ocean floor
Innsbruck, Goldenes Dachl - Couple dances along town's street
Innsbruck, Tirol, Austria - Austrian couple walks along town's street
Kitzbühel; Tyrol - Costumed couple moves past house-lined street; sky tram in right frgd
Krimml 1076 m, Salzburg, Austria - Waterfall; royal crest (con/rev)
Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz - Sculpture floats between 2 red fingers; art museum
Luftkurort Mayrhofen, Tirol-Austria - Aerial tram floats above village; mountains
Luftkurort Mayrhofen, Tirol-Austria - Train floats past mountainside village
Mayrhofen; Tirol-Austria - Locomotive travels past village; flowers in frgd; mountains in background
Osterreich - Costumed skiers at ski resort
Pörtschach am Wörthersee - Boat moves past swans and plants
Radstadter Tauern; Pass-Strasse 815 1738m - Red convertible drives pass Alps; gondola
Rattenberg Inn, Tyrol Austria - Costumed couple floats in front of town
Saalbach - Aerial gondola floats past Alpine Mountains
Salzburg, The Sound of Music - Von Trapp family walks in plaza
Schärdinger Molkereiproduckte Vertribs GmbH Telefon 0611/9782-9 - "Tilsette" cheese floats across green pasture
Skiparadies, Kirchberg, Tirol, Austria - Horses pull passengers across snow
Skiparadies, Seefeld, Tirol-Austria - Aerial tram floats above mountain resort
Söll am Silden Kaiser; Tirol-Austria - 2 men on ski lift float past Limestone/Kitzbühel Alps; St.Petrus church frgd
St. Johann; Tirol - Red trolley travels past street lined with baroque buildings; alps
Velden am Worthersee - Boat and water skiier float past sailboats and sun bathers
Wien, Hundertwasser-Haus - 6 pedestrians walk past buildings; lamp posts, trees
Wien, Riesenrad - Tram travels past amusement park
Wien, Schloss Schönbrunn - Maria Theresa walks past palace
Wien-Vienna - Officer on horse float past city; ferris wheel
Zell am Ziller; Tirol - Train travels past valley market town; baroque church; alps


Airport Brussels - Sabena airplane taxis off; building in background
Antwerpen - Tour boat floats past Grote Markt; Brabo Fountain in foreground
Aquarama Blankenberge - Tram moves along pier
Atomium, Brussels - Molecular Atomium sculpture floats in front of 2 scenic panels
Banneux N.D. - Parishioner kneels at Holy Maria statue
Bobbejeanland Tel 014-557811 - Train travels past amusement park rides
Brugge - 2 swans swim past pedestrian bridge & buildings
Brussels - Clear barrel - Floating statue of boy peeing
Cascades de Coo - Couple in chairlift; 3 panels of scenery
De Haan, Le Coq - Rooster strolls past house; trees
Dinant - Tour boat floats by 2 scenic panels
Notre Dame de Beauraing - Holy Maria statue floats; tree (v)
Souvenir Bruxelles•Brussels - Statue of peeing boy floats across plaza
Souvenir Bruxelles•Brussels - Horse-drawn carriages travel past plaza
Souvenir from Brugge - Speedboat with passengers float past coastal city
Souvenir Waterloo - Napoleon rides horse past The Lion's Mound
Vedett Bier Biere; Extra Blond - Delivery truck for Belgium beer travels down road; trees, bldgs


Angels from the Vatican (from art museum in Toronto) - Angels in clouds float past others
Arctic Trading Company, Churchill Thompson Winnipeg - Polar bear walks across snowy ground; peaks
B.C. Museum of Mining; Britannia Beach, B.C. - Tram floats past mining caves
Art Gallery of Ontario, Group of Seven - Group of Seven logo floats past scenic panels
Banff Jasper Highway, Canadian Rockies - Bus drives down highway; lake, mountains
Banff National Park, Canada - Moose floats toward Maple leaf in R foreground; mountains background
Banff Springs Hotel, Canada - Black bear walks past hotel surrounded by pines
Barkerville; B,C. Canada - Man panhandles for gold in river; gold pan in left foreground
Beautiful British Columbia, Sportsman's Paradise - Caught fish is pulled in by fisherman
Best Western Glacier Park Lodge, BC - Bear lumbers past lodge near Rogers Pass; pines
Big Apple, Visit a Unique Part of Canada - Apple mascot/core (con/rev)
Biodome de Montreal - Cloud blows globe towards sun, passing penguin, plants, crabs, etc.
Bobby Orr Hall of Fame, Parry Sound, Ontario - Hockey player slides across ice attempting to stop goal
British Columbia, Canada - Eagle flies past totem poles
British Columbia, Canada - Salmon floats past lake and mountains
Burnaby Village Museum & Carousel - Carousel horse floats past carousel; flowers in L frgd; leaves in right frgd
Butchart Gardens, Victoria, Canada - Tourists walk across garden
Calgary Tower - Rodeo cowboy on horse floats past Calgary Tower & arena
Calgary Zoo, Destination Africa - Giraffe walks past hippo and boar
Canada - Grizzly bear walks thru forest
Canada - Two loons swim in pond
Canada - Moose walks in river; 3 maple leaves on right, frg
Canada - Family of 3 deer walk thru forest of pines
Canada - Family of 3 loons swim in river; 3 maples leaves
Canada - 2 mounties ride horses past parliamentary building
Canada - Native in canoe floats on river; trees & mountains in bkgd
Canada - Loon swims in lake; reeds in L frg; Maple leaf in right foreground
Canada Olympic Park, Calgary, Alberta - Luge competitor; observers
Canada Olympic Park, Calgary, Alberta - Ski jumper; scenic cityscape
Canada Olympic Park, Calgary, Alberta - Bobsled floats by Olympic course
Canada Place - Ship floats past Canada Place building
Canadian Rockies - Mountie floats; mountains in bkgrd (China)
Canadian Rockies - Train emerges from trees, mountains in bkgd
Canyon Sainte-Anne - Red tram drives past bridge
Cape Breton, A Hundred Thousand Welcomes - Lobster floats into lobster trap (keychain)
Capilano Hatachery, North Vanouver, B.C. Canada - Fish swims past lake, mountans; trees in left frgd; leaves in right frgd
Capilano Suspension Bridge, No. Vancouver, B.C. - Tourists walk across bridge
Casa Loma, Toronto, Canada - Family walks past castle
Chateau Lake Louise, Canada - Black bear walks past lakeside hotel
CN Tower; LA Tour CN - Elevator ascends/descends shaft of tower
CN Tower, Canada's Wonder of the World - Elevator ascends/descends shaft of landmark
Columbia Icefield - Brewsters SnoCoach Tours bus passes Ice Centre
Confederation Bridge, Prince Edward Island Link - Car ferry floats under bridge
Empress Hotel, Victoria, Canada - Ship moves past Empress Hotel
Enchanted Forest; British Columbia, Canada - Humpty Dumpty floats past castle and toad house
Faculty of Environmental Design; University of Calgary - 4 students walk across campus
Forks (The); Winnipeg, Canada - Six Indians paddle canoe
Fort George; Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada - English officers demonstrate drills in front of historic military fort
Gastown, Vancouver, Canada - Tourists shop in this historic town
Granville Island, Vancouver, BC, Canada - Boat approaches bridge; island
Hopewell Rocks; New/Nouveau Brunswick - Tide flows over the Flowerpot Rocks
Jasper House Hotel, Fort Edmonton Park, Alberta - Covered wagon floats past hotel
Jasper National Park - Cartoon black bear walking upright approaches totem pole
Jasper Tramway; Jasper's Peak Attraction - Tram floats between terminal & maple leaf; mountains
Killer Whale, Vancouver Aquarium, Vancouver, BC - Killer Whale performs in front of crowd
Killer Whale, Wolf of the Sea, Beautiful BC - Killer Whale leaps; others swimming
L'Oratoire Saint-Joseph, Montreal, Canada - Brother Andre's bust floats past oratory
Lake Louise, Canada - Two people in canoe row across lake; mountains; maple leaf
"The Last Spike", Craigellachie, BC, Canada - Train travels past dignitaries
Lock 3, Welland Canal, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada - Ship floats down canal
Magic Mountain, Water Park, Moncton, N.B. Canada - Ollie the Otter mascot slides down the water park ride
Magnetic Hill, New Brunswick, Canada - Red sedan is pulled by magnet in left foreground; busy road
Magnetic Hill, Moncton, New Brunswick - Vintage car is pulled by magnet; instructional sign in right background
Maligne Canyon, Jasper National Park - Black bear walks past waterfall; 2 sheep; maple leaf in frgd
Marmora Cup (The); Marmora, Ontario, Canada - Dog sled racer floats past snowy ground; trees
Manitoba Argricultural Museum, Austin, Canada - Vintage tractor moves across field; tree in left frgd
Manitoba, Canada - Bison walks on prairie between floaers and maple leaves
Manitoba Museum of Man & Nature - Ship sails on rough waters
Mont Morency - Aerial tram; tourists at observation point
Montreal Qc - Olympic Stadium floats past cityscape at sunset
Murphy's On the Water; Halifax, Nova Scotia - Harbor tour boat floats towards lighthouse
Native Heritage Centre, Duncan, B.C. - Four natives paddle canoe past village; totem pole
Newfoundland and Labrador; Atlantic Puffin - Puffin walks past 5 others in bkgd; rock formation in left foreground
Niagara Falls, Canada - Tram drives past the falls
Niagara Falls - Boat floats by falls in evening
Nova Scotia, Atlantic Whale Watch - Whales swim
Nova Scotia, Canada's Ocean Playground - Lobster floats into lobster trap
Ontario Science Centre, Toronto, Canada - Shark swims along ocean floor
Opabinia, Burgess Shale, Canada - An opabinia floats past river and trees
Ottawa, Canada - Uniformed guards march past parlimentary buildings
Paddlewheel Queen; Winnipeg-Manitoba; Canada's Largest Excursion Service - Paddlewheel boat floats down the Red River
Peggy's Cove; Nova Scotia - Man with oars paddle towards pier; inlet
Prince Edward Island, Canada - Ship floats from map of New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island
Prince Edward Island, Canada's Garden Province - Red lobster floats over aerial view of Prince Edward Island
Prince Edward Island, North Cape Lighthouse - Boat floats towards shore; lighthouse
Princess Marguerite; Victoria, British Columbia - Ship floats past parliamentary buildings
Quebec, Qc - Carriage floats in front of Chateau Frontenac and gates
Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada - 2 rams walk past swimming pool
Reversing Falls; Saint John, New Brunswick; Atlantic Ocean Port Of Call - Sailboat floats past bridge towards the falls in the Bay of Fundy
Rockies, Canada - Family of moose walk past lake, Rockies (Italian)
Ross Farm Museum, New Ross, Nova Scotia - Horse-drawn cart transports sacks of produce
Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Canadian police rides horse past others
Royal London Wax Museum, Victoria BC, Canada - Royal Guard, museum
Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre, Quebec, Canada - Saint Anne floats past cathedral
Sanctuaire Notre-Dame-Du-Cap - Statue of Madeleine floats past sanctuary
Saskatchewan, Canada - Tractor floats from grain to maple leaves over yellow field
Ship Hector; Pictou; Nova Scotia - 3 masted sailing ship Hector enters Pictou waterfront
Sky Train, Vancouver, BC - Sky Train travels past Vancouver skyline
Souvenir of Nova Scotia, Bluenose - 5X winner sailboat floats past lighthouse
Souvenir of Vancouver B.C. - Ship floats past cityscape near shoreline
Souvenir of Victoria B.C. - Red double-decker bus drives past Victorian building
Souvinir of Winnipeg, Canada - Airplane flies over city of Winnipeg
Stanley Park, Vancouver B.C. - Train pulls visitors across park while penguins observe
Super Sky Ride, Grouse Mountain, Vancouver, Canada - Tram floats over ocean; lodge
Thousand Islands (The), St. Lawrence River - Ferry floats between Kingston & Brockville; Nat'l Park in center frgd
• 1000 Island Bait Store - Fish floats past bridge and trees (keychain)
Toronto, Canada - Tram car travels up/down CN tower (v)
Toronto City Hall - Mountie rides horse past city hall
Vancouver - Ship floats in front of bridge (China)
Vancouver Aquarium, Marine Science Centre - Pacific white sided dolphin swims past whale & sea otter
Vancouver British Columbia - Mountie rides horse towards other Mounties
Vancouver British Columbia, Land of the Totems - Natives paddle canoe past totem poles
Vancouver, Canada - An Inukshuk floats past city; totem pole in left foreground
Vancouver, Canada, Prospect Point - Red trolley travels past totem poles in Stanley Park
Victoria B.C. Canada - Double-decker bus drives around park's path (Hong Kong)
Victoria Clipper - Ship floats from Victoria's breakwaters past mountain
Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta, Canada - Ram walks past Prince of Wales Hotel and lake
Western Canada Aviation Museum Inc. - Plane floats in front of museum building
Whistler, BC, Canada - Skier skis at Whistler resort
World's Largest Dinosaur, Drumheller, Alberta, Canada - Dinosaur floats past scenic view of hills, valley; church in left frgd


Antigua - Cruise ship floats past beach
Aruba - A donkey & goat walk past the divi-divi tree; cactus
Atlantis; Paradise Island, Bahamas - Medallion floats past island resort; gazebo & building in foreground
Bahamas, Nassau/Paradise Island - Passenger cart pulled by mule floats past street vendors
Bahamas, Nassau/Paradise Island - Cruise ship approaches island; flowers in left frg; sailboats in right frg
Bermuda - Coralita ship arrives at marina
Cayman Turtle Farm - Turtle swims past seaweed towards others
Curacao, In the Caribbean - Ship floats past bridge; pier in foreground
Curacao, In the Caribbean - Cruise ship floats past city houses of Curacao
I Dived the Bahamas Drop Off - Diver & yellow tank ascend/descend ocean; jelly fish (v)
I Dived the Barbados Drop Off - Scuba diver & tank ascend/descend ocean; sea life
It's Better...In Aruba - Sailboat sails past beach resort
Martinique - Two sailboats float along coast; bust of native man in left foreground
OnDeck - Chartered sailboats float past island and text "Antigua"
St. Maarten; Escape to Paradise - Cruise ship floats past islands
St. Lucia - Sailboats float past tropical island (keychain)
Trinidad and Tobago; Land of the Steelpan - Trinidadian plays calypso music on steelpan musical instrument


Floating Restaurant of Aberdeen, Hong Kong - Jumbo Floating Restaurant in Aberdeen harbor; blooper - no floater
Great Wall (The) - Mother panda & cub float past bamboo trees & The Great Wall
Great Wall (The) - Panda perches on ball; Great Wall in background
Great Wall (The) - Panda walks past The Great Wall; bamboo in right foreground
Hong Kong (text written vertically) - Double-decker bus drives past cityscape
Hong Kong - Ferry floats past city
Hong Kong - Junk sails past evening scene of city (unkwn make)
Hong Kong - Barge floats past day scene of city (unknwn make)
Hong Kong - Man pulls passenger in rickshaw past multi-story buildings
Hong Kong - Panda bear floats by eveing cityscape
Hong Kong - Birds fly towards Budha statue as tourists view from below (v)
Hong Kong - Double-decker bus drives past colorful rows of buildings
Hong Kong - A junk sals past the harbor; modern building in background
Hong Kong - Ship floats past bridge at dusk/dawn
Hong Kong - Red trolley/train drives past city
Hong Kong Harbor - Chinese junk floats against cityscape
Hong Kong Airport - Airplane heads left to land at airport
Hong Kong Airport - Plane departs to the right; photo of airport in bkgd
Hong Kong Ferry - Ferry floats past city in background; harbor
Hong Kong International Airport - Airplane flies over photo of city
Hong Kong Peak - Man pulls rickshaw past hilltop view of city
Hong Kong 1997 - Jumbo Floating Restaurant in Aberdeen harbor
Hong Kong 1997 - Red & yellow taxi float past city streets
Hong Kong 1997 - Chinese junk floats against cityscape
Jumbo Floating Restaurant, Hong Kong - Restaurant floats; coastal cities at dusk
Star Ferry, Hong Kong - Ferry floats past cityscape
Tiger Balm Garden, Hong Kong - Family tours the garden park
Traditional Chinese Opera, Taiwan - Chinese actors perform opera on stage; others in background


Cyprus - Sailboats manuever between the islands


Praha - Ferry floats past bridge and city
Praha - Antique car moves past bridge and buildings
Praha; Czech Republic - 3 uniformed men walk past St. Nicholas Church & 2nd building


Aarhus Aadal Golf Center - Golf ball floats between golfer and golf cart
Amalienborg, Kobehavn - 3 uniformed guards walk past building
Bakken; der er noget snakken - Hats and balloons float around this amusement park; boy in left foreground
Blavand Bolcher; - Bon-bons float; candy makers & candy jars in background
Bornholm - Outline of isle of Bornholm floats against quaint village
Convoy Buddy; CB Truckers Club; Denmark - Sideview of big rig drives past head-on view of 6 other rigs
Danmark (decal) - Clear barrel; Guard floats (v)
Danmark - Viking ship sails from shore past other ship; buildings
Danmark - Uniformed guard floats out of his red booth to street (v)
Danmark - Viking wielding sword floats from behind Viking ship (v)
Dueodde Bornholm - Family walks on this famous beach of northern Europe; umbrella
Fisker-og Søfartmuseet; Saltvandsakvariet.Esbjerg (Fisheries & Maritime Museum) - Gray seals float in clear barrel
Gjellerodde Cafeteria & Mini-Marked; Tlf. 97 82 24 20 - Woman in bikini exits the store on beach front
Hjerl Hede - Family of four walk past this living history open air museum
Jesperhus - Train shuttle drives through the family resort holiday center
Jetsmark Idrætsforening; - Man kicks soccer ball in front of building; corporate logo in left foreground
Klap Lige Plasten - Electric car floats between "1947" & "1997"; inventions
Kobenhavn - Visitors stroll pass business district
København - Bus travels down city streets
Kobenhavn, The Little Mermaid - Tourists stroll by statue of Little Mermaid
KVL; Det Levende Universitet; - KVL logo with crown floats past biological background
Langelinie, Kobenhavn - 3-d seagull flies past Little Mermaid; harbor (pencil)
Legoland, Billund - Knights ride horses past castle
Legoland, Billund - 3 visitors in boat ride float past island, castle, tree, treasure & pirate
Millenium 2000, Copenhagan - "2000" floats past silhouette of city; fireworks
Mobilium; Fly*Falck*OG Bilmuseum - Rescue truck floats past 4 sections of museum themes
Naer-Brand ©1984 King Features Syndicate, Inc. - Naer-Brand is the Danish licensee of Blondie comics; Blondie & Dagwood float
Privat Børnepasning Fra 6 Mdr; Tlf. 33 17 54 66 - Cartoonish baby says "Fra 6 Mdr."; floating in nursery
Rodby Faerge Danmark - Ship leaves from map of Germany to Denmark
Ribe-Danmark - Stork flies past building
Rømø - Mother & child in native attire float across map of Danmark
Sammen Gør Vi En Forskel! (Together we make a difference) - Man carrying large rock enters building; 4 people exit carrying same rock
Scanket AS - Circle floats past text in bkgd "Scanket ikke som de andre"
Skousen; - den bedste handel - Skousen delivery truck leaves household appliance store
Strandings Museum St. George - Scuba diver searches wreckage of sunken ship
StorebÆltsoverfarten - Cruise ship floats between Knudshoved Nysborg & Halskov Korsør
TeknoVision; Copenhagen 92 - TeknoVision's logo floats past Copenhagen's skyline
Terkel I Knibe (Terkel in Trouble); Anders "Anden" Matthesen - Danish animated movie: Frightened Terkel floats past "Terkel I Knibe"
Tivoli - Silhouette of city; gold glitter; "Tivoli" text in clear barrel
Tycho Brahe Planetarium & Omnimaxteater (sic) - Swans float past the planetarium and IMAX theater
Verdenskortet; V/Klejtrup Sø - Mule pulls 2 passengers in cart across World Map built by Søren Poulsen
Wonderful Copenhagen - Danish flag floats by silohuette of city - Stjernen truck drives past The Worker's Museum - Comet & stars float past "The Round Tower" used as observatory
No caption; clear barrel; Columbine, Harlequin; Pierrot - Glitter floats amidst pantomime performers Columbine, Harlequin & Pierrot
No caption; clear barrel; Danmark (decal) - Viking floats in clear barrel
No caption; clear barrel; Danish Flag - 3 Danish flags; glitter
No caption; clear barrel; Tivoli - Pierrot; text "Tivoli"; glitter
No caption; clear barrel; Viking - Viking stands on top of Viking ship; glitter


AA driving school; - Driving school's car floats down city's streets
API-88 Hovercraft IW - The Hovertravel leaves harbor
Alice's Shop, Oxford - Alice falls past shelves of books; rabbit
Alice's Shop, Oxford - Alice & Red Queen float through Looking-Glass Land
American School in London, Treasure the Experience - Students march off to school; castle
Antarctica; Voyage of Discovery - UK's luxury cruise ship sails to Antarctica
Apocalypse ©Drayton Manor - 4 thrillseekers in elevator drop from top of ride
Bath, World Heritage City - Double-decker bus floats past museum
Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery - Magellanic penguin walks past a colony on the coast
Blackpool Tower - Elevator ascends/descends tower; beach & bldg in frgd
Brighton, Sussex - 4 passengers in antique convertible drive past building
British Museum London (The) - Drawing of happy hippo walks among flowers
Broads (The) - Sailboat floats past greenery; boat in foreground
Buckingham Palace, London - Guards march in front of Buckingham Palace
Cambridge - Man in boat floats past landmark buildings
Canterbury Cathedral - Knights battle in front of cathedral
Canterbury Cathedral - Procession passes the Cathedral
Championships (The), Wimbledon - Tennis player finishes backswing during match
Cornwall - Masted ship floats past 6 scenes
Devon Air Ambulance, Broadclyst, Exeter - Air-rescue helicopter floats past HDQ; flight crew in frgd
Drayton Manor - Pirate ship floats past various theme park rides
empire and us(art museum) - Decorated elephant floats in ceremonial march for Empress of India
Falkland Islands - Penguin family walk past map of Falkland Islands; icebergs
Freud Museum, London - Sofa floats across museum interior; bookcases
Gibraltar - Plane flies past the famous Rock of Gilbraltar
Guide Dogs for the Blind Association (The) - Two people walk with guide dogs past building
Hamley's - Double-decker bus drives by toy store
Haunting at Drayton Manor (The) - Skeleton crawls thru graveyard; tombstones
Hedgehog Hospital, 06126 362319 - Mother & baby hedgehog walk past forest animals
Houses of Parliament, London - Tugboat floats past Houses of Parliament
Isle of Scilly - Pilot gig racers paddle oars in popular Gig races
Isle of Wight Ferries - Ferry enters port; photo background of Quayside
•Souvenir from the Isle of Wight - Ship floats past map of Isle of Wight
IWM Duxford (Imperial War Museum, Duxford) - Aviator plane flies past cloudy sky; IWM is an aviation museum
Kent& East Sussex Railway - Train travels through countryside
Legoland, Windsor - Viking & Royal Guard ride a water log ride
Land's End - Boat passes lighthouse; approaches cliffs
London - 3 Bobbies float in front of Nelson's Column (v)
London - 3 Beefeaters float in front of Big Ben (v)
London - car drives past Paddington station
London Aquarium - Cartoon grinning shark floats past fish; Stonehenges in frgd
London Dungeon - Skeleton crawls towards jail cell; bound prisoners
London Dungeon - Skeleton crawls towards coffin; bound prisoners
London England, Houses of Parliament - Tugboat on Thames against Parliament
London, Glorious Britain - Boat moves down the Thames River; bridge; castle in left frgd
London, Glorious Britain - Tourboat floats past The Houses of Parliament
London Party 2000 - Millenium celebrators walk past landmarks
London, The World's Capital - Playful uniformed guards run past red double decker bus
London, United Kingdom - Guards on horseback & fook; landmarks
London Zoo, Conservation in Action - 5 penguins walk past Penguin Pool
London Zoo, Conservation in Action - 5 penguins walk past Penguin Pool (toothbrush)
Longfrie Hotel, Guernsey - Witch flies by the hotel grounds
Madame Tussaud's, London - Comical beefeaters & constapols frolic at wax musuem's entrance
Marwell Zoological Park; NR. Winchester - Tiger walks past the Marwell estate
Mary Rose, Portsmouth - Diver searches for sunken treasure
Mersey Ferries - Ferry floats past city of Liverpool
Mountfitchet Castle & Norman Village of 1066, Stansted, Essex - Catapult; village grounds
National Gallery, Eckersberg - "View of the Forum in Rome, 1814" by Eckersberg
National Gallery, Canaletto - Gondelier transports man with umbrella down canal
National Gallery, Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Reproduction of "Boating on the Seine"
National Gallery, Pisanello - Reproduction of "The Vision of Saint Eustace"; mid-15th century
National Horseracing Museum, Newmarket - Jockey on horse runs down track past tower; crowd
New Forest - New Forest pony breed meanders on this southern England farm
Newquay - Surfer rides board at U.K.'s surfing capital
Nottingham Castle Museum - Robin Hood aims bow and arrow at bullseye; castle in bkgd
Oxford - Professor rides bicycle across the university campus
Picadilly Circus, London - Double-decker bus enters plaza (pencil)
Picadilly Circus, London - Double-decker bus; 2 buildings; square
Picadilly Circus, London - Double-decker bus floats by Picadilly Circus
Pulteney Bridge, Bath - Boat floats past the 1770's bridge on the river Avon
Queen Elizabeth 2 - Ship sails from New York to England
Queen Elizabeth 2 - QE2 floats from England to a tropical location; sunset, Rolls
RNLI Lifeboat - Boat floats past pier towards lighthouse
Roman Baths (The), Bath - Man walks past interior of the religious spa/museum in U.K.
Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway - RH&DR train tavels past depot
Royal Armouries at the Tower of London - 2 knights joust in front of building
Royal Yacht Britannia - Royal Family's ship floats across the ocean
Science Museum - Space shuttle blasts from Earth to space (v)
Sherlock Holmes Museum; 221b Baker Street, London - Horse & carriage float past Sherlock and Dr. Watson
Sourvenir from Fleetwood - Fishing boat floats to/from coast; female sunbather on coast
Souvenir of Blackpool - Holiday train travels past pier at night
Souvenir of the Channel Islands - Boat floats from scenic harbor towards lighthouse
Stormforce 10, Drayton Manor Family Theme Park - Park visitors in raft battle simulated storm
Stratford-upon-Avon - Shakespearean characters walk past Shakespeare's birthplace
Tate St Ives, after A. Wallis, The Blue Ship - Depiction of the famous painting
Tate, after J.W. Waterhouse, The Lady of Shalott 1888 - Reproduction of "The Lady of Shalott"
Tippoo's Tiger; Victoria & Albert Museum - Painted wooden pipe organ in shape of tiger floats to British guard
Total Eclipse of the Sun, 11 August 1999, South-West England - Moon covers sun; observers
Tower Bridge, London - Tour boat floats by; tugboat and buildings in frgd
Truro Cathedral Music Foundation Appeal - 4 choir members float in front of cathedral
Westminster Abbey - The apse floats up/down interior of the landmark church (v)
Treasure Island, Isle of Wight - Captian Sunshine floats against map
Windsor Castle, England - Uniformed marching band marches past Windsor Castle
01840 250344 16.8.04 (Cornish Stores) - Cornish Stores Borcastle delivery truck drives thru countryside


Europe - Man carries European Economic Community's flag; member's flags in bkgd
Europe - European flag; 2 panels of Parliamentary buildings
No caption; Euro currency - 3 Euro coins float past paper currency


Aeroport Bale Mulhouse - Plane flies past 2 scenic panels
Aiguille Du Midi, Chamonix-Mt Blanc - Aerial tram ascends/descends snowy mountain (v)
Aire de L'Avenyron, Maison de Pays - Mountain goat floats mast mountain communities
Aix En Provence - Village fountain
Aix Les Bains, Je Vais Bien! - Fish swims past French text of "Going with the Flow"
Alpe d'huez, L'ile au soleil - Tram floats past aerial view of city
Alsace - Cranes' nest float past town of Strasbourg
Amboise - Carriage floats past the royal residential home
Antibes, Juan-les-Pins - Surfer rides board past this seaside resort
Ars - Priest & boy float over aerial view of the city
Auvergne - Herders transport hay; 2 scenic panels; cow in right foreground
Au Vieux Montmartre - Sedan drives past basillica of Sacret Heart & Moulin-Rouge
Avoriaz 1.800m - 3 skiers move across snowy conditions
Bateau à Roue "Royans-Vercors"; Tel 04 76 64 43 La Sone-Isere - Ferry boat floats past other
Bayeux; Tapisserie Rein Mathlde - Medival artwork on tapestry
Belfort - Lion statue by Bartholdi (creator of Statue of Liberty); Citadel in bkgd
Berck - Speed-sailors on beach; museum & statue in foreground
Besancon - Ferry floats past 3 scenic panels
Blockhaus D' Eperlecques - V2 WW2 rocket launches from bunker site
Bourbonne les Bains -Known for its spa treatments; moving thermal fountain
Bourgogne - 2 vineyard workers walk past 3 scenic panels of Burgandy
Bourse de Paris - Computer monitor floats past building
Bretagne - Couple dances in front of 3 cruciform sculptures
Bretagne - Ship enters marina (letteropener)
Cannes - Movie clap floats in front of La Croisette Ave & the harbor
Carcassonne (Cite de) - Medieval King Charlemagne approaches the fortified city
Champagne - Champagne bottle floats past vineyard
Chartres - Black enthroned Madonna floats past cathedral
Chateau de Breteuil; Valee de Chevreuse - 2 swans float past the 1610 Chateau containing wax figures
Chateau de Chantilly -
Chateaux se la Loire - 2 nuns float in front of 3 chateaux
Chaumont - Blue bus drives past 2 panels of scenery
CIM, Corderie Royale - Boat floats in front of building
Colmar - Two storks float past town's street
Colombey les Deux Eglises 1890-1970 - Cross; DeGaulle's estate
Colombey les Deux Eglises Madame Marinette Piot - Cross; grounds
Concorde Shop Duxford - The Concorde leaves its hangar
Construction du tramway nantais; Pour circuler plus facilement… - Tram floats; Nantes Tram constructed in circular track of the elephants
Cote D'Azur (27 cities listed) - The Blue Coast; waterskiers ski along coast
Deauville-Normandie - 2 horseback rides at beach resort
Dijon - Owl floats past 3 scenic panels
Domremy La Pucelle - Joan of Arc with sheep float past farmhouse
Electropolis(Museum of electrical energy) - Lightbulb floats past museum grounds
Good Relations! - 2 students carry flags over bridge
Grands Bateaux De Provence - Passenger boat floats past town's scenic view
Grévin, Paris - Charlie Chaplin floats in front of wax museum figures
Grévin, Paris - Marilyn Monroe floats in front of wax museum figures
Grottes de Matata - Sailboat floats past the caves on the French coast
Festyland - Old car drives by photo of carousel and other rides
Fontaine De Vaucluse - Man plays drum near pond; trees
France Miniature - Tug boat floats past 3 scenic panels
France Miniature - Train moves past countryside; castle, buildings
Franche-Comte - Cheese & ham float past 3 panels of scenery
Frejus - Moving sign announces towns of Chaumont & Frejus
Futuroscope - Movie clapper floats against Futuroscope's grounds
Futuroscope - Red silhouette of camera floats past B&W silhouette of movie sets
Gorges Du Verdon - Thrill-seeking water rafters; 2 scenic panels
Ile D' Oleron - Ship floats across map
Ile D'Yeu - Ferry floats past 2 coastal scenic panels
Ile de Re - Donkey floats past map of island; lighthouse in frgd
La Bourgogne - Bottle of wine and grapes float past 3 scenes
La Camargue - Bulls run in water past shoreline of La Camargue
La Citadelle de Bescancon - A General floats between two scenic panels
La Coupole - WW2's German V2 rocket base near St-Omer; rocket launches
La Coupole - WW2's German V2 rocket base near St-Omer; ½ clear barrel; 2 sides
La Gité de Gareassonne - Medieval horseman rides past fort/castle
La Louvesc - Couple in folk costume walk past building
La Provence - Native dancers float in front of coliseum
La Rochelle - Ship docks at harbor
Le Bassin D'Arcachon - Boat skims past houses on docks; windsurfer
Le ballon Fortis, 1er juillet 1999- 31 decembre 2000 - Hot air balloon floats over Eiffel Tower
Le Carnaval de Nice - Carnival participants celebrate
Le Grand Aquarium, Saint Malo - Fish float along ocean floor
Le Jardin Ferroviaire - Silhouette of train travels past countryside
Le Jura - Cow floats past 3 scenic panels
Le Mayet De Montagne - Trio carrying various items walk past building
Le Petit Train Jaune, De Cerdagne - Train travels thru countryside
Le Pont Du Gard - Costumed natives sing as they float past bridge over aquaduct
Le Puy - Old woman crafts lace on streets of Le Puy
Lamastre - Steam train travels past countryside
Les Baux of Provence - Native dancers float in front of landmark
Les Sables d 'Olonne - Boat moves past coastline; buildings
Les Saisies, Ducrey-Sports - Hot air balloon floats; aerial view
Lisieux - Statue of Sainte reading book
L'Ossuaire De Douaumont, - WW1 soldier guards Fort Douaumont
Lyon - 2 men shake hands; 2 scenic panels
Marineland, Antibes - Dolphin performs and swims past audience
Marseille - Ferryboat floats past marina
Memorial Caen Normandie - Letter "M" floats past Memorial building
Menton - 2 sailboats float past coastal city
Metz - Building floats past couple and bridge
Mont Saint Michel - Sheep & herder walk along coastal road; Marvel Abbey in background
Mont Sainte Odile - Red bus drives past the abbey; text; statue of Holy Odile
Moustiers Sainte Marie - A clay vase floats past other pottery pieces
Musée de la Poste CAEN - Postman rides bike to deliver mail to towns
Musée Vivant due Cheval Chantilly -
Mutuelle R.A.T.P. Tel - Logo floats past building; 2 buses
Narbonne-Plage, St. Pierre sur Mer - Sailboat floats along coastal community
Neuf Brisach - 2 storks in nest float between two scenic panels
Nice - Ship floats past pier
Nice, Le Chateau - Steam tream travels past castle in French Riviera
Nigloland - Mascots walk past amusement park's Bat Coaster ride; logo in foreground
Nigloland - Fun seekers ride cars at amusement park
Nogent en Bassigny - Scissors float past small town that specializes in cutlery for over 100 yrs
Normandie - Couple in folk costume walk past home
Parc du Futuroscope - Movie clapper floats past park in evening
Paris - Uniformed officer (v)
Paris - Plane flies past 4 scenic panels
Paris - Red heart floats past city streets of Paris
Paris - 5 birds fly up to Eiffel Tower; tourists in bottom foreground (v)
Paris (decal) - Clear barrel; corked bottle spews out "2000"; glitter
Paris Capitale De L' Europe - Eiffel tower floats past European countries' flags (v)
Paris, France - Word "Paris" floats betwen "Champs Elysees & Tour Eiffel"
Paris, France © Style & Design by Polyne Paris - Sketch of Eiffel Tour floats: text "Tour Eiffel" in background
Paris, La Tour Eiffel, L'Arc de Triomphe - Eiffel Tower & Arc de Triumph (tip 'n strip)
Paris • New York • Marathon - Bus drives past Eiffel Tower, bridge, etc.
Paris, Tour Eiffel, Arc de Triumphe - Bus drives past both landmarks; Metro sign
Pegasus Bridge Cafe Gondree - Fighter plane lands; parachutes litter sky
Pinder, Jean Richard - Pinder semi-truck drives past circus tent
Pingouin Stemm - Yarn store in France; Yarn and penguin mascot (con/rev)
Plombieres Les Bains; Ville Thermale, Et Touristiique - Statue floats past villa
Pont Ile De Re - Ship floats towards lighthouse; bridge
Port Barcares - Ship floats in serene waters
Provins; Cite Medievale - Fair of Champagne, where merchants gather
Quiberon - Ship floats by coastal community
Reims - Champagne bottle floats past statue and building
Riquewihr - 2 storks in nest float past city buildings
Roquefort-sur-Soulzon - Wheel of roquefort cheese floats past village of Roquefort
Rouen - Statue of Napoleon floats past Rue du Gros Horloge, etc.
Royan - Passenger boat floats away from beach
Saint-Claude - Smoking pipe floats past 3 scenic panels
St. Dizier, Circuit du Lac du der - Mirage III aircraft flies by city intersection
St. Gervais, Mont Blanc - Tram floats past snow covered mountains
Saint Raphael - Sailboat floats past city
Saint Tropez - Windsurfer floats by coastal city
Salon de la Collectionnite et de L'Insolite - Pen made for congress; mading riding bike carrying poster signs
Sete - Fishing boat floats near others
Ski A Super Besse - Three skiiers ski in Monts D'Auvengne
Soissons, Cité-Mérovingienne - Statue floats past 3 scenic panels
Souvenir de Boulogne; Sur Mer - 2 panels; man & woman near ship; castle Château-Musée (con/rev)
Souvenir de Sarlat - Goose floats past 2 panels of historic buildings (v)
Spatiale Experience, Nigloland - Amusement park visitors take ride thru space
Stella Plage - Sailboat floats past beach goers
STe Mere Eglise; lere Ville Liberee - Parachuter lands in front of church; other parachuters
Strasbourg - Birds in nest float past village
Transvilles; la liberte d'avancer - France's public transportation train travels past various stops
Trouville-Deauville - Ship docks in marina
Troyes Champagne - Champagne bottle floats past city
Verdettes Paris, Tour Eiffel - Tour boat on Seine River floats in front of Eiffel Tower
Verdun - Man walks past field & building
Versailles, La Cite Royale - Royal carriage floats past city
Villefranche s/Mer - Sailboat floats past coastal villas
Vosges en Hiver - Skier floats down snowy hill; snowflak in left foreground
Wimereux - 2 boats float past this beach town nestled in a valley


Altotting/Obb., Wallfahrsort - Shuttle bus drives past city center
Aquadrom - Aquadrom's logo floats past its grounds
Archäologischer Park Regionalmuseum Xanten - Sailboat floats past museum; trees & bushes in frgd
Bad Essen - Red tour bus drives past city buildings and farm
Bahn frei für McStrada! - Man rides bicycle past background of plaid
Bally Wulff; Impulse für kreative Freizeit - American Darts in frgd; dart floats toward target bullseye
Berchtesgaden-Konigssee - Ferryboat floats past coastal front
Berlin - Double-decker bus floats past city; "You Are Now Leaving British Sector" sign
Berlin - Brown bear walks thru streets of Berlin
Berlin - Yellow double-decker bus moves past city
Berlin, Eine Stadt, Zwei Zoo's - Elephant family walks past hippo, penguins, giraffes, pandas
Berlin; Treptow-Köpenick; - The Captain walks past the district of Teptow-Köpenick
Bernkastel-Kues- Ship moves past bridge; 2 panels
Blitz Reisen; D-51491 Overath - Tel. 02206/60010 - Blitz Reisen tourbus travels past scenic countryside
Böhmisch-Sächsisches Eisenbahnfestival - Train moves past Chemnitz & Oberwiesenthal signs
Burgruine Drachenfels; Königswinter/Rhein - Sky tram floats past mountains
Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin - Army tank floats past checkpoint at Friedrichstrasse & Berlin Wall
Chiemsee - Ship floats from behind building and plaza
Cochem/Mosel - Passenger ship floats past city's coastline
Cuxhaven-Döse-Duhnen - Horses pull people in carts past city attractions
DB Auch im Schneefür Sie Unterwegs! - Puppets Emma, Jimknopf & engineer Lucas from "Augsburger Puppenkiste"
DB Tag der Sachsen 1997 - Train crosses brick bridge
DB Tag der Sachsen 1999 in Riesa; Regio - Train crosses bridge
DGzRS-Mensch und Meer... - Ship makes its way on rough, white waters
DVB Dresner Schwebebahn - Aerial tram moves past bridge; river
Das Florenz an der Elbe - Ship moves past cities of Königstein, Dresden & Moritzburg
Deichtorhallen Hamburg - Men move frame past 4 art canvases
Delphinarium Münster - Dolphin floats away from pod of other dolphins
Der Bodensee - Tourboat floats pass inlet; aerial view
Der Nürburgring - Formula race car drives past longest race track in world
Der schone Harz - Broom-riding witch floats thru countryside; moose
Deutsche Gesellschaft - Boat in rough waters
Deutsche Gesellschaft Zur Rettung Schiffbruchiger - Watercraft on stormy ocean
Deutschland - Germany's flags float past text in background "Germany"
Die Bahn; VT 642 - RegioSprinter in Sachsen - DB train travels past trees
Die Bahn, 1901-2001 100 Jahre Banhof Dresden-Heustadt - DB train pulls into depot; 100th anniversary
Die Mauer, 9-11-89 - People with shovels & picks, help tear down the Berlin Wall
Donaueschingen, Donauquelle - Horse & carriage move past the source of the Danube brook
Dresdner Parkeisbahn - Scaled down train moves through train park
Dresdner Verkehrs Betriebe AG - Electric car travels past city & river
Dresdner Verkehrs Betriebe AG - Tram travels past city & river
Düsseldorf - Ship moves past bridge in foreground; city in background
Einmal Im Leben Durch Wuppertal Schweben - Train pulls into city
Eisenach - People walk past the citycenter
Euromaus - Mouse mascot sits on a log riding waves
Euromaus - Mouse mascot rides rollercoaster
Euromaus - Mouse mascot floats in outer space
Euromaus, Eskesen A/S, St. Merlose - Mouse mascot rides rollercoaster
Euromaus, Eskesen A/S, St. Merlose - Mouse mascot in chariot pulled by 2 horses
Evag, Wir Bewegen Essen - Subway train floats; solid blue background
Evag, Wir Bewegen Essen - Subway train travels past star filled background
Feldichlöbchen Auerbach - Bowler delivers big black ball down alley towards pins
Fernsehturm, Berlin - Elevator ascends/descends tower of 368 meters
Filmpark Babelsberg - Cowboy & Indian ride horses past 2 panels
Filmpark Babelsberg - Submarine floats along ocean floor
Filmpark Babelsberg - Witch rides broom past castle and brook
Filmpark Babelsberg/ - Clapper floats past various mascots
Flughafen, Munchen - Lufthansa jet departs from Munchen airport
Frankfurt/M - Airplane departs from the Frankfurt-Main airport
Frohe Weihnacten; S Bahn Berlin; - Christmas train moves past snowman; girl with sled; snowy trees
Galaxy - Theme park Phantasialand's alien mascot flies in spaceship
Grub aus dem Harz - Train travels past own; trees in foreground
Grub aus Oberhof - Skiier with poles walk across snowy ground past resort
Hamburg - Passenger ship floats past harbor
Hamburg Landungsbrücken Mit Museumschiff Rickmer Rickmers - Masted ship floats
Hamburger Reeperbahn - Tourbus drives past Red Light district
Handelsvertretung CDH P. Richter - "Richter Souvenir" truck moves past 3 scenic panels
Hansetadt Hamburg - Ship floats; 3 scenic panels
Hansestadt Lübeck - Masted ship floats in port past the Lübeck Puppet Theatre
Heidelberg - Ferry floats past bridge & town (China)
Heimbach Eiffel - Squirrel runs through park; building, trees in background
Helgoland - Cruise ship floats past island in the North Sea
Hippomaxx - Horse & carriage floats past museum
Ihr Zug zum Flug, Die Bahn - Shuttle bus drives past airplane hangar
Inzell, Eisparadies - Two ice skaters race around course
Jüdisches Museum Berlin - Red angular sculpture floats past city scene
Koblenz, Deutsches Eckan Rhein und Mosel - Ship floats on the Rhein River in Mosel
Koln am Rhein - Ferry floats along river; city in background
Konigssee, St. Bartholoma - Men in fishing boat; mountains
Königswinter am Rhein - Ferry floats down Rhein River
Konstanz am Bodensee - Tourboat floats past city's waterfront
Koppfilm; Novalisstaße 10, 10115 Berlin, Tel. 030/2824000 - "Koppfilm" floats into different television sets
Kurhessen Therme; - Mascot floats past aerial view of water park
La Boe - Submarine; sunset
Leipzig - Tram floats past popular city landmarks
LoBnitztalbahn - Steam train; park
Loreley, St. Goar, St. Goarshausen, Boppard, Bacharach - Cruise ship; river
Magdeburg; an der Elbe - Ship floats past coastal city
Mare, Die Zeitschrift der Meere (magazine)- Tropical fish swims past hilly shore
Media Markt, Geller Kull. (decal) - Girl loses her turquoise & black lingerie
Miniwelt Tel. 037204/72255 - Snail logo moves past 2 scenic panels
Munchen - Horse-drawn wagon hauls kegs thru city
Munchen, Olympiaturm - Elevator floats along skytower
Mungstener Brucke-Schloss Burg - Train crosses bridge between 2 cities
Museum Prora - Cartoonish man carries banner past museum
Museum Würth - Reproduction of Pablo Picasso's art; silhouette of charging bull
Neuruppin - Man with hat & umbrella floats; cityscape
Neuschwanstein/Hohenswhwangau - Two swans float past lake front
Nordsee-Insel SYLT - Ship sails past map of northernmost island of Germany
Nurnberg Firth - Steam train travels past city; buildings in foreground
Oberammergau - Aerial gondola; mountains; cottage in frgd
Oberstdorf, Skiflugschanze, Heini Klopfer - Ski jumper in flight; snowy slopes
Oktoberfest Munchen - Horses pull beer kegs past festival
Oktoberfest Munchen 2000 - Dog holding pretzel rides bumper car; ferris wheel
Otto's Ottifanten - Comic hero flies thru space
Platsch! Erlebnisbad am Collm - Blue cartoon frog swms underwater (keyring)
Potsdam - Freidrich II floats; Sonssouci Castle
Ralf Lengert Bedachungen; Berlin; Telefon 030/784 41 10 - Roofer puts on new roof on house
Rattenfangerstadt, Hameln - Pied-piper, surronded by rats, dances thru city
Rothenburg o.d.T. - Horse-drawn carriage floats down city streets
Rüdesheim am Rhein - Sky tram floats past city
Rudesheim, Bingen - Tourboat floats past village; mountains in bkgd
Rurberg Eifel - Tourboat floats past historic houses on grassy slope
S Bahn Berlin, - Yellow/red train moves through city
Schlosshotel Linderhof; Restaurant; Café Familie Maier - 2 swans float past façade of fairy tale-like hotel; water fountain
Schonerbrigg "Greif" Hansestadt Greifswald - Masted ship floats; village
St. Peter-Ording - Shuttle floats past beach strand
Schwarzwald - Locals walk past black forest
Schwarzwald, Black Forest - Horse-pulled carriage floats past houses & forest
Schiffshebewerk Niederfinow - Ship floats past the Ship Lift Niederfinow on Eberswalde
Sobotta; - Woman's clothing disappear to show skeleton; health info site
Solingen; Müngstener Brückenpark - Ferry floats past Germany's highest iron bridge
Spreewald - Small boat of Wendish people float down river; biosphere
Staatliches Museum Schwerin - Rhinoceros walks past museum buildings
Stuttgart - Elevator floats in tower (v)
Tiefer als man denkt....swisscom - Golfer reaches into hole to retrieve golf ball (v)
Tiefer als man denkt....swisscom - Plane flies low between downtown buildings
Tierpark Ueckermünde - Duck walks past house; forest
Tierpark Ueckermünde - Flamingo floats vertically; pond
Tierpark Ueckermünde - Kapuziner monkey floats; rope netting in foreground
Tierpark Ueckermünde - Llama floats vertically; bushes
Tierpark Ueckermünde - Pavian floats
Tierpark Ueckermünde - Peacock proudly displays feathers; house, trees
Tierpark Ueckermünde - Parrot walks past fenced pond
Tierpark Ueckermünde - Lion walks past stone walls in habitat
Tierpark Ueckermünde - Desert fox walks past house
Torgau/Elbe - Monk Martin Luther & wife float; city of Elbe in background
Trabant, Produziert ca. 3 Mio von 1957 bix 1991 - East German transportation vechicles approach stop sign
Tripsdrill der Eriebnispark - Log ride drops into splashing water
überlingen am Bodensee - Ship floats past village in countryside
Verschüttele und Bermiβte - Rescue dog aids campers in peril
Verein Ostsachsische Eisenbahn freunde - Train arrives/departs depot
Volklingen, Alte Hutte, Weltkukulturerbe - Steelworker; factory in bkgd
Wallfahrtsort, Kevelaer - 6 people march down city; street
WeiBeritztalbahn, DB Regio - Train travels across bridge; forest
Weinhaus-Rubner, Neuötting - 2 waitresses carry drink trays across pub floor
Wieskirche - Tour bus drives past the magnificent "Church on the Meadow"
Zeppelinstadt; Friedrichshafen am Bodensee - Zeppelin floats out fr behind building; ship & clouds in frgd
Zoo am Meer; Bremerhaven - Humboldt penguin swims among fish
Zugspitze 2966 m - Aerial gondola floats against mountains; - 3 rubber ducks; text Badeenten mit Ihrem Werbeaufdruck...ab 100 Stück; Hotline 0391 - 19 433 - Ferry boat floats past 4 scenic panels; sailboat in left foreground


Athens - Visitors walk past the Acropolis (Italian)
Meteores, Petarakis B. - Net full of meteorites ascends/descends (v)
Mykhnai-Mycenae - Entrance to Acropolis, Lion's Gate, moves past ancient city


GrØnland - Man paddles boat through icy waters; walrus
Top of the World Club; Thule Air Base Greenland - Club's logo floats over aerial view of air base


Utila Bay Islands, Honduras - Skin-diver swims along ocean floor; turtle


Budapest - Blue & white bus drives past landmark buildings
Budapest - Horse-drawn carriage floats past landmark buildings - Sightseeing tour boat floats past text "Legenda" in background


"Bestu kvedjur" from Iceland - Puffin with spread wings overlooks cliff with others
Greetings from Iceland; Kisses from Iceland - Two puffins kiss (con/rev)
"Bestu kvedjur" from Iceland - Rainbow floats past large waterfall
"Bestu kvedjur" from Iceland - 3 horseback riders view scenery near lake, mountains
Bestu kvedjur from Iceland - A spouting humpback whale swims past fishing boat
Great Geysir (The) - Tourists view geyser erupt
Greetings from Iceland - Tourboat speeds by glacial ice-caps
Greetings from Iceland; Kisses from Iceland - Two puffins kiss (con/rev)
Greetings from Mývatnssveit, Iceland - 3 sheep walk on riverbed
Iceland - 3 baby puffins float past mountains; puffins in L & R foreground
Jump for Joy; Iceland Sheep jump happily; 1 sheep in left frgd; 3 others in bkgd
No caption; "Whales of the Iclandic Waters" (decal) - Minke whale, humpback whale and fin whale float in clear barrel


Birds & Beasts, Trinity College Library, Dublin - Male elephant runs past flock of birds
Cliffs Of Moher; Co. Clare - Boat floats past cliffs and puffins
Northern Ireland - Leprechaun dances across the shores; Giants Causeway in right frgd
Souvenir of Ireland, Blarney Castle Co. Cork, Ireland - Trout fish floats past castle
Souvenir of Irland(sic) Cork City - Ship moves past 2 scenic panels; Blackrock Castle & St Patrick's bridge
Souvenir of Ireland, The Middle Lake Killarney - Locals accompany mule-pulled cart; lake
Thinking of You at Gap of Dunloe, Killarney, Ireland - Horse-pulled wagon; 2 scenic panels
No Caption; Ireland (decal) - Irish flag floats against clear background


Amalfi - Cruise ship floats along coast
Capri - Ship floats toward island of Capri
Capri - Yacht floats from island of Capri
Etna; alt. 3340 mt. - Horse pulls cart past 3 scenic panels of Mt. Etna Volcano
Jesolo - Children play near beach community
Napoli - Family of 3 walk past 2 scenic panels
Peggy Guggenheim Collection; Venice - Gondola floats past the museum, former home of Peggy Guggenheim
Pisa - Family walks past Leaning Tower of Pisa
Pisa - Tourists float in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa (Italian)
Pisa, Italia - Horse-drawn carriage floats past tower
Ravello - Sailboat; coast, flowers in foreground
Ricordo Citta del Vaticano - 2 guards walk in front of Sankt Peter Place
Ricordo Citta del Vaticano - Michaelangelo's pieta
Ricardo di Roma - Statue of She-Wolf & infants, Romulus & Remus, floats past Colosseum
San Marino - Helicopter flies past coastal cliff
San Marino - Gondola; San Marino's official seal in foreground
Sorrento - Horse-drawn carriage floats along coastal road
Souvenir de Firenze - Horse-drawn carriage floats past museum in Florence
Souvenir de Firenze - Horse-drawn carriage floats past city of Florence
Souvenir de Firenze - "Birth of Venus" by Botticelli; Venus floats in/out of seashell (v)
Souvenir de Firenze - "Primavera" or "Allegory of Spring"; Venus floats in forest
Souvenir del Lago di Garda - Para-sailers sail from shore; coastal cliffs
Souvenir di Roma - Horse & carriage travel past the Pantheon with Trevi's Fountain
Souvenir de Roma - Horse and buggy floats past Spanish Steps
Venezia - Gondola floats past bridge in canal
Venezia - Gondola floats past Basilica San Marco
Venezia - Gondola floats past Campanile, the bell tower of St. Mark's
Vesuvio - Family flees from volcanos; 2 panels


Akashi Kaikyo Ohashi - "Akashi" sign floats past longest suspension bridge in world
Atoron; Okinawa Koza; (Freestyle Artists group)- Happy-face logo floats in office filled with books, radio equipment, etc.
Beams; Has happiness reached you? - Truck drives past people and 7-11 store
Beams; Please, Calm down! Calm down! - Thermometer (Beams Stationary & 7-11 joint products)
Beams; Beam for the people around the world! - Map of big cities worldwide
Bicycle Culture Center - 3 bicyclists ride past hilly landscape
Blitz; - Blitz enhanced car floats towards Blitz signage
Blitz; - Blitz enhanced car floats in starry sky
Blue Dal™ in Yokohama - Mascot dog holds balloons ascending/descending; clouds, building
Canal City - Logo of Canal City floats by drawings of moons & stars
Canal City - Moon & stars float past waterfront city in Fukuoka
Captain Santa Yacht Club © Joy Mark Design Co.- Airhorn, boots, preserver & binoculars float towards 2 men kicking can in frgd
East Japan Train Collection - Ltd express "HOKUTOSEI"; clock tower, ice cream, snowman, constellation
East Japan Train Collection - Ltd express "Super-view ODORIKO"; lighthouse, dancer, hot spring, ship
East Japan Train Collection - Ltd express Max YAMABIKO floats past temple; doll, festival
East Japan Train Collection - Ltd express "Hayate"; Lake Towada, apples, festival
Far East Café; © FEC - Drawing of Kazumasa Oda, singer/songwriter, performs onstage
Far East Café; © FEC - K. Oda enters dressing room and exits on stage with band members
Far East Café; © FEC - Worker in aerial lift floats past ferris wheel with sign "K Oda"
Fire Museum - Fire truck floats between two cartoonish firemen; 2 firemen in bkgd
GRV1942; © Coypright 2003 Groovisions - Asian girl's black dress disappears to reveal American girl in bikini (con/rev)
GRV2241; © Coypright 2003 Groovisions - Asian boy's black attire disappears to reveal American boy in tank top/shorts
Hakodate….The Beautiful Scenery - Squid floats past aerial view of city
Have a Nice Day, New Tokyo - Bullet train travels past popular Tokyo landmarks
Hiroshima - Bus travels past 4 city landmarks
Hokkaido (Japanese characters) - Sea Angels float ferry and ocean
Hokuto No Ken - Aka "Ken, the Great Bear Fist"; fist emerges to attack (China)
I Love Japan - Kubuki actor floats past striped background
I Was Born From Computer. FEVIL - Two hearts float between cartoon characters; jumbled text in bkgd
Justa Record - Ska music notes & logo float from horn instrument
Kurashiki Tivoli Park - Cartoon fat man & 3 wooden soldiers walk thru theme park
Kurashiki Tivoli Park; Thumbelina - Swallow whisks Thumbelina away to meet the King of the Flower Fairies
Kurashiki Tivoli Park; Ugly Duckling - Ugly duckling waddles past Mother & siblings
Kurobe-Kyokoku - Freight train travels across red bridge between steep cliffs
Kyoto Kinkakuji - 2 women in kimonos walk past Mt. Fuji
Marissa Easy Search; Sazaby - Ship sinks to ocean floor; "game over" in con/reveal (v)
Mele'Ohana O Kahoku - Japanese hula dancer floats from behind shack; wahine in foreground
muchacha; Happy Clothes for Boys and Girls; muchacha co. ltd - 4 muchacha characters hula dance from behind palm trees
Murata; (hotel resort) - Musical notes float towards word "artegio"
Museum of Ceramic Art; Hyogo, Japan - Ceramic vases; cartoon pig float in front of museum
National Art Center, Tokyo; Souvenir from Tokyo by Cibone - Con/rev pen shows same text as caption & "Museum Shop Gallery"
Nippon Maru Memorial Park; Sall Training Ship Nippon Maru; Yokohama Port - Anchor floats past ship towards museum
PJ; - Black towel drops to show girl in pink underwear (con/rev)
Panda Institute; 10th Anniversary; - Many panda cubs float past others; bamboo in bkgd
Playgirl; Dance Art Mix - Cartoon head of girl floats past 3 heads of men
Puré; - Cartoon girl enters colorful house; exits in shapely dress
retrobank; Let's Make Floating Pens! - Black skimpy clothing & fishnets drop to show naked beauty (con/rev)
Ryo hei, Yanagihara - Artist Ryohei Yanagihara, honorary captain of shipping Mitsui O.S.K. Lines
Ryoko Shintani - Photo headshot of singer, voice actress floats past 3 Japanese cities
Sakura City Museum of Art; Chiba, Japan - Red-roof building and snail float from behind museum signage
Santa Island "Captain Santa® Longboard Club" - Santa, wearing shorts, surfs on longboard
Sapporo Dome - The grass pitch (soccer field) slides out from under Dome
Sea Paradise; Yokohama Hakkeuma - Cartoon mascot walks past sea life in this aqua museum/park
Shonan Beach FM 78.9; URL: http:/ - Radio satellite floats from house on island towards beach
Shonan Beach FM 78.9; - Jazz saxophonist & music notes float; planets (v)
Silverboy Club; - Guitarist performs on stage with band members; audience in frgd
Subway Museum - Words "Tozai Line" in frgd; subway train floats
Team Takuma - Black clothing disappears to reveal man in blue skivvies (con/rev)
Tepco Sonic - Electric power company mascot greets visitors to showroom
Tokyo - Panda floats past various landmarks; balloons in foreground
Tokyo - 1964; Olympic Games - Olympic rings float from Japanese flags on left & right foreground
Tokyo Tower; built in 1958 - Tower shown in day & evening (conceal/reveal)
Tsukuba Orchestra; 50th Anniversary - Conductor & orchestra float on stage; music score in bkgd
UCC; - Coffee pot pours hot coffee into cup with UCC logo - Coin purse with face holding flower floats past clouds & rainbow - Glitter floats past icons and snowman; 2005 in lower bkgd (v); Merry Christmas 2004 - Santa head floats past winter scene towards sleigh & reindeer
Yasuda Pen 0 Yasuda Akira's suit falls off revealing red cloth (con/rev)
Yunessun; - Hot springs & theme park mascots float: "See You Anytime You Want"
Fuji Television Blue dog asleep in cloud floats past "Tokyo Station"; glitter (China)
(Japanese characters) © Fuji Television - Blue dog jogs across bridge (keychain)
(Japanese characters) © Kanata Konami & Kodansha - Comic book character Chi from "Chi's Sweet Home"
(Japanese characters) (Male singer Moriyama Naotaro) - Rice rises from rice bowl; chopsticks (v)
(Japanese characters) (Male singer Moriyama Naotaro) - Hand floats on guitar neck


Lotte World - Theme park mascot, Lotty, on plume ride


Daugavpils Locomotive Repair Plant; - Old train gets refurbished into clean, modern train (con/rev)


Luxembourg - Train shuttle floats past bridge; trees & buildings
Remich, Luxembourg - Ship floats past coastal city
Vianden, Luxembourg - Couple rides chairlift viewing the town


Cabo San Lucas, Baja California, Mexico - Cruise ship floats past natural rock formations
Cabo, San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico - Cruise ship floats past cacti, geyser & rock formations
La Paz + (sun) = Fun - Smiling sun floats across sunny beach
Tijuana, Mexico - Zebra pulls cartload of goods; seller & tourists in frgd


Principaute de MONACO - 6 uniformed men march against coastal scenic view
Principaute de Monaco - Guard of Honour floats in front of palace & Monaco Bay


Mount Everest 29,028ft, Highest Mountain on Earth - Man with yak walks past campers; snowy peak


Afsluitdijk, Holland - Sedan drives past coastal road
Alkmaar - Two men carrying cheese, walk past riverfront
Almere; Amsterdam - Monorail moves past city at sunset
Amersfoort - Boat carrying people sails into harbor
Amsterdam - Two bicyclists ride past residential houses
Amsterdam - Clear barrel; words "Amsterdam" in colorful letters; glitter
Amsterdam - Stationary lit marijuana joint; 3 leaves in background
Amsterdam - Old ship floats in front of photo of 17th Century Amsterdam
Amsterdam, Central Station - Train floats past Central Station
Aqua Zoo; Friesland - Penguin walks past others in rookery
Autobedrijf Hamers B.V., Skoda Auto - Red 4-door wagon drives past car lot (keychain)
Autorijschool RALLY; G. Posthumus - Driving school vehicle moves past traffic officer, streets, etc.
Autotron Rosmalen Tel. 073-52 33 300 - Old car travels past museum
Avro 60 jaar in beweging (60 years in movement) - "Avro" logo floats in front of striped blue bkgd
Berg en Bos, Apeldoorn - Monkeys walk across wildlife park
Betoncentrale Twenthe B.V. - Cement truck drives past company grounds
Bijbelsopenluchtmuseum, Mazzel Tov - Biblical Open Air Museum; boat floats past buildings
Bosfolk - Couple in ethnic costumes dance; musicians
Brabanbt tussen ontogroening en vergrijzing, - Man with paint roller floats over Dutch province
Breda, Stad met Karakter - Ribbon tied into a heart shape floats above drawing of city
Cheese Farm Katwoude; Tel. 02995-2291 Holland - Pink cow walks past red-roof barn with Irene Hoeve sign
De Dom toren; Utrecht - Bell floats in front of church (v)
De Zaanse Schans, Holland - Man in wooden shoe sails past windmills
Delft; De Nieuwe Kerk; Oranje Stad - Gold crown floats in front of Nieuwe Kerk church in city of Delft
Dierenrijk Europa bij Eindhoven - Monkey with backpack & polar bear with map walk across this animal park
Diergaarde Blijdorp; Rotterdam Zoo - Shark swims past others; text "Oceanium"
Dolfinarium Harderwijk - Dolphin; water; people
Dolfinarium Harderwijk - Dolphin leaps to man on platform; audience
Dolfinarium Harderwijk (different caption) - Dolphin leaps to man on platform; different audience
Dolfinarium Harderwijk, De wereld Van De Zee - Dolphin swims past pod of others
Dolfinarium Harderwijk, De wereld Van De Zee - Two sea lions move past others on shore
Dolfinarium Harderwijk, De wereld Van De Zee - Whale swims past two others
Drents Museum, Kano van Pesse Ca. 7000 v. Chr. - Natives spear fish in canoe; grass huts
Drielandenpunt-Vaals - Point of 3 countries: Holland, Belgium, Germany
Drievliet; Hartstikke Leuk! Rijswijk - Small vehicle drives through amusement park
Dueinen Zathe, Appelscha - Clown drives past attraction park
Drenthe - Land of Bartje; statue of the boy who refused to eat peas; 3 scenic panels
Egmund Aan Zee - 2 windsurfers; town in bkgrd
Eusebius Arnhem - Elevator ascends/descends; outline of church belltower (v)
Exloo - Shepherder and dog walk thru field of sheep
Fata morgana De Efteling - Servants in boat float past attraction park (kc/pen combo)
Gemeente Vlagtwedde, het verrassende Groningen - Logo & municipality's name float past village buildings
Gevelco Transport Group, Rotterdam - Barge enters/exits terminal
Giethoorn - Cow & 2 men ride in boat along village's river
Greetings from Holland - Man undresses (tip 'n strip)
Groeten uit Pieterburn - Seal swims during sunset towards window on shore
Harderwijk - Two dolphins playing with ball float in front of building
Hellendoorn-Avon-Turen Park - White water rapid ride
Hellendoorn-Avon-Turen Park - Park visitors ride the watery log ride (v)
Hogeschool Rotterdam; - Caped super hero flies past pop culture silhouettes
Holland - Delfs blue style of couple floating against windmills, etc.
Holland - Delfs blue style of mast ship passing 5 panels of scenery
Holland - Family walks amid flowers and windmill
Holland - Child-like farmer's wife (clicker style)
Holland - Cow ambles thru pasture; fence and cows in foreground
Holland - Wooden shoe as sailing vessel floats past tulip fields
Holland, Land of Flowers and Windmills - Dutch woman carries flowers; tulip field
Hortus botanicus - Baby sitting on leaf floats through batannical gardens
I amsterdam® - I am" in L frgd; "sterdam" floats left to spell "amsterdam"
Jumbo elke dag beter (translates: Jumbo improves each day)- Shopping cart floats past supermaket aisles
Kabelbaan Valkenburg - 2 chairlifts transports 4 people; lush greenery
Kabouterland© Exloo - Gnome & rabbit walk thru countryside
Kameleondorp Terherne, - Two waving boat passengers float past island attraction
Keukenhof - Dutch woman carrying flowers walks through tulip field
Koningin Juliana Toren - 3 mice dance in front of rollercoaster ride
Koninklijk Huwelijk, Willem-Alexander & Maxima - Wedding rings tumble past Royal Dutch Palace
Lake Land Hotel; Monnickendam, Holland; Tel. 02995-3751 - Sailboat floats in front of hotel and pier
Landgoed Nienoord, Tel 0594-512230 - Passengers on miniature train float past the family park (pen & ruler set)
Leeuwarder Courant - Couriers on motorbike make deliveries in countryside
Leiden - Crest floats past cityscape
Linde Motrac B.V. - Forklift drives past company building
Luchvaartmuseum, Aviodome-Schiphol - Bi-plane flies past Aviodome
m.p.s. Azolla, feenstra rijn lijn, Arnhem - Cruise ship travels its route from Netherlands to Germany
M.P.S. Brillant - Oceanliner approaches shore; trees; grassy hill
m.p.s. Salvinia, feenstra rijn lijn, Arnhem - Dutch river cruiser floats past village
M.S.J. Henry Dunant - Oceanliner approaches port; city view
Madurodam -Bus drives past attraction; lighthouse
Madurodam - KLM airplane takes off; airport in background
Mebin, Flowcrete®m - Cement truck drives past concrete background
Molens Kinderdijk - Boat floats past seven windmills
Mondriaahuis - Logo floats past museum facade; trees
Muiderslot - Knight on horse approaches Muiderslot Castle
Museum Het Schip, Amsterdam, - Boat tours the public housing blocks, one called The Ship
Museum Nairac Barneveld; Jan van Schaffelar 1482; - Calvary officer Van Schaffelaar jumps from church tower to surrender
Nationaal Fietmuseum, Velorama, Nijmegen - Main rides a hobbyhorse bicycle past park
Nationaal Park De Biesbosch - A piece of land floats past the marshland; sightseeing boat
National Sealife Blankenberge - 2 seals in foreground float; others beached
Nederlands Openluchtmuseum Arnhem - Old truck drives past museum
Ontspanningspark Oudvalkeveen Naarden - Octopus plays with beachball
Oostkapelle Zeeland - Seagull flies over beach; windmill in foreground
Ouwehands Dierenpark - 3 bears float past forest
Ouwehands Dierenpark - Bear ambers through forest
Ouwehands Dierenpark - Tiger ready to pounce; sand & bushes in bkgrd
Ouwehands Rhenen - Three sea lions wave as they move along beach
Parc Safari Monde Sauvage - Park visitors in tram observe 2 zebras
Ponypark Slagharen - Park visitors ride on rollercoaster
Potvis - Sperm whale swims past island
Red Light District, Amsterdam - Curtain opens to reveal scantily clad women
RET Openbaar Vervoebedrijf Rotterdam - Train transport floats past various city destinations
Rijks Museum, Amsterdam - "Children at the Seashore" by Jozef Israels
Rijks Museum, Amsterdam - "Night Watch", 1642, Rembrandt
Rijks Museum, Amsterdam - "Enjoying the Ice", 1608, Hendrik Averkamp
Royal The Hague - Horse & carriage floats by museum
Safari Beekse Bergen - Silhouette of rhino floats past safari animals
Scheveningen Pier - 2 men & woman in swimsuits approach pier
Schiermonni Koog National Park - 2 birds in nest float past park grounds
Schiermonnikoog - Ferry travels to the island in Northern Nederlands
Schiermonnikoog - Island ("oog") named after "monks dressed in gray"
Schrijf ook mee op (translated: Write down also....) - Paper ship floats past text "De Echo legt aan"; cityscape
Steerstad Elburg - Elburg family member walks past historic buildings
Simpelveld 045-5440018 - Train moves past actual photo of countryside
Slot Loevestein, Brakel - Knight on horseback rides past castle
Souvenir Holland - Costumed couple in wooden shoe; tulips fields
Souvenir Holland - Dutch couple in wooden shoe float past tulips (pen & ruler set)
Souvenir Rotterdam - Ship floats past park with Euromast
Souvenir Wittem - Yellow bus drives down streets of Wittem
Space Adverture, Euromast-Rotterdam - Elevator floats up/down tower (v)
Spido Rotterdam - Tourboat; Erasmus bridge, cityscape
Spoorwegmuseum, Het Netherlands - Train floats toward museum
Staphorst - Woman rides bicycle past farm
Stichting Verkeersbrigadiers - Organization for crossing guards; cartoon crossing guard directs traffic
Stichting Vrienden Safari Park - Rhino walks past others; more in frgd
Texel - Crest of Texel along with ecological message; seal
Texel, Schapenboet - Ferry service makes a run past island
TrabiTour; - Cartoon car floats past photo of city landmarks
Trier - Ferryboat floats past coastal community
University of Twente - Goose walks along University's campus
Utrecht Dom - Man pulls street organ past church called "De Dom"
UW Truc Is 'N Truckdealer! Truck Dealer Association - Truck drives into "Truckdealer" building; buildings in bkgd
VTC, Verticaal Transport Centrum - Mechanical hook floats vertically against text "transport"
Vakantiepark, Hapert - 2 children with inflatable floaties play at waterpark
Valkenburg - Man rides goat past 2 panels of the city center
Valkenburg - Couple in chairlift float past city
Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam - Crows float in painting of "Wheatfields with Crows" 1890
Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam - Sunflowers float to vase in painting of "Sunflowers" 1889
Vestingstad Bourtange - Canon floats past stream, windmill in bkgd
V.o.f. W. F. Leenen & Zn.; - Daffadoils float past building owned by collector Lida Leenan
Vollendam, Holland - Costumed couple walks on boardwalk; Texel - Sea lion swims across pool of water; Texel - Sea lion chases fish; others in foreground - DistriQ truck enters building; bicyclist delivers to homes; MAF Nederland, Flying for Life - Plane flies against cloudy blue skies
Walibi - Kangaroo dressed in cowboy gear walks thru western town
Walibi - Man on magic carpet flies past amusuement park
Window Gard, Zeewold Tel: 036-5235202 - Burglar breaks house window with hatchet
Zandvoort, Holland - Surfer rides wave past sunbathers on beach
Zeeland - Seagull flies past bridge; buoy in background
Zeeland - Boat floats past marina; windmill in right fgd; houses in bkgd
Zeker rijden, zeker slagen; 0800 8118 - Cartoonish car drives past city; bicyclist in center frg
Zorgaccent Amersfoort - 2 commercial buildings; Birkhoven & Puntenburg (con/rev)
Zoutelande - Surfer rides waves; umbrellas at beach in background
Zwin; Knokke-Heist - 2 mallards swim past flowers in foreground
No caption; parchment maps & spider web "Evolution" - Cave man & man in running pose float past dinosaurs, pyramid, etc.


Fullers Bay of Islands, Award Winning Tours & Cruises - Tour boat manuvers around huge rock formations
Golden Fleece, Telephone 034421205, Arrowtown, NZ - Man treks in front of store
Int'l Antartic Centre, Christchurch, NZ - 2 penguins on ice floe, icy mountains
Kelly Tarltons; Auckland, New Zealand - Red tour bus drives past penguins
Kiwi, New Zealand - Kiwi walks on grass towards native flowers
Native Flowers of New Zealand - Flower moves past 4 panels of other flowers
New Zealand Adventure - Skier skis past mountains and trees
New Zealand Adventure - Trolley floats past Christchurch buildings
New Zealand Adventure - Sailboat floats past Auckland's Harbor Bridge
New Zealand All Blacks - Rugby player approaches goal; 2 defense players
Shotover Jet; Queenstown, New Zealand - Thrill-ride seekers ride the world's exciting Jet Boat ride
Queenstown, NZ; Tandem Parapente - Two paragliders ascend/descend from cliff to houses


Atlanterhavsparken, Alesund Aquarium, Norway - Fish jumps out of water; foreground of water, lobster, starfish, etc.
din leverandør av nøkkelringer! - Text "Profilerings Service" floats against bkgd of various keyrings (keychain)
Fredrikstad - Sail boat floats down river Glomma
Geiranger, Norway - Cruise ship floats past fjord; mountains; lush plateau
Greetings from Bergen - Boat floats towards water front property, buildings
Havlandet, besøk oss på - Sitting blue dinosaur floats between a castle & house (Children's bank account)
Jahreline, Oslo-Kiel - Cruise ship approaches/departs shoreline
Jølster - Goat approaches boy near Lake Jølster in the fjords
Lillehammer - Skiier floats past snowy surroundings
M/S Braemar, Fred Olson Norway Line - Ship floats past coastal community
M S Southward Norwegian Caribbean Lines - Cruise ship floats between two islands; palm trees
M/S Starward Norwegian Caribbean - Ship approaches coast; palm trees
Morgedal - Skiier floats past snowy ground; trees; resort
NorSea, Vestbase, - Barge floats out to platform at sea
Norsk BreMuseum, FJ/Erland Norge - Pleistocene elephants walk past mountains, orange sun
Norway - Silhouette of moose approaches another; trees; "Moose Xing" sign
Norway - Troll walks past warning sign; cabin & bear in bkg; troll's head in right foreground
Norway - Two Vikings float past Viking ship, road and mountains
Norwegian Cruise Line; Norway - S.S. Norway cruise ship (no longer in service) sails to Carribbean Islands
Oslo, Holmenkollen - Skier floats; slope and snowy trees; observers
Royal And Ancient Polar Bear Society; Hammerfest-Norway - Polar bear walks past snowy mountains
Stalheim Hotel - Tram ascends/descends mountain; hotel on mountain top
Stavanger - Cartoonish man in sailboat floats past water front homes
Tradisjon Og Nyskaping; Går Hand I Hand - Man in coveralls carrying stick walk past lake and mountains
Trolls of Norway© - Troll paddles raft down stream; other trolls watch
Trolls of Norway© B.F. Norway - Two trolls walk down path in forest; bush in foreground (v)
Trolls of Norway© B.F. Norway - Troll with fluffy tail walks past forest; mushrooms in frgd
Voss, Norge Norway - Aerial gondola floats past mountains; forest - Mast ship floats past southern tip of Norway; light house museum


Aeroporto de Lisboa, Portugal - Jet flies past airport
Aeroporto da Madeira - Jet lands at airport
Arquipelago da Madeira - Jet flies over map of Madeira island
Batalha Mosteiro Portugal - Tourists walk past the Gothic architectural monastery
Cristo-Rei, Lisboa, Portugal - 6 passengers in paddleboat float past bridge
Galo de Barcelos, Portugal - Rooster against clear background
Fatima Portugal - A procession moves from the Basillica to the Santuary of Fatima
Funchal, Madeira - Tour bus drives past the city streets of Funchal
Mosteiro dos Jeronimos, Lisboa, Portugal - 3 people walk past the Monastary of Jeronimos
N.S. de Fatima, Portugal; Fatima Altar do Mundo - 3 peasant children see the vision of Our Lady of Fatima (con/rev)
Porto Santo - Boat floats past coast; mountains; towns
Portugal Sintra - Horse drawn carriage floats past town
Souvenir from Funchal, Madeira - Dancers in traditional garb, floats past Madiera island
Souvenir Madeira - Clear barrel; costumed woman floats
Souvenir from Madeira - Men pull fishing boat ashore; village in background
Torre de Belem, Lisboa, Portugal - Sailboat floats past town


Auld Ayr - Bag pipes float past this Scottish town on the west coast
Edinburgh Castle - 3 bagpipers float in front of Edinburgh Castle (v)
Gretna Green - Bagpiper floats past village, considered wedding capital of UK
is it TREW? - Scottish man's kilt is swept up to reveal underwear (con/rev)
John O Groats, The Last House - Man with bagpipes walk past the Last House
National Galleries of Scotland - Repro of Rev. Robt Walker Skates on Duddingston Loch by Sir Henry Raeburn, 1784
Nessie, Scotland - Nessie the Lochness Monster; men in rowboat
Scotland - Six bagpipers march past castle
Scottish Seabird Centre, The Harbour, North Berwick - Bird flies towards ocean; rocky formation
St. Andrews Home of Golf - Golfer swings at ball; pond; country club
Whiskey of Scotland - Whiskey purs out of bottle into shot glass
No caption; Scotland (decal) - clear barrel; Bagpiper in kilt floats vertically


Boat Quay, Singapore - Boat floats past waterfront; palm tree & pier in frgd
From design to delivery…..Song Lin Building, Singapore - Logo floats past text "Putting your ideas into print; Demand Print"
Har Par Villa - A Buddha floats in front of this cultural attraction
Jurong Birdpark, Singapore - Penguin walks past rocky formations in habitat; penguins in bkgd
Merlion Park, Singapore - Boat floats thru park; palm trees in frgd
Orchard Road, Singapore - Double-decker bus drives past Orchard Road
Sentosa Island - Aerial gondola floats past boats and docking area
Sentosa, Singapore's Island Resort - Two aerial trams float past resort grounds
Singapore Skyline - Boat floats past city skyline at night
Singapore Zoological Gardens - Macaroni penguin walks past rookery; polar bear
Trishaw Ride, Singapore - Bicyclists peddles trishaw with passenger aboard
No Caption; paisley design - Jet pulls "Singapore" banner across evening sky


Baile Andaluz España - Flamenco dancers perform; guitarist in foreground
Carnaval! Port of Spain; Trinidad and Tobago - Elaborate costumed parader floats; musical notes in foreground
I ♥ Lanzarote - Camels walk past sunset in Island Canarias
I ♥ Lanzarote - Petroglyph floats past camels at the volcanic national park
I ♥ Tenerife, Playa De Las Americas - Two men lead camels across the "Beaches of Americas"
Icod Tenerife - Man in costume walks past volcano and village
Lanzarote, Timanfaya - Tourguide and camels walk toward tourbus; mountains
Madrid, La Cibeles - Statue floats past city plaza
Playa de las Americas, Tenerife - 2 windsurfers sail toward beach
Plaza De Toros España - Bull charges bullfighter in ring
Puerto de la Cruz, Tnerife - Camels transport load across the island
Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria - Windsurfer floats past the resort in the Canary Islands
Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria - Ship floats into harbor past hotels, apartments, etc.
Recuerdo de Madrid - Statue floats past view of city plaza
Recuerdo de Madrid, Museo del Prado - Statue floats; couple on beach in foreground
Recuerdo de Madrid, Puerta de Alcala - Staute floats past landmark plaza
Tenerife - Man in costume walks past volcano and village
Tenerife - Patron saint floats past the volcanic mountains
Tenerife, Canary Islands - Couple in tradational garb walk past peak; flowers in frgd


Flygvapen Museum, Malmen, Sweden - Bomber flies past museum; planes in background
Goteborgs Maritima Centrum - Navel ship floats past lighthouse; harbor
Jorvik Viking Centre - Family in moving tram views Viking life in village
Kanalmagasinet Mem - Riverboat floats past red building
Ljunström's Tomte Verkstan; - Old man with cane walks past Santa's Workshop; manufactuerer of Swedish Santas
Morokulien, Sweden-Norway - Moose walks past ths Sweden-Norwegian border
Øresundsbron - Bridge tunnel opened on July 1, 2000 links Sweden to Denmark
Orsa Grönklitt - Brown mother bear & cub walk through the Bear Park in Orsa
Stockholm Festival City - Cartoon duck wearing blue hat walks past drawings of buildings
Stockhom, Gamla Stan, The Old Town - Guards with flags, ride horses thru town
Turistvägen Gränna-Odelshög - Red car drives past monuments in foreground
Universeum; Science Discovery Centre; - Tropical fish swims towards shark; skeleton in bkgd
Vasa 1628 - Scuba diver hunts for ship's sunken treasures


Airport Zürich Kloten - SwissAir plane lands at airport
Ascona Ronco - Waving passengers in boat float in lake
Brienzer Rothorn; Berner-Oberland - Trolly & steam engine floats from countryside to city; mtns in bkgd
Einsiedeln, Josy Eberie - Tour bus drives past the monastary
Genève - Family of swans swim past coastal town
Gr. St. Bernard - St. Bernard on duty overlooks village in Alps
Interlaken, Eiger-Monch-Jungfrau - Horse pulls carriage through countryside
Grindelwald, Berner, Oberland - Aerial tram transports visitors to Alps
Grindelwald, Wetterhorn/Jungfrau - Trolley shuttles visitors at base of Alps
Gruss aus dem HARZ - Witch on broom flies past mountainside; owl in right foreground
Gruyere, Lac Et Le Moleson - Man with donkey walks in the countryside
Hotel an der Aare,, Solothurn - Pieces of origami float on pond
Jungfraujoch, Schweiz, Switzerland - Dog sled floats pask skiers in frg; slopes in bkgd
Kleine Scheidegg - 2 buses drive past mountain resort
Luzem, Vierwaldstattersee - Boat floats in lake past the Chapel Bridge & Watertower
Museum Jean Tinguely Basel - Iron sculpture by artist Tinguely floats past museuem
Pilatus, Luzem, Schweiz - World's steepest cogwheel railway travels to Mt. Pilatus
Rheinfall Schaffhausen - 5 people in boat ride past the waterfall
Schweiz Suisse, Switzerland - Aerial tram floats from lodge to hillside; cows
Schweiz Suisse, Switzerland - Herders walk past mountains, lodge
St. Moritz - Aerial tram moves past snowy moutains; resort in left foreground
Thunersee, Spiez Interlaken - Ship passes sailboats; approaches coastal village
Zermatt, Matterhorn/Monte Rosa - Red trolley floats past mountain resort
Zurich, Und die Alpen - Ship floats past mountainous coast; storks in frgd


Wales - Red dragon lurks in the countryside & city

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