Domestic Locations

Old Tucson
Rival gunmen shoot it out; bullet floats between weapons

Domestic Locations


Alabama, The State of Surprises! - Bi-plane pulls banner past 3 panels
Gulf Shores, Alabama - Sailboats float past open umbrellas on beach
Orange Beach, Alabama - Couple jetskis past hotels & beachgoers
Music Hall of Fame, The Shoals - Stars float past Hall of Fame bldg


Alaska - Three puffins float past others; more puffins in frgd & bkgd
Alaska - Polar bear floats on ice floe towards ice berg; polar in left foreground
Alaska - Puffin flies past cruise ship; more puffins in both foregrounds
Alaska - Trout is caught and pulled up by angler (v)
Alaska - Puffin flies past cliff perched with more puffins
Alaska - Dog-pulled sled moves across snowy terrain
Alaska, America's Last Frontier - Eskimo with spear in canoe floats toward polar bear on ice floe
Alaska, Blanklet Toss - Eskimos toss fellow with blanklet (v)
Alaska, Inside Passage - Ship floats past seal & iceberg
Alaska's Inside Passage - Cruise ship floats past totem poles
Alaska Marine Highway, Your Floating Freeway to Alaskan Adventure - Ship floats past choppy waters; tug boat in L frgd; glaciers in bkgd
Alaska, The Last Frontier - Two Eskimos ride a dog-pulled sled; igloo
Alaska, North to the Future - Eskimo is tossed into air during Blanklet Toss (v)(pencil)
Denali National Park, Alaska - Moose walks past snow top mountains
Midnight Sun Express, Alaska - Tour bus travels past moose & mountains
Santa Claus House, Alaska - Santa & reindeer float past house
Santa Claus House, North Pole, Alaska - Santa prepares his sleigh in L frgd; Santa & reindeer float past house
The Mighty Hunter, 1967; Anchorage Museum of History & Art - Fred Machetanz's "The Mighty Hunter"; polar bear sleeps on floe


Arizona - Stagecoach chased by cowboys against desert scene
Arizona - Kokopelli on half sun floats past desert and cactus
Arizona - Green glitter floats around "Arizona" and cactus
Arizona, Running in the Sun - 2 roadrunners, highlighted by gold disc, floats past desert scene
Biosphere 2, Oracle, Arizona - Tourists stroll in Biosphere; dome
Cactus Country, Arizona - 3 cowboys on horseback moving across desert
Grand Canyon - Helicopter flies across the canyon; visitors in frgd
Grand Canyon - Three tourists on mules, ride past canyon
Grand Canyon - Rider on donkey floats past canyon (keychain)
Grand Canyon, Arizona - White-water raft travels past canyon walls
Grand Canyon, Arizona; The Hidden Secrets - Raft full of people float past canyon; trees in center foreground
Grand Canyon Deer Farm; Williams, Arizona - Deer family approaches boy extending hand to feed
Grand Canyon Railway - Train pulls in depot; tree in frgd
Hummingbirds, Sing at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum - 3 hummingbirds
Kitt Peak, National Observatory Astronomy's Capital; Since 1958 - Family of four walks past observatory grounds
London Bridge, Lake Havasu City, AZ - Speedboat heads past London Bridge
London Bridge, Lave Havasu City, Arizona - Tourboat cruises by London Bridge
Meteor Crater, Northern Arizona - Meteor falls to Earth
Old Tucson - Bullet emerges from gunman's weapon targeting rival gunman
Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona - Family rides in station wagon past 2 scenic panels; petrified log in frgd
Reid Park Zoo, Tucson - Family of anteaters walk past others
Runnin' in the Sun, Arizona - Roadrunner runs past canyon & cactus
Tombstone, Arizona - Wyatt Earp draws gun against rival gunman
Tucson Medical Center (520) 324-2229 - Newborn baby flies across room from birthing Mom to waiting Dad
Wildlife World Zoo, Litchfield Park - Jaguar moves past giraffe


Arkansas is Hog Heaven - Razorback walks past fence twoards barn
Arkansas (decal) - Ladybugs crawl on colorful flowers
William J. Clinton Presidential Center; Little rock, Arkansas - Family stroll towards the Presidential grounds


Alcatraz - Prisoners in a chain gang walk the prison grounds
Alcatraz - 3 prisoners float on log; ship heads towards island
Alcatraz, Federal Penitentiary Swim Team - Swimming escapees encounter a shark in the bay
Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach, Ca - Sea dragon swims along ocean floor
Aquarium of the Pacific®, Long Beach, California - Shark swims past stingray
Aquarium of the Pacific®, Long Beach, California - Sea horse swims past tropical reef
Autry Museum of Western Heritage - Gene Autry on horseback; "Back in the Saddle Again"
Beverly Hills - Stretched white limo drives from Bev Hills sign towards pedestrians
Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive - Chauffeured Rolls Royce on famous Rodeo Drive
Big Bear Lake (decal) - Clear barrel; grizzly bear walks past 5 others; paw prints in bkgd
Bishop's Peak School - Children, teachers & parents wave as students enter school
California - Sailboat floats across ocean; sun dons sunglasses in bkgd
California - Sailboat floats past half-set sun; palm trees on each side
California - Surfer rides waves towards right; surfers on beach
California - Surfer rides board, approached by 3 other surfers in bkgd
California - Surfer rides board; musuclar dude; bikini-clad beauty
California - Wind-blown blonde drives convertible; palm trees
California - Semi-truck drives by beaches, coast & Redwoods
California - Red convertible transports surfboard in back seat across beach
California Academy of Sciences - Bird flies past text "Nature's Music, The Science of Bird Song"
California Academy of Sciences, Golden Gate Park - Magellan penguins
California Aids Ride 5 - 4 bicylists ride past cheering crowd
California Crusin' - Red convertible drives on beach towards motorcyclist
California, The Golden State - Flatbed truck hauls huge orange
California Redwoods - Deer & chipmunk fun thru redwoods
California Redwoods, Tree House - Brown bear enters famous treehouse
California ScienCenter (decal); Adventures in Space - Astronaut floats in space
California ScienCenter (decal); Bats!! - Flying bats join others in cave
California ScienCenter (decal); Elephants - Mother & baby elephant walk past others
California ScienCenter (decal); Touchdown USA - Space shuttle lands
California ScienCenter; High Wire Bicycle - Visitor on bicycle rides on high wire across the museum
California State Railroad Museum - Steam train travels past city & depot
California State Railroad Museum - B&W photos of railroad workers float; more in foreground
California Western Railroad, Ft. Bragg-Willits - Train travels past forest
California Wine Country; Napa, Sonoma, Mendicino - Hot air balloon flies over fields
Carmel, California - Playful otters swims; Lone Cypress tree in background
Casa de Fruta, Hollister, CA - Coffee cup & saucer float past restaurant at Casa de Fruta
Casa de Fruta, Hollister, CA - Recreational vehicle drives past stadium
Cathedral of our Lady of the Angels; Los Angeles, CA - Group of parishioners walk in front of Cathedral in downtown LA
Catalina (colorful designs in each letter) - Sailboat moves past Casino building; dolphins on each side
Catalina - Catalina Express approaches Catalina Island; palm trees
Catalina Island - Boat moves to right away from Avalon harbor; Casino building
Catalina Island - Dolphin leaps in front of sailboats, trees, buildings (Italian)
Catalina Island, California (decal) - Clear barrel; silver & striped fish swim along ocean floor
Chaffee Zoo - (Fresno) - Tiger walks past gorilla & other tigers in foreground
Chaffee Zoological Gardens of Fresno, Califonria - Tiger walks past lion family of 3; animal in tree branch in L frgd
Chandelier Drive-Thru Tree Park; Leggett, California - Two motorcyclists drive through the tree trunk
Chandelier Drive-Thru Tree Park; Leggett, California - Family in car drive through the tree trunk
Chico, California (decal) Fish hooks, Jack Keely - Trout swims toward fisherman in boat with fishing rod
Chinatown - Dragon floats through streets of Chinatown
Chinatown - Cable car travels through Chinatown strung with lanterns
Chumash Bear Dance Community Mural, Los Osos, CA - 3 Chumash dancers in front of fire pit; tomol & thatched houses in frgd
Cliff House at Seal Rock; San Francisco, California - Seals float; rocky shoreline in bkgd; ship in right frgd
Crookedest Street in the World, San Francisco - Cars maneuver down Lombard Street (v)
Cunha Country Store, Half Moon Bay, Ca- Shoppers push cart out of store into street
Crystal Cathedral - Angel acsends/descends; Mary & Joseph; 3 WiseMen in foreground
Death Valley, California - Miner & mule trek across desert; skull in right foreground
Death Valley, Scotty's Castle - Donkey & miner approach castle
Del Mar Thoroughbred Club - Horse racing at the track
Discovery Science Center (decal); Penguins - Penguin family walks past rookery
Dolphins - Santa Monica (decal) - Two dolphins swim among others
Edwards A.F.B., Ca - Space shuttle lands
Exploratorium, San Francisco, California - 2 spheres float past others in background
Ferryboat Islander, Los Angeles Maritime Museum - Ferry; Vincent Thomas Bridge
Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco - Sailboat in harbor; seagull perched in frgd
Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco - Boat in harbor; famous Wharf's welcome sign in right frgd
Flying Over Golden Gate Bridge - United Airlines jet flies over Golden Gate Bridge
Flying Over Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco - Plane floats to right over Golden Gate Bridge
Gayle's Bakery & Rosticceria; Capitola, CA - Butterfly carrying baked good floats past bakery items
General Grant Tree; Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks - Christmas wreath floats up/down in front of General Grant Tree
Getty Center - Tram floats past massive Getty Center
Go Climb a rock - Yosemite - Climber reaches top of rock
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco - Blonde in white convertible crosses the bridge
Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, California - Stained-glass window pane floats by cathedral
Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles - Moon floats behind the observatory
Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles - Planet floats in front of observatory; satellite
Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles - Yellow moon floats behind observatory; starry sky (digital)
Half Moon Bay, Manual F. Cunha Intermediate School - Helicopter pulls banner
Hans Christian Andersen Museum, Solvang, Ca - Mermaid swims underwater
Hearst Castle - Seagull flies past Hearst grounds; statues in right & left foreground
Hearst Castle, San Simeon - Otter swims in front of Hearst Castle
Hearst Castle, San Simeon - Two zebras walk past Hearst Castle
Hearst Castle, San Simeon - Whales spout while swimming past castle
Hearst Castle, San Simeon - Rigged ship sails past castle
Hearst Castle, San Simeon - Roman statues float past Hearst Castle sitting on clouds
Hearst Castle, San Simeon, California - Zebra walks past castle; statue in R frgd; add'l bldgs in left foreground
Hearst Castle, San Simeon, California - Zebra walks past castle; 4 other zebras in foreground (digital)
Hearst Castle, Evening Tour - Bus drives by Hearst Castle at evening; stars
Heavenly® Lake Tahoe - Aerial gondola floats across lake; tree in left frgd; mountains
Hershey's Visitor Center, Oakdale, Ca - Candy mascots in train
High on California - Fish-shaped blimp flies over famous Calif landmarks
Hollywood (clear barrel) - "Hollywood" in colorful letters; glitter floats
Hollywood, CA - Ferrari driver waves; palm trees
Hollywood, California - Limousine drives past Grauman's Chinese Theater
Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA - Biplane flies Hollywood banner across Hollywood Hills
Hollywood Bowl - Musical notes float; orchestra & conductor; evening scene
Hollywood Bowl - Musical notes float; orchestra & conductor; daylight scene
Hollywood Bowl (different caption) - Large musical notes float from conductor to orchestra
Hollywood Bowl - White musical notes float by cartoonish audience, conductor
Hollywood Bowl - String musicians float to reveal wind musicians
Hollywood Home of the Stars - Gunslingers shoot it out on movie set
Hotel del Coronado - Sailboat floats past 1888 landmark; opened umbrellas & chairs
Huntington (The), San Marino, Ca- Koi fish swim past bridge in Japanese Gardens
Huntington (The), San Marino, Ca - Hummingbird flies in catcus garden
Huntington (The), San Marino, Ca - Visitors stroll in North Vista gardens; rolls of statues
Huntington (The), San Marino, Ca - Lotus blooms float in the Chinese Gardens
Huntington (The), San Marino, Ca - Butterflies float among flower blossoms; worm on branch
I Love San Francisco - Hearts move across famous icons of San Francisco
Idyllwild, California - Chipmunk scurries past scenery
J. Paul Getty Museum, Malibu - Art handlers move Van Gogh's Irises painting
J. Paul Getty Museum; My Travels with Clara; Illustration ©Jon Cannell - Sea captain & Clara, the rhinocerous, float on raft past sign "Rhino on the Rhine"
J. Paul Getty Museum; Maria Sybilla Merian - German artist (1647-1717); Butterfly floats past caterpillar on branch
J. Paul Getty Museum; Maria Sybilla Merian - Natural history illustrator; Ant floats past branch
Japanese Tea Garden, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco - Two geishas walk through garden
Kings Canyon National Park - Bear walks through redwood forest
Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park, CA - 2 couples ride the log ride
Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park, CA - Train floats past hills and trees
Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park, CA - Rollercoaster riders float past smiling sun
Knott's Berry Farm & Ghost Town, Buena Park, CA - Trolley; Independence Hall
Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park, California - 2 dolphins leap thru ring held by trainer; audience in stadium
Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park, California - Family of 3 ride the log ride; splashing water in foreground (v)
Knott's Berry Farm, Ghost Town - Stagecoach rides past Ghost Town
Knott's Berry Farm, Bigfoot Rapids - Visitors on the amusement water ride
Knott's Berry Farm, Kingdom of the Dinosaurs - T-Rex floats across prehistoric scene
Knott's Berry Farm, Montezooma's Revenge - Family on the rollercoaster ride
Knott's Berry Farm, Timber Mountain - Visitors on the log ride
Knott's Berry Farm, Sky Jump - Three parachute rides float down from tower (v)
-----Additional Knott's Berry Farm pens listed under "Cartoons & TV Shows, Peanuts"

L.A.+ (pix of sun) = Fun! - Cheeky sun floats past L.A. skyscrapers; 70's van in left frgd
La Brea Tar Pits, Los Angeles - Wooly mammoth floats as vultures watch
La Brea Tar Pits, Los Angeles - Saber tooth tiger prowls against prehistoric landscape
Lake Mead Cruises; - Cruise ship floats on Lake Mead
Lake Tahoe - Sailboat on lake; trees & mountains in background
Lake Tahoe - Paddle boat on lake; trees & mountains in background
Lassen Park - Buck & deer walk past Lassen Peak; brown bear in frgd
Leggett, Ca, Chandelier Drive-Thru Tree Park - Station wagon drives thru tree
Legoland, California - Lego dino sculpture spits water at boat riders (t&c)
Legoland, California - Knights battle in front of castle (t&c)
Legoland, California - 2 children ride in waterboats (t&c)
Legoland, California - Boy rides in Lego helicopter (v)(t&c)
Legoland, California - Kids drive cars in miniature town (t&c)
Living Desert (The), Palm Desert/Indian Wells, Ca - Zebra & calf moves with others
Lodi, California - Bear walks past Lodi's archway entrance; grapes in frgd
Long Beach, Ca - 2 sailboats float past Queen Mary and Spruce Goose
Los Angeles - Clear barrel; palm tree; sun & text "Los Angeles" float
Los Angeles - 3 floaters spell out "City of Angels" (Taiwan)
Los Angeles, California - Plane flies past landmark LAX restaurant; City Hall
Los Angeles, California - Airplane flies across Los Angeles
Los Angeles, California - Sun with sunglasses float behind surfer (v)
Los Angeles, California - Sun with sunglasses float in front of silhouette of city; palm trees
Los Angeles, California - Gunslingers shoot it out on movie set; camera in L frg; lights in R frg
Los Angeles, California - Blue 2 door car drives on freeway at sunset; palm trees in frgd
Los Angeles, California, adventure to diverse fun - Plane flies past photo of LA skyscrapers
Los Angeles, California - Red car drives past downtown buildings; palm trees in frgd (digital)
Los Angeles, California - Jet taxis on runway; LAX restaurant in R frgd; tower in L frgd (older clip)
Los Angeles Chinatown - Dragon parades down streets of Chinatown (China)
Los Angeles, Freeway to Fun - Vehicles drive along the freeway (China)
Los Angeles Conservancy - 3 people walk past 5 b&w panels of restored projects
Los Angeles County Museum of Art - Monet's "In the Woods at Giverney, 1887"
Los Angeles County Museum of Art - Egyptian boat floats down Nile; Sphinx & pyramid
•Walking, walking...Pavilion for Japanese Art at LACMA - Zen painting of walking man
Los Angeles International Airport - Jet flies past LAX's landmark restaurant
Los Angeles Olympics 1932 - Olympian runs past Los Angeles Coliseum
Los Angeles Pez-A-THON 2000 - Somber collector enters convention; exits happy with purchases
Los Angeles Police Academy - Police car drives pass Academy's brick gate
Los Angeles Public Library - Mesopotamian sculpture moves past library building
Los Angeles Transportation Club (decal); Big Boys-Giants on Rails - Union Pacific locomotive
Los Angeles Zoo - Giraffe floats among others; tree leaves (v)
Los Angeles Zoo - Tiger approaches another in jungle scene
Los Angeles Zoo, Chimpanzees of Mahale Mountains - Chimpanzee; forest
Los Angeles Zoo, Save the Rainforest - Rainforest frog in tropical greenery
Los Angeles Zoo - Tiger walks past butterflies; tiger in background
Los Angeles Zoo - Elephant walks past lion and leopard in safari scene
Lotusland, Ganna Walska - Lotus plant floats among greenery
Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo, Ca - Cherub flies in front of popular Inn & restaurant (v)
Magic Mountain ™ © MM (S07); Colossus - 4 cars of riders float past rollercoaster ride
Magic Mountain ™ © MM (S07); Scream; Ride Out Loud - The "flying chair" falls from 150 feet (v)
Magic Mountain ™ © MM (S07); Viper® - 4 cars of riders float on looping rollercoaster ride
Mammoth Lakes, California - 2 skiiers ski down snowy mountain slope; trees in frgd
Mann's Chinese Theater - Hollywood sign; the famous movie theater
Marin County - Bicyclist rides past rolling hills and trees
Marine World; Africa USA - Dolphins leap in front of audience in this 1970's amusement park
Maritime Museum Association of San Diego - Clipper ship, Star of India, floats in Mission Bay
Maritime Museum, San Diego, CA - Clipper ship floats in Mission Bay (digital)
Medieval Times, Dinner & Tournament (decal: Buena Park, Ca) - 2 knights joust
Metrolink - Southern California's railway train moves past 4 freeway signs
Mission Dolores, San Francisco, Founded 1776 - Padre & boy walk past mission; palm trees
Missions of California (21 listed)- Padre walks past mission; El Camino Real
Moaning Cavern, Vallecito, Ca - Woman lowers herself by rope inside cave (v)
Monterey - Sea otter floats on back; Hearst Castle and yacht club
Monterey, California - Two spouting whales float past harbor
Monterey - Carmel - Hearts float from behind drawing of Hearst Castle
Monterey, Carmel, California - Sea otter floats on back with others during evening
Monterey Bay Aquarium - Shark swims across ocean floor
Monterey Bay Aquarium - Sea turtle swims across ocean floor
Monterey Bay Aquarium - Jellyfish floats in deep green sea; turtle in frgd (v)
Monterey Bay Aquarium - Jellyfish floats past others; 2 in foreground (v)
Movieland Wax Museum - Famous celebrities' faces with floating logo
Movieland Wax Museum - Rolls Royce drives past museum at sunset
Movieland Wax Museum, Buena Park, CA - Starship Enterprise floats thru space
Movieland Wax Museum, Wizard of Oz - Dorothy & Scarecrow rises from Tin Man
Museum of Contemporary Art, LA, Building designed by Arata Isozaki - Installation
MOCA, LA, Knifeship II, 1986, by Oldenburg, von Bruggen Gehry - Knifeship with oars
MOCA, Firetruck 1993 by Charles Ray - Firetruck sculpture drives past museum
MOCA, Retrofuturism - 1955 T-bird drives behind Hollywood sign; emerges as 1999 T-bird
Muir Woods - Deer walks past redwoods; snowy ground
National Liberty Ship Memorial, San Francisco, California - SS Jeremiah O'Brien floats past the Golden Gate Bridge
National Steinbeck Center, John Steinbeck (signature)- Scene fr "Travels with Charley"; green pick-up truck with camper; valley
National Steinbeck Center, The Red Pony by John Steinbeck - Red pony floats from field to barn passing hens and rooster
National Steinbeck Center, Valley of the World, Salinas, CA - Strawberries float past field; basket of strawberries in right foreground
National Steinbeck Center, Valley of the World, Salinas, CA - Bushel of lettuce float past field; another bushel in right foreground
National Yo Yo Museum, Chico, Ca; - Yo-yo rises & falls from hand of player (v)
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County - Tyrannosaurus Rex
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County - T-Rex chases Stegosaurus; volcano erupts in bkgd
Niles Canyon Railway; Sunol-Niles, California - Train floats; "California Western" bus & passengers in frgd
North Beach Place; Grand Opening, October 22, 2004 - Cable car moves by a row of newly renovated Victorian houses
Oakland, California - BART train travels past bridge; cityscape
Oakland, California - BART train travels past downtown buildings
Oakland, California - Plane flies over downtown buildings
Oakland, Lake Merritt - Two sailboats float past office buildings
Oakland Museum of California - Old fire engine races towards fire
Official California Earthquake Detector - Seismic activity scale
Old Faithful Geyser of California, Calistoga - Steam & water rises upward from the geyser (v)
Old Mission San Juan Capistrano - Two swallows return to the mission
Old Mission San Luis Obispo - Padre walks past mission; tourists
Old Mission San Miguel - Monks walk past mission grounds; fountain
Old Mission Santa Barbara - Monks walk past mission
Old Sacramento, Ca - Steam train travels past historic buildings & water tower
Orange County Quilters Guild - Scissors float past quilts hanging on clothes line; spools
P.S. I Love You, Palm Springs - Golf ball soars from golfer to golf cart
Pacific Bell Park; Home of the San Francisco Giants - Baseball floats past stadium; ship in L frgd; player in R frgd
Pacific Park, Santa Monica Pier - Seahorse floats amidst seaweed (v)
Page Museum; La Brea Tar Pits - Sabertooth tiger floats among Mastadons
Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, Palm Springs - Gondola moves up mountain (v)
Palm Springs, California - Woman and dog in frgd; classic car drive by palm trees
Paramount's Great America - Rollercoaster ride at the amusement park
Performing Art Center, San Luis Obispo - Music sheet, violin & masks float by center
Petersen Automotive Museum, Los Angeles - 1920's cars drive past gas station
Petersen Automotive Museum, Los Angeles - 1950's cars drive past drive-in restaurant
Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park - Eagle flies past mountains and trees
Pier 39, San Francisco - Ferry floats past yacht club
Pier 39, San Francisco - Seals line the pier; harbor in background
Pirate's Cove, Long Beach, CA; It's a Pirate's Life For Me - Pirate ship floats across treasure map (gift store in Long Beach)
Pismo Beach, California - Surfer rides wave; 3 other surfers in background
Pismo Beach, California - Retro-drawn surfer rides red board; pier
Pismo Beach, California - Surfer chased by wave; pier in L bkgd; sand pail & shovel in frgd
Primate Discovery Center, San Francisco Zoo- François’ langur monkey climbs tree; Patas monkey in lower frgd (v)
Queen Mary, Long Beach, Ca - Passenger liner sails past skyline; Arena's Wyland mural
Queen Mary, Long Beach, California - Passenger liner sails out of harbor
RMS Titanic, Los Angeles Maritime Museum, San Pedro - Titanic floats towards iceberg
Redwood Highway, California - Brown bear walks thru Redwood forest
Reuben H. Fleet Science Center - Space shuttle lands; satellite & radar dish in frgd
Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace, Air Force One - Presidential plane flies by White House
Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace, Presidential Limousine - Limousine drives past Library
Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace, Elvis visits the Oval Office - Nixon & Elvis shake hands
Road to the White House, 1996 Republican Nat'l Convention" - GOP elephant marches
Roaring Camp Big Trees & Railroad - Antique steam locomotive travels past Redwoods
Ronald Reagan Library, Simi Valley, Ca - President Reagan walks past library grounds
Roy Rogers and Trigger - Rider on horseback floats past museum
Running to the Sun, Palm Springs - Roadrunner runs past cacti towards coyote
S.S. Lane Victory, San Pedro, Ca - Cargo ship; Vincent Thomas Bridge
Sacramento, California - Two tomatoes drive convertible past Capitol bldg
Sacramento, California - Riverboat floats down Sacramento River; Capitol Bldg
Sacramento, California; State Capitol - Plane flies past Capitol building; poppies in L & R foreground
Sacramento Municipal Utility District; Rebates Pay! - Pool inflatables float with a $20 bill
San Diego - Sailboats float by beach; sunbathers & sailboats in frgd
San Diego - Airplane takes off; beach & sunbather in frgd
San Diego - Pod of dolphins leap among others
San Diego (decal); no caption - Text "San Diego" floats past cityscape; historic building
San Diego, California - Red trolley floats past train depot
San Diego, California - Panda bear ambles past leafy trees
San Diego, California - Orca whale leaps in front of line of buildings
San Diego - Clear barrel - Dolphin pulls "San Diego" banner out of blue water (v)
San Diego - Clear barrel - Words "San Diego" in colorful lettering; glitter
San Diego Aerospace Museum - Spirit of St. Louis plane flies from New York to France
San Diego Automotive Museum - 1950's Corvette floats past museum
San Diego Wild Animal Park - Rhinoceros floats against African plains; more rhinos
San Diego Wild Animal Park - 4 butterflies float against flowers & branches
San Diego Wild Animal Park - Cheetah runs past others
San Diego Wild Animal Park - Mother & baby elephant strides past others
San Diego Zoo - Animal-filled trolley floats past flamingo pond
San Diego Zoo - Hippopotomus at "Hippo Beach"
San Diego Zoo - Koala bear floats; other koalas sit in tree (v)
San Diego Zoo - Panda floats; others eat bamboo in frgd
San Diego Zoo - Parrot floats among others perched on tree branches (v)
San Diego Zoo, Polar Bear Plunge - Polar bear floats past others in chilly habitat
San Francisco - Cable car travels toward bay
San Francisco - Taxicab drives through city at sunset
San Francisco - Sailboat sails past red Golden Gate Bridge in right foreground
San Francisco - Cable car floats past Victorian style houses
San Francisco - Four sailboats float by Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco - Helicopter flies behind Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco - City skyline against purplish sunset; glitter
San Francisco - Six sailboats; city skyline; 2 bridges; fireworks in frgd
San Francisco - Heart floats past famous artist drawn Frisco icons
San Francisco, Cable Car Powell @ Market St - Cable car at evening
San Francisco, City at the End of the Rainbow - Rainbow behind Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco, City by the Bay - Ship floats past Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco, Foggy Day at the Bay - Fog cloud moves past Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco, The Golden Gate - Hot air balloon flies past bridge (letteropner)
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art - Fog cloud floats past the museum facade
San Francisco/Oakland Bay Bridge - Ship passes Oakland Bay Bridge
San Francisco/Oakland Bay Bridge - Sailboat at sunset; bridge
San Francisco/Where little cable cars climb halfway to the stars - Cablecar
San Francisco's Chinatown - Cable car travels past lantern lined streets of Chinatown
San Francisco's a Zoo - Zoo trolley led by pandas; penguins trail behind
San Jose, California - Trolley travels past skyscrapers
San Luis Obispo, Central Coast Paradise - Hula girls on beach; surfers in bkgd
Santa Ana Zoo - Capybara walks through tropical forest
Santa Anita Park - 3 racing horses compete on race track
Santa Barbara - 2 sailboats float out of marina; 2 boats in L frgd; tree in R frgd
Santa Barbara, Ca - Sailboat floats past pier; dolphin statue in frgd
Santa Babara (sic) Museum of Art, Millenium - "2000" floats by museum (tw&ck)
Santa Barbara Museum of Art - Artist's palette floats in front of museum
Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History - Blue whale skeleton floats past museum
Santa Barbara Zoo - Two Humboldt penguins swim underwater
Santa Claus Lane, Santa Claus, Ca - Santa & reindeers fly past stores on lane
Santa Cruz Beach, Boardwalk - 2 whales swim past Boardwalk; rollercoaster
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk; Double Shot - Thrill ride seekers are blasted 125 ft up and down tower (v)
Santa Cruz, California - Red-striped sailboat floats past sunset
Sausalito - Boats crowd harbor; Golden Gate Bridge in bkgd
Scotty's Castle, Death Valley, Ca - Donkey & miner approach castle
Scripps Institution of Oceanography - Research ship on rough waters; seagull perched on buoy
Scripps Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla, San Deigo - 2 tropical fish swim
Sea World® - Shamu performs in front of audience
Sea World® - Man feeds fish to leaping Shamu; audience in stadium (v)
Sea World® - 3 penguins walk toward Emperor penguin and chicks
Sea World® - Sea World blimp floats across cloudy sky
• Dolly Dolphin; Sea World; no caption - Clear barrel; Dolly Dolphin; mascot from Sea World
• Pete Penguin; Sea World; no caption - Clear barrel; Pete Penguin, mascot from Sea World
• Penny Penguin; Sea World; no caption - Clear barrel; Penny Penguin; mascot from Sea World
• Shamu; Sea World; no caption - Clear barrel; Shamu; mascot from Sea World
Sea World, San Diego; Pete & Penny Penguin™ - 2 penguins are pulled by dolphin during show at stadium
SeaWorld, Sharks!! - Shark swims along ocean floor
Sequoia Kings Canyon - Bald eagle flies among grove of sequoias; waterfall, trees, river, hills
Sequoia National Park, Ca - Brown bear & cub walk thru forest
Sequoia National Park - Big black bear wanders in forest clearing
Sequoia National Park - Brown bear walks past line of Sequoia trees
Sequoia National Park - Cartoonish brown bear walks past sun setting; trees; mountain
Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks - Bear walks past forest; mtns & river in R frgd; trees in L frgd
Shark's Grin; (805) 771-9599; - Shark swims past bkgd text of Morro Bay
Six Flags Magic Mountain, California - Monorail travels past Grand Carousel; pirate ship & stadium
Six Flags Magic Mountain, Batman the Ride - Batmobile floats past thrill-ride
Six Flags Magic Mountain, Colossus - Dual track rollercoaster ride
Six Flags Magic Mountain, Log Jammer - Wild watery log ride
Six Flags Magic Mountain, Ninja - Fastest suspended rollercoaster ride
Six Flags Magic Mountain, Revolution - 180 degree rollercoaster ride
Six Flags Magic Mountain, Roaring Rapids - White water rapids ride
Six Flags Magic Mountain, Superman The Escape - Superman flies to top of thrill-ride (v)
Six Flags Magic Mountain, Tidal Wave - Plunge over 50 foot waterfall (v)
Six Flags Magic Mountain, Viper - Looping rollercoaster ride
Six Flags Magic Mountain, X - Park guests are strapped in the Xtreme rollercoaster ride
Skunk Train, Ft. Bragg-Willits - Steam train travels past tunnel
Solvang, Ca; Danish Capital of America - Trolley travels past Danish plaza
Solvang, Ca; Danish Capital of America - Danish dancers perform in front of windmill
Southern California - Surfer rides waves as friend photographs him
Southern California - Tourists drives from LA airport, past 3 amusement parks
Southern California - Two windsurfers float past beach
Southern California, World's Biggest Parking Lot! - Traffic jam on freeway
Spruce Goose, Long Beach, California - Spruce Goose exits from Dome past Queen Mary
Surfing Museum, Santa Cruz, CA - Surfer rides past museum; statue
Tinsel Town - Sneak preview of Hollywood premiere
Trees of Mystery - Aerial gondola floats past trees; Paul Bunyan & Blue Ox in foreground
Trees of Mystery, Klamath, Ca - Logo float; redwood trees; Paul Bunyan & Blue Ox in frgd (v)
Trees of Mystery, Sky Trail, Klamath, Ca - Aerial tram floats past Redwood trees; (v; digital)
UC Santa Barbara - Surfoard with UCSB logo floats past campus
Universal Studios - Cameraman films two cars exchanging gunfire on movie set
Universal Studios - Cowboy stuntman falls past balcony towards cowboy in frgd
Universal Studios, California - Tram tours Jaws lot (different tram)
Universal Studios, Hollywood - E.T. and Elliot ride bicycle pass moon
Universal Studios, Hollywood - Tram tours visits Jaws studio lot
• Jurassic Park, Universal Studios - Raptor menaces tour ride's car
Universal Studios, Terminator 2® - Terminator rides motorcyle past ruins; robots in foreground
University of California Press, Poles Apart - Polar bear on iceberg floats past penguins
University of California Press, Wood Duck & Mandarin - Ducklings swim behind mother duck
Venice Beach, Ca - Blonde rollerskates down Venice boardwalk
Visit the Beautiful High Desert, Ridgecrest, CA - Car pulls trailer; Mavis & Ray Francis
Walt Disney Concert Hall - Pianist floats behind Frank Gehry's hall design
We Love the SLO Life, San Luis Obispo - Trolley drives past city storefronts
Westmont (college), Santa Barbara - Bus drives past college; fountain in frgd
Wild Rivers, Irvine, Ca - Girl on innertube slides down the waterslide
Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, Ca - Horse-drawn carriage drives past attraction
Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, Ca - 6 ghosts fly over the Mystery House
Yosemite Mountain; Sugar Pine Railroad - Steam train travels past Sierra National Forest
Yosemite National Park - Tourist tram floats in park past mother & baby deer
Yosemite National Park - Eagle soars against mountains
Yosemite National Park - Brown bear walks past rock formations
Yosemite National Park - Hiker ascends/descends to the top of El Capitan (v)


Aspen, Colorado - Two skiiers ski towards resort; snowy mountains
Beautiful Colorado - Female hiker with backpack walks past other hikers; mountains in bkg
Broadmoor, The; Colorado Springs; - Tram floats past the Cheyenne Mountain
Camp Timberline, Colorado (Christian Sports & Mtn Camp) - Brown bear walks past camp grounds with tents
Casa Bonita, Denver, CO - Female diver plunges into water
Colorado - Female skier skis past tree & family of skiers
Colorado - Cartoonish cowboy ropes steer
Colorado - Eagle soars past forest
Colorado - Brown bear walks past mountains and greenery
Colorado - Cowboy on horse floats toward herd of cattle; mountains in background
Colorado - Skiier in yellow/green jacket & orange pants float past snowy mountains
Colorado (decal); no caption - Brown bear walks past others; paw prints
Colorado (decal); Moose; Scientific name; Alces Alces - Two moose walk past lake; moose crossing sign in right foreground
Denver, Mile High City - Text "Denver" flanked by trees float past buildings and snow capped mountains
Denver, The Mile High City - Plane lands; cityscape in bkgd
Garden of the Gods - Bison floats past natural formations
Garden of the Gods, Colorado - Couple walks past the red rock formations
Foss General Store, Where the West Shops! Golden, Colorado - Hang glider floats down onto street in front of Foss Gen'l Store
Foss General Store, Where the West Shops! Golden, Colorado - Sports car drives past Foss Gen'l Store; car in L frg; welcome sign in R frg
Georgetown Loop Railroad - Steam train pulls into depot past the Rocky Mountains
Hotel Boulderaldo, Boulder, CO - Vintage automobile drives past historic hotel
National Mining Hall of Fame & Museum, Leadville, CO - Miner & mule float in front of museum
North Pole, Colorado - Santa and reindeers fly past houses
Pike's Peak; Cog Railway; 14,110 ft. - Cog train travels past mtns; Cog Wheel Route logo in L frgd
Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame, Colorado Springs, CO - Rodeo rider performs in front of audience
Red Rocks Amphitheatre - 3 piece band floats on stage past red rock formations in bkgd
Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado - Two elks walk past others on grassy land; mountains in bkgd
Royal Gorge Colorado, World's Highest Bridge - Incline car
Seven Falls, Colorado - Indian in regalia floats vertically; water fall in background
Steamboat - Woman skis past lodge & family of skiers
Telluride Film Festival - Text "Show" floats past city of Telluride
United States Air Force Academy - 3 uniformed officers hold flags; Academy
Vail, Colorado - 3 skiiers walk from resort to ski lift


Boulder Dash; Lake Compounce - Wooden roller coaster car floats against mountainside
Ct Lottery - Leaping figure floats past "Is This Fun or What?"
Mystic Aquarium - Family of 3 penguins walk past others in ice berg setting
Mystic Connecticut - 2 penguins on ice floe float along docks & piers
Mystic Seaport, Connecticut - Riverboat floats past lighthouse; pier


Delaware, the First State - Biplane with Delaware banner; 3 scenes
Delaware & Hudson Canal, 1828-1898, 108 Miles - Small girl pulls horses


Bureau of Engraving and Printing; The Buck Stops Here - $20 bill floats overheads of Lincoln, Jefferson, Jackson, Grant & Franklin
Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum - Chair, iron & telephone float against museum
Conservation International - Parrot floats among others perched on tree branches (v)
Conservation International - Monkeys swing from tree to tree; others watch
Corcoran Gallery of Art - Reproduction of Edward Hopper's "Ground Swell"
International Spy Museum, Washington D.C. - Silhouette of man in coat & hat float; bkgd text "I am not who I say I am"
International Spy Museum, Washington D.C. - Silhouette of woman in coat & hat float; text "Beware of Female Spies"
Jefferson Memorial, Washington D.C. - Sailboat passes Jefferson Memorial; cherry blossoms
Jefferson Memorial, 3rd President, 1801-1809, Washington D.C. - Declaration of Independence scroll floats past memorial; Jefferson & signature in foreground
Kennedy Center, Washington D.C. - Sailboat floats past Kennedy Center
Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. - Open book floats past library
Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C. - Horse-drawn carriage moves past Lincoln Memorial
Lincoln Memorial, 16th President, 1861-1865; Washington D.C. - Gettysburg Address scroll floats past memorial; Lincoln & statue in foreground
National Archives Experience (The); Washington D.C. - Constitution floats over painting showing Dec of Independence being accepted
National Archives, Signing of the Constitution - Document floats past group of signers
National Building Museum, Washington D.C. - Hammer, saw & pliers float past museum
National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Inst - Artist's brush & paint float past palette & frames
Running the USA; 42nd President; Bill Clinton - Clinton jogs with two security men past limo
Smithsonian Institution - Pandas float among others eating bamboo
Smithsonian Institution - Star Trek's U.S.S. Enterprise floats in space
Smithsonian Institution - F117A Stealth Fighter plane flies
Smithsonian Institution - Montgolfier hot air balloon flies (v)
Smithsonian Institution - Wood burning locomotive rolls in
Smithsonian Institution - Spirit of St. Louis; plane flies from New York to France
Smithsonian; National Air and Space Museum - SR-71 Blackbird floats past 2 pilots in left foreground
United States Capitol, Washington D.C. - Eagle soars past Capitol; flag in foreground
Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington D.C. - Family views Vietnam Wall
Washington, D.C. - Plane flies past D.C. landmarks; star pattern in sky
Washington D.C. - $1 bill floats past trees in frgd; Capitol in background
Washington D.C., Great Train Store - Train rolls in
Washington D.C., Nation's Capital - Lincoln & Jefferson Mem., Capitol, Washington Mon.
Washington Monument - Helicopter flies to top of Washington Monument (v)
White House - White House Color Guards march in front of the White House
White House, Washington D.C. - Presidents's arm sticks out of window & waves to crowd
White House, Washington D.C. - - Presidential Seal floats past White House; eagle & cherry blossoms in frgd


Alligator Beach Club, Florida - Gator builds sandcastle, sunbathes (keychain)
Bavarian Bierhaus, Orlando, Florida ©MII87 - Bavarian trio floats past village towards others
Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay Florida - Koala bear floats with others amid tree branches (China)
Caribbean Gardens; Naples, Florida - Duck with rose in beak swims across pond
Dive Florida - Two scuba divers swim along ocean floor
Ernest Hemingway, Home & Museum, Key West, FL - Cat floats by others in front of museum
Everglades Alligator Farm, Homestead, FL - Pontoon boat moves across swamp; gator in R & L frgd
Flagler College - Horse & carriage float past college grounds
Flagler Museum (Henry Morrison), Palm Beach, Florida - Trolley car drives past sunny, palm tree-lined beach
Florida - Alligator follows bikini-clad woman; palm trees
Florida - Alligator walks across swamp; palm trees
Florida - Red-checkered biplane pulls banner across beach; umbrellas
Florida - Manatee swims toward another
Florida - Flamingo wades across pond while others observe
Florida Aquarium - Sea otter swims with others
Florida's Family - Family of oranges walk across beach; orange sunbathes; orange trees
Fountain of Youth, St. Augustine, FL - Ponce de Leon walks toward fountain
Gatorland, Orlando - Alligator jumps for a meal dangling from rod (v)
Kennedy Space Center - Shuttle; words "Saturn 5" in background
Kennedy Space Center - Shuttle flies past NASA logo (China)
Key West Butterfly; - Butterfly flies across palm-tree lined beach
Key West Conch Train - Train floats
Lowry Park Zoo, Tampa, Florida - 2 lorikeets fly past others perched on trees
Mai-Kai; Ft. Lauderdale, Fla - Johnny Carson's favorite restaurant; 3 Tahitian girls dance
Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, FL - Repro of Daniel Rideway Knight's "Brittany Girl Fishing"
NASA Kennedy Space Center's Spaceport USA - Bus moves in front of Space Shuttle
NASA Kennedy Space Center's Spaceport USA; Extravehicular Mobility Unit - Astronaut
Norton Museum of Art, West Palm Beach, FL - Visitor & statue float past museum; painting in frgd
Panama City Beach, Florida - Couple on jetski rides towards beach
Ringling Museum of the Circus; Sarasota, Florida - Parade marches down Main Street with animal cage
Ringling Museum of the Circus; Sarasota, Florida - 2 clowns chased by police clown; 2 of the 3 ring circus in bkg
SeaWorld® Adventure Parks - Polar bear and cub walk past others
Silver Springs - Boat transports guests down the riverbank's natural wildlife
Splendid China, Florida - Dragon exits cave; dragon in foreground
Splendid China, Florida - Panda walks past others eating bamboo
St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum - Visitors descend lighthouse (v)
Tampa (decal); Florida - Flatbed truck hauls huge orange past fruit-picker
Tampa, Florida; Miniature Shell Collection (decal) - clear barrel; shells float
Tampa Greyhound Track, - Race dogs run around track; stadium
Universal Studios, Florida - "Back to the Future"; De Lorean flies into dinosaur's mouth
Universal Studios, Florida® - Tram floats past Earthquake ride
Universal Studios, Florida® - Guests in tram floats towards Jaws shark
Visit Cuba, 90 miles from Key West - Cuban dancer shakes her morracas (v)
World's Famous Lion Country Safari, West Palm Beach - Lions roam; rhino in frgd (tw & ck)


Atlanta - Horse-drawn carriage floats past mansion
Atlanta 1996 - Bicyclists race in Olympic velodrome (keychain)
Atlanta 1996 - Basketball player shoots at hoop
Atlanta 1996™ - Coca Cola's Izzy bicycles around the veladome
Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain, Ga - Butterflies fly past greenhouse
Hi Y'all from Georgia - Peach floats past orchards; fruit pickers (China)
Jimmy Carter Library & Museum, Atlanta, GA - President & 1st Lady on Inaugural Walk in D.C.
Margaret Mitchell House, Atlanta, Ga -"Gone With The Wind" bookcover floats past house
100 Years XXVI Olympiad, Atlanta 1996 - Athlete swims along length of pool
Tybee Island Marine Science Center - Dolphin floats against sunlit ocean floor
Underground Atlanta - Steam train floats past cityscape
Wild Animal Safari; Pine Mountain, Georgia - Giraffes walk past trees in this wild animal park
Yellow River Game Ranch - Family of deer walk past lake & pine trees
Zoo Atlanta - Panda and cub walk past bamboo trees; zoo logo in right foreground


ABC Stores, Hawaii - ABC logo floats over Hawaiian Islands map
ABC Stores, Hawaii - Shoppers holding bags, walk past ABC Store-front
Aloha from Hawaii - Four hula dancers
Aloha from Hawaii - 5 canoeists paddle past sun wearing sunglasses
Aloha from Hawaii - 3 hula girls dance towards 3 others in frgd; volcano in bkgd
Aloha from Kauai - 3 hula girls dance towards others; volcano in bkgd
Aloha Hawaii - Whale floats past boats in harbor
Aloha Hawaii - Tropical fish swim along ocean floor
Aloha Hawaii - Pineapple dons sunglasses while surfing the waves
Aloha Hawaii - Pineapple dons sunglasses while sunbathing; sipping drink
Aloha Hawaii - Pineapple dons scuba gear while diving along ocean floor
Aloha Hawaii - Pineapple dons grass skirt hula dances in front of 4 others
Aloha Hawaii - Pineapple mascot floats past map of Hawaiian Islands
Aloha Hawaii - Pineapple mascot plays ukulele; palm trees
Aloha Hawaii; Hang Loose - Hand symbol of "Hang Loose" floats across beach
Atlantis® Submarines; Waikiki-Maui-Kona-Hawaii - Submarine for tourists float past ocean life
Cruise Hawaii - Cruise ship sails past islands
Diamond Head - Sailboat floats across background of Diamond Head
Hanauma Bay; Hawaii - Tropical fish float along ocean floor
Hawaii - Surfer rides the waves; surfer faces left
Hawaii - Plane flies above the 5 islands
Hawaii - Outrigger canoe floats out toward sea
Hawaii - Canoe floats at sunset; palm trees in frgd and bkgrd
Hawaii - 3 hula dancers on beach; palm trees in frgd and bkdgrd
Hawaii - Windsurfer floats by Hawaiian Hilton painted with rainbow mural
Hawaii - Male & female hula dancers perform with others on beach
Hawaii - Golfer rides golf cart across coastal course
Hawaii - Cartoonish surfer rides waves toward beach
Hawaii - 3 hula dancers dance amidst palm trees
Hawaii - 2 dolphins leap; 2 dolphins in frgd; sunset
Hawaii; Hawaii 2002 Pro Bowl NFL All Star Game (decal) - Football floats past beach (non-Eskesen)
Hawaii; Surfer's Paradise - Surfer rides a wave; surfer faces right
Hawaii Voyager - Tall ship floats toward island
Honolulu + Sun = Fun - Smiley sun floats across palm tree lined beach
Maui Ocean Center - Turtle swims along tropical ocean floor
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (decal); F-14 Tomcat - Fighter plane attempts to land on U.S.S. Kittyhawk
S.S. Independence - Hawaiian cruise liner approaches beach
Souvenir of Hawaii - Surfer on a wave approaches shore
Sugar Cane Train, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii - Train; sugar cane fields
Summer; Maui Ocean Center (decal) - Surfer rides longboard; waves in frgd & bkgd
Surf Hawaii - Surfer emerges from pipeline
U.S.S. Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii - Tourboat floats past memorial
U.S.S. Bowfin, WWII Submarine, Pear Harbor, Hawaii - Sub fires missile
Volcano Hawaii - Four tourists flee from erupting volcano
Volcano House, Volcanoes Nat'l Park, Hawaii - Family tours grounds
Waikiki Beach, Hawaii - 3 bikini clad girls walks across Waikiki Beach
No caption; Seahorses; Maui Ocean Center (decal) - Tropical fish swim along ocean floor


Idaho - Fisherman holding pole while fish swims
Idaho - Big rig hauls gigantic potato past scenic background
Idaho Center for the Book, Fabulous Floating Pens - Butterflies; tree branches
Silverwood Theme Park, North Idaho - Train floats past theme park


Adler Planetarium, Chicago - Asteroid blasts past planets towards sun
Buckingham Fountain, Chicago, Illinois - Horse & carriage move past fountain at sunset
Chicago - Kites fly up/down Chicago Water Tower (v)
Chicago, Illinois, Ohare Airport World's Largest - Jet flies past Chicago skyline
Chicago, The Windy City - Man with umbrella, blown inside out; pedestrians
Chicago Manual of Style - "Go by the book" in bkgd; letter "u" floats
Chicago...My Kind of Town! - Ferry floats past Chicago cityscape
Chicago, Take the El Train! - Train passes station platform
Field Museum (The), Chicago ©The Field Museum - Fossil floats past insect, dinosaur skeleton, Asian mask, etc.
Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio, 1889-1898, Oak Park, Illinois - VW bug drives from Robie House to FLW's home/studio
Hubbard Street Dance, Chicago - Dancer Ron de Jesus flies over skyline at sunset
Into Africa, University of Chicago Press - Lion walks against sunset; monkey
Lake County Discovery Museum - Envelope floats from US East coast to Europe
Land of Lincoln, Springfield, IL - Abe strolls by mansion
Lincoln's Home, Springfield, Illinois - Abraham Lincoln walks past his mansion; trees
Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago - Polar bear floats on iceberg towards penguins
Museum of Contemporary Art, Josef Paul Kleihues, Architect - MOCA bldg floats
Navy Pier, Chicago, Il - Carousel horses gallop along pier
O'hare Int'l Airport, Chicago, Illinois - Plane takes off; lake & skyscrapers in bkgd
River Runs Through It, University of Chicago Press - Fish swims along ocean floor
Route 66; Main Street USA; Chicago to Los Angeles - Waving motorist in 50's convertible
Sears Tower, 1454 ft, Chicago, IL - Helicopter flies to top of Sears Tower (v)
Seurat & the Making of La Grande Jatte ©AIC - From the Art Institute of Chicago; Georges Seurat, 1884


Amish Acres, Nappanee, Indiana - Horse-drawn buggy trots past restaurant/barn
Bluespring Caverns, Myst'ry River Voyage, Bedford, IN - Caverns
Conner Prairie, Fishers, Indiana - Horse pulls cart down town's street
Indianapolis, Indiana - Red racing car moves past blue car towards man with checkered flags
Indianapolis, Indiana - Horse & buggy travel down streets of city
Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indy 500 - Racecar floats; race track & stadium
Indianapolis Zoo - Sea turtle swims past Beluga whale, porpoise, penguin, manta ray
Lincoln Museum, Fort Wayne, Indiana - Abe's hat floats down in front of tall Abe (v)
Snile Museum of Art, University of Notre Dame, The Lawyer's Office - Painting by Bernhart de Ryckere c. 16th century


Cedar Rapids Museum of Art - Repro of Marvin Cone's "House That Jack Built", 1960
Grotto of the Redemption, West Bend, IA - Man w/ dogs walk past grottos portraying Christ's life
Grotto of the Redemption, West Bend, IA, 50597 - Text "Grotto" in brick texture floats past grottos; cross
Herbert Hoover Library, West Branch - School of fish swims past President fishing
River Park Apartments; 712.322.8818; - Text "River Park" floats against silhouette of apt buildings
Spook Cave & Campground, McGregor, IA - Ghosts spook cave visitors floating by in boat
Woodward Riverboat Museum, Dubuque County - Riverboat floats past museum


Eisenhower Center, Abilene, Kansas - President swings golf club on course at Center
Kansas City (decal) - Clear barrel; butterflies
Kansas Museum of History; Topeka, Kansas - Statue of buffalo & horse rider float in front of museum
Sedgwick County Zoo - Humboldt penguin swims past 3 others standing on rocky terrain


JBSpeed Art Museum, Louisville, Kentucky - Visitors walk past exhibit paintings
Kentucky; Blue Grass Country - Horse and pony gallop behind fence of farm
Kentucky Derby Museum - 2 jockeys ride horses on racetrack
Lincoln's Boyhood Home, Knob Creek - Axe-wielding Abe strides past log cabin
Lost River Cave, Kentucky - Passengers in tour boat float in underground caves
Mammoth Cave - Family of 4 walks through interior of cave
National Corvette Museum, Bowling Green, KY - Motorist in 50's Corvette waves, driving past museum
Newport Aquarium, Newport, Kentucky - Penguin walks past others in aquarium exhibit
University of Kentucky Art Museum - Painting of In the Pasture, 1883 by Julian Dupre, French


Creole Queen; New Orleans, Louisiana - Riverboat floats down river; boy on raft in right foreground
Faberge at the New Orleans Museum of Art - A Faberge egg floats behind 2 others
Hodge's Gardens, Louisiana - Logo floats past 4 seasonal panels
Louisiana World Exposition, New Orleans, May 12-Nov 11, 1984- Pelican mascot flies banner past Expo
Mardi Gras, Presbytere at Jackson Square - Crowd admires Mari Gras floats in parade
New Orleans - Marching band floats down Bourbon Street
New Orleans - Marching band parades along Mississippi River; city
New Orleans - Riverboats float across the river
New Orleans - Street car travels past Super Dome; St. Louis Cathedral on right
New Orleans - Natchez sightseeing ship tours Mississippi River
New Orleans, French Quarter - Horse-drawn open carriage travels down street
Tezcuco Plantation, Tours, Bed & Brkft, Antique Gift Shop - Darrow horse-drawn carriage


Bar Harbor, Maine - Ship leaves the harbor
Desert of Maine, Freeport, Maine - Camel walks past Welcome sign; desert
Maine - Lobster moves in and out of trap
Portland Head Light; Cape Elizabeth, Maine - Sailboat sails past lighthouse; logo in right foreground
Portland Head Light, Maine - Sailboat sails from behind lighthouse; seagulls in foreground
Seashore Trolley Museum, Kennebunkport - Trolley floats past museum


Annapolis, Maryland - Sailboats float by Henry Preston Jr. Memorial Bridge
Annapolis, Maryland - Sailboats float past Thomas Point Lighthouse; herons in frgd
B & O Railroad Museum, Baltimore, MD - Train floats past museum
Babe Ruth Museum, Babe Ruth Birthplace & Baltimore Orioles Museum - Runner slides
Baltimore, Maryland - Rigged ship floats past cityscape; Boston Aquarium in frgd
Hammond-Harwood House; 1774; Annapolis, Maryland - Matthias Hammond on horse floats past elegant estate
Historic Annapolis Foundation - Paddleboat & sailing ships; aerial view of harbor
Maryland - Crabs on beach; screaming child pinched by crabs in frgd
National Aquarium in Baltimore - Squid floats; turtle in frgd (v)
National Aquarium in Baltimore - Dolphin swims along sandy ocean floor
National Aquarium in Baltimore - Clown fish swim among others
Walters (The) Art Museum - Medieval knight on horse carries flag past castle
Who You Callin' a Crab?; Baltimore, Maryland - Cartoon crab floats past text "Who You Callin' a Crab?"


Berkshire Museum; - Stegosaurus walks past museum façade
Big Indian Shop, Mohawk Trail, MA - 2 natives paddle canoe past lake
Boston, Massachusetts - Occupied swan boats float on lake
Boston Baked Beans - Crock of beans float past photo of city
Boston Duck Tours - Tour boat floats along Lake Charles
Boston Public Gardens, Make Way for Ducklings - Mother & ducklings swim past garden
Bunker Hill Monument, Boston - Flag floats down towards statue; monument in bkdg (v)
Cape Cod, Massachusetts - 2 sailboats & seagulls float past lighthouse
Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, Massachusetts - Black & white cow walks past facade
Faneui Hall & Quincy Market - Horse-drawn cart floats in front of marketplace
Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University - Ingres, Raphael & The Fornarina
Gauguin Tahiti, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - Sculpture floats past 4 paintings by Gauguin
Heritage Plantation of Sandwich, Cape Cod, MA - Boy & girl ride the carousel
House of Seven Gables; Nathaniel Hawthorne; Salem, Ma - Book, quill & inkwell float past the house on Turner Street
Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts - Ferry approaches lighthouse; seagulls
Martha's Vineyard - Sailboat approaches lighthouse, other sailboats
Mayflower II, Plymouth, Ma 1620 - Mayflower II ship approaches land; house
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - Philippe the frog in Monet's Garden
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - Mummy floats behind pyramid; Egyptian exits
▪ mfaboston - Statue of Native American floats past museum
▪ mfaboston; Americans in Paris; 1860-1900 - "In the Luxembourg Gardens" by John Singer Sargent, 1879
▪ mfaboston; The Secrets of Tomb 10A; Egypt 2000 BC - Eyes float over art panels to rest on the shrouded mummy head
Museum of Fine Arts; - Currier & Ives painting; horses pull sleigh in winter scene
Museum of Science, Boston - Astronaut in space (v)
Nantucket - Blue whale swims past lighthouse; houses, buildings
New England Aquarium, Boston - Frog on log, floats thru greenery
New England Aquarium, Boston - Chinstrap penguin swims to others; penguin diving
New England Aquarium - Chinstrap penguin swims to others
New England Aquarium - Jellyfish swim among others
New England Aquarium - Sea otter floats from rocky shore; 3 other otters in water
Norman Rockwell Museum at Stockbridge - Painting from "Stockbridge on Main Street at Christmas"
Old Town Trolley, Tour of Boston - Trolley drives past landmarks & cityscape
Old North Church, Boston - Paul Revere's signal man floats to top of Church (v)
Old Sturbridge Village, Sturbridge, MA; Preserving America's Past - Horse-drawn carriage moves past historic buildings
Pharaohs of the Sun, MFA, Boston - Egyptian mummy floats; pyramid
Plymouth, Massachusetts - Mayflower floats from Native Americans to trees
Salem Witch Museum, Salem, 1692 - Broom-riding witch floats in front of castle
Somerville Road Runners - Cars come to a halt for joggers in Somerville
Toy Boat, Nantucket - 7 toy sailboats float past lighthouse
U.S.S. Constitution, Boston - U.S.S. Constitution ship floats by lighthouse
U.S.S. Constitution, 200 Years, Boston, Ma - People wave flags; ship floats by
(The)Witch City, Salem, Mass - Witch on broom flies past 3 panels of MA scenes


Colonial Michilimackinac - Indian in canoe floats past the historic fur-trading fort
Fayette Historic State Park, Michigan - Ship floats in Lake Michigan
Gerald R. Ford Museum, Grand Rapids, 38th President - Astronaut floats on golf course
Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village, Dearborn, Michigan - Paddling boat passes trees & greenery
Hyatt Regency; Dearborn Michigan - Tram travels past façade of Hyatt Regency
Michigan Historical Museum, Lansing - School bus floats towards museum in L frgd; bldgs in bkgrd
Michigan Iron Industry Museum, Negaunee, Michigan - Steam-powered mining cart floats past underground mines
Tawas Point Lighthouse, Michigan - Boat floats; lighthouse in right foreground
Vincent Van Gogh, Detroit Institute of Arts - Painting palette floats past 4 Van Gogh art


Como-Harriet Streetcar Line, Minneapolis, MN - Streetcar moves past lush greenery
Como-Harriet Streetcar Line, Minneapolis, MN - Streetcar #322 floats from behind trees to wards shack
Frederick R. Weisman at University of MN - Curators carry Georgia O'Keefe's Oriental Poppies
Great Lakes Aquarium; Duluth, Minnesota - Cartoon fish wearing a Capt's hat floats past eels, fish
Greyhound Origin Museum, Hibbing, Minnesota - Greyhound bus floats towards bus station
Mall of America, Bloomington, Minnesota - Excited family passes entrance to mall
Mall of America, Bloomington, Minnesota - Family of four walk past Mall of America entrance
Minnesota - Heart floats; moose and canoe in foreground
Minnesota Knitters' Guild; - Knitted items float from behind a pair of hands knitting
Minnesota, Land of 10,000 Lakes - A loon swims toward another; lake
Minnesota, Land of 10,000 Lakes - Canoe paddlers approach moose in lake
Minnesota, Land of 10,000 Lakes - Two moose walk past lake; moose crossing sign in right foreground
Minnesota, Land of 10,000 Lakes - Two loons swim in lake
Minnesota's Paul Bunyan Country - Babe, the Blue Ox, hauls logs; Paul in foreground
Paul Bunyan Center, Brainerd, MN - Paul Bunyan waves while holding ax; Babe the Blue Ox
Queen of the Mall, Mall of America - Shopper dressed in Queen attire enters mall
Split Rock Lighthouse, Lake Superior, MN - "Inland Steel" ship approaches lighthouse
Steamboat Minnehaha, Excelsior, MN - Steamboat floats up to a dock of waiting passengers
Tropical Encounters; Como Park Zoo/Conservatory; St. Paul, MN - Orchids float past branch towards others in foreground
Valleyfair! (952) 445-7600; 275 feet of extreme scream - Power Tower ride goes up and down while riders scream
Walker Art Center, Minneapolis Sculpture Garden - Spoonbridge & Cherry sculpture
Zumbrota, MN 1856-2006; $10 Fine for Driving Faster Than... - Tourists walk under MN's only remaining covered bridge
22nd bi-annual American Pencil Collectors Society, Mankato, MN - Hand holding pen extends from behind text "greater Mankato"


Mississippi Museum of Art; Between God & Man - Angels, in Italian art, float in heaven
Treasure Bay Resort Hotel & Casino; Biloxi, Mississippi - Masted ship glides into port


Bowling Hall of Fame & Museum, St. Louis - Egyptian bowls; pyramid in bkgrd
Bridal Cave, Lake of the Ozarks - Wedding couple sprint through the cave
City Museum; Unlike Any Museum You've Ever Been Before - Praying mantis floats past exhibits
Harry Truman Library & Museum, Independence, MO - Truman at desk; "Buck Stops Here"
Humane Society of Missouri - Family enters building; exits with dog on leash
International Bowling Museum; St. Louis, Missouri - Egyptian bowls; pins in L frg; pyramid in bkgrd
Jesse James Historic Sites; Clay County, Missouri - Jesse & Frank James ride horses past the James Farm
Laumeier Sculpture Park, Rolling Explosion - Sculpture rolls on track in park
Lewis & Clark Expedition; Historic St. Charles, MO - Boat floats down river as native watches from ashore
Lewis & Clark; The National Bicentennial Exhibition - Sacagawea, Lewis & Clark in frgd; wooden boat floats down river
Mark Twain's; Hannibal, Missouri - Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn observe passing riverboat
Meramec Caverns; Jesse James Hideout - Jesse James floats past caverns
Museum of Transportation, St. Louis, MO - Steam engine pulls coal car; museum's shed in bkgd
Saint Louis - Steam riverboat floats past Gateway Arch
Saint Louis - Airplane flies over Saint Louis airport
St. Louis, Missouri - Birds fly upwards towards the St. Louis Arch (v)
St. Louis (decal); I'd Rather Be....Golfing - Golfer hits ball that floats across green; golf cart in right frgd
Saint Louis Art Museum - Statue of man on horse; museum in background
Saint Louis Art Museum (The); Monet Water Lillies - 3 lillypads float on pond; others in right frgd
Saint Louis Zoo - 5 cartoonish penguins waddle past others
Saint Louis Zoo; Animals Always® - Miniature train travels in park; orangutan in right foreground
St. Louis Zoo - Baby elephant Raja, walks with line of elephants
Six Flags Over Mid-America, Screamin' Eagle - Park guests on the rollercoaster ride
Tony Hawk's Big Spin, Six Flags® St. Louis - Silhouette of Tony Hawk; ride in right frgd
Wishing You Were Here--Molly Martian - UFO's overtake St Louis waterfront
Worlds of Fun, Kansas City, Missouri - Riverboat floats past rollercoaster
Worlds of Fun, Oceans of Fun - Logo with hot air balloon float over amusement park site


Glacier National Park, Montana - Vintage tour bus drives toward goats; mountains in background
Glacier National Park, Montana - Mountain goat floats past lake, mountains, forest
Montana - Moose ambers past others; mountains & trees in background
Montana - Brown bear walks past mountains and greenery


Fort Cody, Trading Post, Platte, NB - Annie Oakley loses skirt (tip 'n strip)
Fort Cody, Trading Post, Platte, NB - Buffalo Bill loses pants (tip 'n strip)
Fort Cody, Trading Post, North Platte, Nebraska - Buffalo floats past large souvenir store
Nebraska - Pig walks past cows, red barn towards 2 piglets


Bellagio Gallery Fine Art, Las Vegas - Monet's Water Lillies; lillypad floats
Bellagio Gallery Fine Art, Las Vegas - Van Gogh's Field With Ploughman and Mill; ploughman floats
Blackjack; "Las Vegas Hilton" decal on barrel - Blackjack hand floats past gaming table
Buffalo Bill's Resort & Casino, Despardo - Wild rollercoaster ride at night
Buffalo Bill's Resort & Casino, Turbo Drop - Thrill-seekers in car fall from top of ride (v)
Craps; "Las Vegas" decal on barrel - Dice tumble across craps table, chips in foreground
Excalibur, Hotel/Casino/Las Vegas - Two knights battle in front of the hotel
Excalibur, Hotel/Casino/Las Vegas - Two knights battle in crowd-filled arena
Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada - Gambling icons & lucky numbers float past retro stars
Flamingo Hilton, Las Vegas - Two flamingos float past pond
Flamingo®Hilton, Las Vegas - Flamingo's neck extends toward sky
Golden Nugget - Dice moves across gambling icons
Golden Nugget; Gambling Hall; Romming House - Golden nugget floats; solid black background
Hard Rock Hotel, All I Need is a Miracle - Pair of dice float over gambling table
Hard Rock Hotel, Vegas for a New Generation - Suburban truck floats past Strip; neons
Hard Rock Hotel, You Got Lucky - Four playing cards float past Hard Rock logo
Harolds Club - Miner pulls pack mule past Reno's gambling strip; slot machine
Harrah's, Las Vegas - Star floats; words "Harrah's Jackpot" in bkgrd
Harrah's, Reno - Magic Carpet rider floats above city
Hoover Dam - Semi truck drives past dam; ram & chipmunk in frgd
Hoover Dam, Nevada-Arizona - Parachuter sails over Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam, World Super Power (decal) - Glitter surronds "2000"; balloons
Las Vegas - Jackpot of coins fall towards redheaded winner
Las Vegas - Cards float past dice, slot machine and dealer's hands
Las Vegas - Slot machine travels across Fremont Street
Las Vegas - Money, chips, cards & dice float past roulette, slots, etc.
Las Vegas - Dice tumble past fireworks; outlines of casinos (China)
Las Vegas - Flying saucer floats; 2 aliens on Alien Highway
Las Vegas - Girl's swimsuit appears/disappears (Vicki pen)
Las Vegas - Red dice float past "Las Vegas", NYNY; chips & cherries in frgd
Las Vegas - Poker hand floats past famous casinos on strip
Las Vegas - Showgirl in costume ascends/descends; spot lights in bkdg (v)
Las Vegas - 4 showgirls perform on stage with others; 2 showgirls in right & left foreground
Las Vegas (colorful lettering) - Red dice float past famous welcome sign; Stratosphere, etc.
Las Vegas, Nevada - Gold glitter floats around playing cards
Las Vegas, Nevada -"Write"; cartoon man; "Send Money" (con/rev)
Las Vegas, World Class Sun and Fun! - Dice & text "Roll in Fun" float past fun activities, jet ski frgd
Liberace Museum, Las Vegas - Glitter floats past photo of Liberace at piano
Liberace Museum, Las Vegas - Liberace drives flamboyant convertible past museum
Liberace Museum, Las Vegas - Liberace's ring-adorned hand moves across piano keyboard
Luxor, Las Vegas - Egyptian barge floats down Nile River
Luxor, Las Vegas - Camels walk past Sphinx and pyramids (China)
MGM Grand Casino - MGM Lion floats past casino facade on Las Vegas Strip
MGM Grand, World's Largest Hotel, Casino & Theme Park - Dorothy of Wizard of Oz walks down brick road to Tin Man (v)
Mirage, Las Vegas - Mother & baby dolphin swim along ocean floor
Monte Carlo, Las Vegas - Teddy bear angel plays harp; others on clouds (China)
Nevada State Museum, Carson City Mint - 3 coins float past museum
New York, New York, Las Vegas, Hotel & Casino - King Kong climbs Empire State Bldg (v)
Paris, Las Vegas - Hot-air balloon with Paris logo floats past Eiffel Tower (Hong Kong) (v)
Party's at Harvey's! (The) Resort Hotel/Casino, Lake Tahoe - "7" on dice floats behind craps table; emerges as "11" on dice
Ponderosa Ranch, Incline Village, NV - Bonanza fame; covered wagon floats by ranch
Ponderosa Ranch, Lake Tahoe, NV - Hoss, Ben & Little Joe; horses (mech pencil)
Primm Valley Resort & Casino - Bonnie & Clyde's bullet ridden car
Ramada Express, Laughlin, NV - Steam train rolls by casino; palm trees
Reno, Nevada - Stagecoach is driven through western town
Reno, Nevada - Playing cards float past entrance to Reno, "Biggest Little City in the World"
Siegfried & Roy, Mirage - Famous white tiger runs past others
Slots; "Las Vegas" on barrel - "777" floats past flag, coins & fireworks
Slots, Las Vegas, Nevada - 3 quarters roll past slot machine display
Stratosphere, Las Vegas - Thrill-riders in car drop from top of hotel
Treasure Island at the Mirage - Pirate ship floats past harbor front
Venetian, Las Vegas, NV - Gondola floats under bridge
Venetian® Las Vegas - Gondolier propels gondola down canal; buildings line canal
Whiskey Pete's Hotel Casino, Primm, NV - Bonnie & Clyde's bullet ridden car; - White limo drives from Las Vegas sign to wedding chapel


Clark's Trading Post, White Mtns, NH - Brown bear walks past trees, lake & mtn
Dartmouth College - Students walk towards the college campus
Lost River, North Woodstock, NH - Visitors walk across bridge past 3 waterfalls
Mt. Washington Auto Road; New Hampshire - Van travels on roads on New England's highest peaks
Polar Caves Park, White Mountains, NH - Polar bear & 2 cubs; scenic bkgd
Santa's Village, Jefferson, NH - Santa, Frosty, elf, kids & penguin walk in line


Atlantic City - Tram transports visitors to beach
Cape May, New Jersey - Couple on tandem bike ride thru streets of Cape May
Fabulous Atlantic City; Nation's Playground - Sailboat floats past boardwalk; woman w/ umbrella in foreground
Lucy, the Margate Elephant, NJ - Lucy with howdah, moves along beach; observers
New Jersey - Sailboats
New Jersey - Biplane flies "I Love New Jersey" banner
New Jersey (decal); Bingo - Bingo player screams as bingo ball floats
New Jersey (decal); Blackjack - "21" floats by table surrounded by gamblers
New Jersey (decal); Craps - Dice roll down craps table; chips in frgd
New Jersey (decal); Poker - Cards float past words, "Royal Flush"
New Jersey State Museum Planetarium; Trenton, NJ - Shuttle flies into space; starry background; Earth in L frgd
Trump's Castle® Casino Resort - Dice float past other gambling icons
Trump Plaza, Atlanta City's Centerpiece - Gold & silver coins fall from roulette to slots


Albuquerque, New Mexico - Hot air balloons ascends/descends (v)
Cumbres & Toltec, New Mexico - Train pulls into depot
New Mexico - Stage coach is chased by two bandits; desert scene
New Mexico - Indians in regalia dance in front of pueblo
New Mexico, Historic Route 66 - 1950's autos at drive-in; Route 66 sign
New Mexico, Land of Enchantment - Roadrunner runs past mesa
New Mexico, Land of Enchantment - Roadrunner runs from state flag to native plants
Philmont Scout Ranch, Cimarron, New Mexico - Hiker with walking stick walks past trees, mountains
Sandia Peak, Albuquerque, NM - Air trams travel to top of peak
Sandia Peak; World's Longest Aerial Tramway; Albuquerque, New Mexico - Aerial tram floats past mountains; hot air balloons in R & L frgd
Taos, New Mexico - Native Americans dance in front of pueblo
White Sands Missile Range, N.M. - Missile shoots skyward from behind army barrack (v)
White Sands Nat'l Monument, Lesser Earless Lizard - Stationary lizard; white sand floats


Albright-Knox Art Gallery; Triumph of French Painting - Visitors walk past columns to view paintings
Aquarium of Niagara - Penguins walk through rookery
Aquarium of Niagara, Niagara Falls - Dolphin swims; ocean floor
American Museum of Natural History - Polar bear floats past another in bkgd; bear in left foreground
--Extinction is Forever - Dolphin swims past extinct animals; tiger in center foreground
American Museum of the Moving Image - Cameraman seated on moving camera floats
Big Apple, New York - Apple floats in front of Empire State bldg; King Kong
Big Duck (The); Long Island, NY - The Big Duck store floats in open grassy area; blue sky, clouds
Broadway, New York - Laughter & Sad Masks float by Broadway facade
Brooklyn Museum of Art, BMA - Egyptian mummy floats past wall of hierglyphs
Brooklyn Museum of Art; Monet & the Mediterranean - Beautiful floatpen art of Monet's work
Brooklyn Museum of Art - Shark floats past word "SENSATION"
Buffalo, NY - Snowman floats past houses; children build snowmen in frgd
Carnegie Hall, Music At its Best - French horn, flute and bass float past musical score
Coney Island; - Mermaid floats past amusement park rides (v)
Darwin; American Museum and Natural History - HMS Beagle floats past native animals on shores of So. America
Ellis Island, New York - Ship moves toward Ellis Island
Ellis Island, New York - Immigrants float toward Ellis Island
Empire State Building, New York (The) - King Kong climbs the building; "NY" red apple at bottom frgd (v)
Empire State Building, New York City - King Kong climbs the building (v)
Fatima Shrine, Youngstown, NY - Virgin Mary floats against the shrine
FDNY (Fire Department of New York) - Fire truck drives down New York street
Franklin D. Roosevelt, Hyde Park, NY - Roosevelt's car is followed by black terrier
Howe Caverns; Howes Cave, NY "Nature was the architect" - Tour guide and visitors float in boat through caverns
Hudson River Maritime Museum, Kingston, NY - Ship floats past museum
I Love New York - Biplane flies NY banner; Statue of Liberty; cityscape
I Love New York - Cartoonish scene of taxi driving down NYC street
I Love New York - Jumbo jet flies past photo of NYC towards Statue of Liberty in left frgd
Ice Caves Mountains, Ellenville, NY - Deer walks past cabin
Kingston Trolley Museum, New York - Trolley drives past museum; visitors in center foreground
Lake George, NY - Paddle boat floats past pine tree-covered island in lake
Lake Placid, New York; Adirondack Mountains - Olympic medal winner with outstretched arms float past lake
Lake Placid, New York; Winter Sports Capitol - Skiier floats after leaving ski jump
Legend of Sleepy Hollow; Historic Hudson Valley (914) 632-8200 - Headless horseman pursues Ichabod Crane
Long Lake - Brown bear walks past the lake in the Adirondacks
Metropolitan Opera; Lincoln Center, New York, NY - Water fountain floats in front of the Met's façade
Mohonk Mountain House, Lake Mohonk, New Paltz, NY - Couple paddles boat in lake
MoMa - Conceal/reveal in color spectrum (con/rev)
Museum of Modern Art, New York - "MoMA" floats past red and black striped bkgd
Museum of Modern Art, Now in Queens - Logo floats past "MoMAQNS"
NYPD: New York's Finest - NYPD car drives down street; "NYPD" in L frgd; badge in R frgd
New York - Hot dog vendor pushes cart across New York street
New York - Red double-decker bus drives past Radio City Hall
New York - Red double-decker bus drives past Statue of Liberty; tourists in frgd
New York - Horse-drawn carriage moves across Central Park
New York - NYC Police squad car drives thru streets of New York
New York - Subway train pulls in; passengers wait on platform
New York - Cartoonish scene of yellow taxicab driving past shoppers
New York - Helicopter flies past NY skyline; Lady Liberty in frgd
New York - Black bear in center frgd; white SUV floats past Niagra Falls, mountains, city
New York - White NYPD car drives to left thru intersection (whistle)
New York, "o"=apple - Red bus; Lady Liberty & family in foreground
New York, Brooklyn Bridge, Built in 1883 - Ferry carrying apples float past bridge
New York's Brooklyn Bridge, Built 1883 - Tugboat pulls King Kong past bridge
New York City - Taxicab drives past Empire State bldg; King Kong shouts "I Love NY"
New York City - Cartoonish scene of hot dog vendor pushing cart down NYC street
New York City, The Big Apple - Circle Line boat floats past Statue of Liberty
New York Historical Society©, The Bear Dance - Dancing bears float past picnicking bears in bkgd
New York Historical Society©, Skating in Central Park - Skaters on lake; Dakota bldg in bkgd
New York Public Library - 3 books float past library; statue in frgd
New York State Museum - Natives walk past their simple housing
New York University - Statues run across campus; column in foreground
New York World's Fair 1964-1965 - Kids holding balloons float past Unisphere (kc & lo)
Niagara Falls, New York - Boat floats at American Falls with tram in frgd
Niagara Falls - Daredevil holding onto barrel, dives down Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls, U.S.A. - Boat moves past bridge and falls (pencil)
Niagara Falls, You'll Love It, New York - Two hearts talk in front of Falls
Olana State Historic Site - Frederic E. Church on camel in Egypt
Pedaling History Bicycle Museum; - Two high-wheeled bicycles ride along scenic road
Princess, New York - Crown with text "Princess, New York" floats past city sky line
Rochester, New York - Gardener pushes a wheelbarrow full of flowers
Rockefeller Center - Couple skates at Rockefeller Center
Rose Center for Earth & Space, New York, NY - Cartoon rocket blasts into space (v)
Saratoga Springs Race Track - Race horse floats against crowded grandstand
Secret Caverns; Cobleskill, NY; - Caveman & skeleton cow plunge down fluming 100ft waterfall (v)
Sleepy Hollow, New York; Headless Horseman - Icabod Crane is chased by the Headless Horseman
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Soho, NY - Taxi floats past Guggenheim Museum
Staten Island Insitute - Staten Island Ferry in front of Statue of Liberty
Staten Island Institute of Arts & Sciences; SIIAS - Staten Island Ferry moves past NYC & Statue of Liberty
Statute of Liberty - American flags rises up towards top of Liberty (v)
Statue of Liberty/Liberty Island, NY - Circle Line boat floats past Ellis Island
Tavern on the Green - Couple rides carriage past popular tavern
Top of the Rock - Workmen slide across a construction beam at the Rockefeller Center building
Underground Art Tour, New York Subway - Officer & passenger in subway; graffiti in frgd
Underground New York - Subway train rolls in; graffiti "I Love New York" on wall
United Nations - UN Flag floats past building & grounds (mechanical pencil)
United Nations - Five people dressed in their traditional garb walk past UN building
U.S.M.A. West Point - Cadets march in front of academy (China)
United States Military Academy, West Point, New York - Cadets march past 3 scenic panels
Whitney, Alexander Calder, Calder's Circus, 1926-31 - Caged lion floats; dots in frgd; "Calder's Circus" in bkgd
World Trade Center, NYC - Helicopter flies to top of World Trade Center (v)


Boone Hall Plantation - Belle strolls on plantation grounds
Chimney Rock - Family walks up Chimney Rock (v)
Duck, North Carolina - Horses gallop past lighthouse & residence
Nags Head, Carolina - 3 dolphins follow yacht; lighthouse
North Carolina - Colorful glitter floats around words "North Carolina"
North Carolina - 3 fisherman standing on pier; boats sail past lighthouse
North Carolina - Cardinal flies in front of mansion; more in frgd
North Carolina, The Tar Heel State - 4 footsteps with tar heels float over N.C. map
North Carolina Zoo - Polar bear walks past others on ice floe; puffins in right frgd
Old Salem/Winston-Salem, North Carolina - Coffee pot floats past townscape
Santa's Land, Cherokee, NC - Santa with bag of gifts in rollercoaster car


North Dakota, The Peace Garden State - Bison roams countryside


Cincinnati, Ohio - Ferry boat floats past cityscape
Cincinnati, Ohio - Flying pigs; 2 pink pigs with wings fly past others in background
Cleveland Museum of Art - Statue of 2 knights battle
Cleveland Museum of Natural History; Read, Rock & Recycle - 3 cartoonish dinosaurs form rock band
Cleveland, Ohio - Plane lands; cityscape in bkgd
Dresden, Ohio; "Basket Capital of the World" - Longaberger basket floats down a Dresden street
Inventure Place, Akron, Ohio - Lightbulb floats past various inventions
King's Island, Ohio - Elevator floats to Yogi Bear at top of tower; Fred Flintstone at bottom of tower
Longaberger® Handmade Baskets, Est. Dresden, OH USA - Honey Bee + '2003' afloat over 'LOVE IT * LIVE IT * SHARE IT'
Longaberger Homestead®; Experience the Legacy - Trolley drives past visitor center; basket building in bkgd
McKinley Museum, Canton, Ohio - Vintage car drives past museum; seal & flag in foreground
NASA Lewis Research Center, Cleveland, OH - Space shuttle launch
Ocean; COSI (Center of Science & Industry) (decal) - Text "Poseidon's Realm" floats past wrecked ship
Ohio Central Railroad; Sugarcreek, Ohio - Steam locomotive drives past farm; Farmers wave in R frgd
Progress; COSI (Center of Science & Industry)(decal) - Auto drives past icons representing past to present
Put-In-Bay; Ohio - Tour boat leaves harbor; sailboats
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum - Guitarist plays on lighted stage; fans
Silver "J" Award; Journal Herald, Dayton, Ohio - "J" floats past newspaper's front page dated May 21, 1969 (pencil)
Yoder's Amish Home & Farm; 330-893-2541 Ohio - Horse & buggy float past Amish farm


Cherokee Trading Post, El Reno, Oklahoma - Buffalo floats by the Cherokee Trading Post; teepee in L frgd
Gilcrease Museum - Buffalos roam the prairie
Nat'l Cowboy Hall of Fame, Oklahoma City - Bareback bull rider leaves chute
Nat'l Cowboy Hall of Fame, Oklahoma City - Ropers lasso calf in prairie setting
Nat'l Cowboy Hall of Fame, Oklahoma City - 2 Native Americans on horseback; teepees
Oklahoma - 2 cows in tornado float past airborne tracter; barn
Oklahoma Cow Tipping Association; Member - Falling cow floats past barn; man attempts to tip cow in L frgd
Pops, Route 66 USA, Arcadia, OK - "Pops" restaurant logo floats; more logos in background
Tulsa Zoo - Polar bear floats towards ice cave; icebergs
Tulsa Zoo - Zebra floats past lions and giraffes


City of Roses, Portland, OR - Long stemmed roses float past city
Crater Lake, Oregon - Deer walk past lake; trees in foreground
Enchanted Forest, Salem, OR - 3 tram cars drive in snow
Multnomah Falls, Oregon - Waterfall floats toward bridge (v)
OMSI - Submarine floats past museum; cloud in right frgd (digital)
OMSI; Oregon Museum of Science and Industry - Human body floats behind OMSI logo; exits as skeleton
Oregon - Cartoon heart floats past trees, mountains, waterfalls
Oregon, The Beaver State - Beaver walks past Capitol Building
Oregon Coast - Whale floats past cliffs near shore
Oregon Coast - Child flies kite along coast
Oregon Coast Aquarium - Four whales leap from lighthouse to shoreline
Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Ashland - Actors walk past theater
Oregon Trail, Collector's Edition - Ox-pulled covered wagon travels along trail
Portland, Oregon, The City of Roses is Great - Train floats past city; Mt Hood
Seaside Aquarium; Seaside, Oregon - Vintage; 3 seals in fenced habitat float past family of tourists
Ski Mt. Hood, Oregon - Skier; snowy trees and hills
Washington Park Zoo, Portland, Oregon - Elephants walk past others; visitors and fence in foreground
Wonders of Oregon - Bambi-like deer chases butterfly across forest


Amish Country - Horse-drawn buggy floats behind wooden covered tunnel; exits
Amish Country, Lancaster, PA - Horse-drawn buggy passes Amish farm
Bland's Park; Tipton, Pennsylvania - Miniature train takes passengers around park
Bugatti - (exhibit at Phil Museum of Art) Blue Bugatti drives thru countryside
Bushkill Falls; The Niagara of Pennsylvania - Indians in canoe paddle past waterfall
Carnegie Museum of Natural History; The Mysterious Bog People - Red Franz, the bog mummy, floats in the bog
Carnegie Science Center - Submarine floats in front of the museum; bridge in L frgd
Carter's Grove™ - Horse & carriage float past historic grounds
Choo Choo Barn, Traintown, USA - Red train engine chugs
Colonial Williamsburg - Fifer and drummers float; two people in stocks in left frgd; cannon in right frgd
Duquesne Incline, Pittsburgh - Tram makes a steep incline to top (pencil)
Fulton Steamboat Inn; Lancaster County, PA - Steamboat floats down river as family waves
Hersheypark, Kissing Tower, Hershey, PA - Tower ride's elevator floats (v)
Hersheypark, Hershey, PA - Bear logo floats past Great Bear rollercoaster ride
Historic Philadelphia - Amish man in buggy travels past 3 scenic panels
Idlewild & Soak Zone; Story Book Forest - Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs float past house in the forest
Inclined Plane, Johnstown, PA - Red incline car ascends/descends from top to bottom (v)
Independence Seaport Museum, Philadelphia, PA - Ship floats toward bridge; cityscape
James A. Michener Art Museum, Bucks County, Pennsylvania - Convict runs from museum carrying a painting
Johnstown Flood Museum, Johnstown, PA - Flood carries tree-struck house
Knoebels Amusement Resort, Ride the Whirlwind - Fun seekers ride the loopy coaster
Knoebels; Elysburg, Pennsylvania - Thrill ride seekers ride the "Twister" roller coaster (v)
Kennywood - Boat floats past text "1898 - Years of Fun - 1998"; amusement park
Koziar's Christmas Village; Bernville, PA - Santa and reindeer float past Christmas village
Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour; Scranton, PA - Tourists ride in mine cars
Little League Museum, Williamsport, PA - Player slides into homeplate; fans
Mars History & Landmark Society; Mars, PA - Flying saucer floats along streets of city of Mars
Maxfield Parrish (1870-1966) Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts - Repro of "Old King Cole"
National Constitution Center; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - The Constitution floats in room full of delagates
National Toy Train Museum, Strasburg, Pa - Train floats past museum
Paddl'in' in Pittsburgh - Paddling boat moves past view of city
Phantom's Revenger (The) - Kennywood park visitors ride rollercoaster; Phantom peers over track
Philadelphia Museum of Art - Statue floats in front of museum's facade
Pirates of Colonial Williamsburg - A pirate, with parrot on shoulder, paddles boat towards pirate ship
Pittsburgh, PA - Red incline car (v)
Pittsburgh, PA - Jet plane flies past aerial view of city; airport landing strip
Pocono Mountains, Pa. - Deer runs past church, forest, mountains
Red Caboose Motel, Lancaster, PA - Train floats past caboose motel
Sky Princess, Dutch Wonderland, Lancaster, PA - Rollercoaster ride
Slippery Rock University; Climb the Rock! - Students climb rock wall at this 4 yr University
Weather Capital of the World, Punxsutawney, PA - Groundhog Punxsutawney Phil
Willow Valley; Family Resort & Conference Center; Lancaster, Pa - Amish man in horse-pulled buggy travels past resort
2000 Republican National Convention, Philadelphia, PA - Philly cheesesteak floats past city; GOP Elephant in frgd


Block Island - Ferry floats past landmark National Hotel
Newport, Rhode Island - 2 sailboats float from behind Breakers Hotel
Newport Mansions; William K. Vanderbilt Jr; Concours d' Elegance - Antique car floats past Marble House Mansion
Roger Williams Park Zoo, Providence, RI - Polar bear walks on icy ground
Roger Williams Park Zoo, Providence, RI - Elephants walk across plain


Charleston, S.C., Rainbow Row - Carriage floats past colorful rows of buildings
Hilton Head Island, So. Carolina - Golf cart floats across coastal golf course
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - Two dolphins swim along ocean floor
Myrtle Beach, SC; The Best Golf - Golf cart is driven across playing course
Myrtle Beach, SC; It's a FINE white sand - Parachuter lands on Myrtle Beach; 2 men at counter in left frgd
Ripley's Aquarium, Myrtle Beach - Shark swims along ocean floor
South Carolina Aquarium™ - Rainforest frog floats past tropical greenery


Badlands National Park - Bison walks past rock formations
Crazy Horse Memorial, Never Forget Your Dreams - Whilte buffalo passes 9-story high carved mountain of face
Hustead's Wall Drug Store; Wall, South Dakota - Red 4-door car drives past the famous Wall's Drug Store
Mount Rushmore, South Dakota - Bison and calf walk past the sculpted mountain
Pioneer Auto Show and Antique Town, Murdo, SD - Green antique car drives past roadrunner and trees
Ranch Store, Badlands, SD - Prairie dog floats past the badlands
Soukup & Thomas International; Balloon & Airship Museum - 3 children wave to face-shaped hot air balloons rising (v)
Wall Drug; Wall; South Dakota; I made it! - Dinosaur walks past façade of Wall Drugs
World's Only Corn Palace, Mitchell, So. Dakota - Pheasant flies past corn palace


Chattanooga Choo-Choo - Train floats past engineer and railroad crossing
Country Music Hall of Fame, Nashville, TN - Elvis' caddy floats past museum
Dollywood® - Dollywood logo floats with butterflies past flowers, grass, trees
Dollywood, Smoky Mountain Christmas - Dolly Parton floats in back of lighted trees
Great Smokey Mountains - Mother bear & cub stroll mountain ridge; cabin & trees in foregroud
Knoxville Zoo - 5 penguins swim during sunset; more penguins in frgd
Loretta Lynn Country; Hurricane Mills, Tennesee - Loretta Lynn & friend ride in convertible on her ranch
Mayfield Dairy Farms - Cow walks past barn; green tractor in right foreground
Memphis, Tennessee - Boat floats down Mississippi River; city in background
Music City USA; Nashville, Tennessee - Musicians float playing guitar; Nashville in bkgd
Nashville - Guitar & banjo float over a graphic backdrop; bars of music in frgd
Nashville, Home of the Grand Ole Opry - Dancers float in front of the Opry
Nashville, Tennessee - Riverboat floats during evening past cityscape
(The)Peabody, Memphis, TN - 4 ducks waddle across hotel lobby
Tennessee Aquarium, Chattanooga; Venom Striking Beauties - Venomous sea creatures float past others


Alamo, San Antonio, Texas - Davy Crockett fight the Mexican army men; fort
American Airlines®, CR Smith Museum, Ft Worth, TX - Plane taxis past museum
Blaffer Gallery, Art Museum of the Univ of Houston - Colorful mobile art truck drives past campus
Cascade Caverns; Boerne, Texas - Family walks in caverns
Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston - Visitors walk up ramp to the museum
Dallas - "Dallas" text floats past skyline drawing; state flag & lone star in foreground
Dallas-Ft. Worth Int'l Airport - Plane passes Welcome sign at airport
Dallas World Aquarium - Leafy sea dragon floats past sea weed
Follow Me to Texas - Mother armadillo & babies walk thru desert
Fossil Rim; Wildlife Center - Zebra floats toward pouncing leopard
George Bush Presidential Library & Museum, College Station, TX - Car; museum grounds
Great Storm, Galveston Island, Texas, September 8, 1900 - Upturned house tumbles past devastation of island
Hemisfair '68; San Antonio World's Fair - Elevators ascend/descend in the 622 ft tall Tower of Americas (pencil)
Houston, Texas - Airplane flies past the downtown buildings
Lyndon Baines Johnson Library & Museum, Austin, TX - Limousine; museum
National Museum of Funeral History - Horse-drawn hearse travels in graveyard
Nat'l Cowgirl Museum & Hall of Fame (decal); Texas - Prairie dogs; others
Parker Brothers & Co.; Houston, Texas - Cement truck pours cement onto foundation (con/rev) (pencil)
Ridin' the Range, Texas Style - Texan drives convertible hauling oil rig
Texas - Oil gushes out of oil rig a workers cheer
Texas - Steer ambles past cowboy on horseback
Texas - Prairie dogs approach others; ranch & oil rigs in bkdgd
Texas - Red stagecoach travels thru desert; cacti in frgd
Texas - Four chili peppers dance in front of Cattlemen's Association; cacti
Texas, The Lone Star State - Cowboy, waving hat, rides horse past oil rigs
Weber's Nostalgia Supermarket; 1121 South Main; Ft. Worth, Texas - Old jalopy drives to store; gas pumps in right frgd


Dinosaur National Monument, Utah - Dinosaur walks past rock formations; dinosaur head in left frgd
Flaming Gorge Lodge; Ph (801) 889-3773 - 3 people in raft float down the Green River; trees, mountains
Lake Powell, Rainbow Bridge - Boat floats past the world's largest natural bridge
Lake Powell - Boat pulls water skiier past the red-rock canyons
Old Deseret Village, Salt Lake City - Covered wagon moves past church & stable
Ruby's Inn at Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah - 2 mules follow horse rider across canyon
Salt Lake 2002 (Olympic Logo) - Olympic logo floats past SLC downtown
Salt Lake City - Biplane flies past Mormon Temple and Capitol
Salt Palace Convention Center - Five visitors walk past center's entrance
Ski Utah - 2 skiers ride ski lift from lodge to mountain top
This is the Place Monument, Salt Lake City, Utah - Steer pulls covered wagon past monument
Utah - Plane flies past snow covered mountains
Utah - Station wagon drives thru natural arches
Utah - Skier floats; snowy terrain
Zion National Park, Utah - Tour bus enters Zion; mountains in bkgd


Bennington Battle Monument, Division for Historic Preservation - Leaves gently float (v)
Bromley, Vermont - Go-karts manuever down curvey path; ski-lift (v)
Bromley, Vermont - Riders manuever down Alpine Slide; ski-lift (v)
Shelburne Museum, Shelburne, VT - Ferry floats past museum
Stowe - Gondola floats past colorful mountains; Stowe logo in frgd
Vermont - Leaves fall from forest trees
Vermont - Two Holstein cows amble thru pasture; farmer feeds cows


Ash Lawn-Highland, Charlottesville, Va - Beautiful peacock struts
Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel - Seagull flies over bridge; aerial view
Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, Virginia - 3 dolphins swim past others; 2 seagulls in R frgd
Explore New Territory at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts - Cowboy on horse; boulders
Frank Lloyd Wright's Pope-Leighey House, Mt. Vernon, Va - Car drives past house
George C. Marshall Museum; Lexington, Virginia - Gen. Marshall rides military jeep past musuem's façade
Library of Virginia - Book; words "After all -there is nothing like...."
Monticello, Home of Thomas Jefferson, Charlottesville - Boy plays with ringhoop
Mount Vernon, Home of George Washington - Horse & carriage drive past mansion
Mount Vernon, Home of George Washington - 2 children play with hoop in front of mansion
Natural Bridge - Ten people cross cliff bridge (twist & click)
Natural Bridge Zoo - 3 zoo visitors ride elephant past other animals; flamingos in left foreground
Newseum, Arlington, Virginia - Paperboy logo floats past various news media
Shenandoah National Park - Falcon flies past owl, bear, deer and raccoon on the Shenandoah River
Skyline Caverns, Front Royal, VA - Family walks past interior of caverns (pencil)
Sweet Briar House, Sweet Briar, Virginia - Two on horseback, ride past the Sweet Briar House on campus
Torpedo Factory Art Center; - Torpedo floats past renovated WW1 torpedo factory; paintbrush & palette
Virginia - Biplane flies with Virginia banner in tow
Virginia - Crabs float; girl in R fgd cries after pinched by crabs
Virginia Tech® - School's logo floats past the college campus
Washington & Lee University, Lexington, VA - Generals on horses
Williamsburg, VA - Horse drawn cart floats past estate


Archie McPhee®, Seattle - Rubber chicken floats across store
Astoria Column, Astoria, Oregon; "I made it to the top!" - Tourist ascends/descends historical monument
Emerald Downs - Horses race at the track
Emerald Queen Casino, A Puyallup Tribal Casino - Riverboat casino on river
Experience Music Project - Tram floats past complex
Frye Art Museum, Seattle - 3 photos of swans float past painting
Grand Coulee Dam, Washington - Eagle flies over dam
Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park - Deer walks past mountains; visitor center on L frg; flowers
If You Drink & Drive, We'll Provide the Chaser, Camas Police - Police car; station
It's a Pirate's Life For Me!; Pirate's Plunder, Seattle, WA - Pirate ship floats from skull to treasure chest; treasure map in bkgd
Mount Rainer National Park - Grizzly bear approaches unsuspecting campers
Mount Rainer National Park - Deer floats in front of Mount Rainer
Mount Rainer Nat'l Park, Centennial 1899-1999(decal) - 2 deer walk past forest
Mount St. Helens, Washington, Nat'l Volcanic Mounument - Smoke rises from volcano
Mt. St. Helens, Washington, Nat'l Volcanic Monument - Ash cloud rises from volcano; blue lake in foreground
Museum of Flight, Seattle, WA - Air Force One; Presidential & US flags in frgd
Museum of Flight, Seattle, WA - Moulton Taylor's "roadable" Aerocar flies over farmland, barn
Museum of Flight, Seattle, WA; A-4F Skyhawk II - U.S. Navy's Skyhawk plane flies; others in background
Museum of Flight, Seattle, WA; Boeing VC-1378 Air Force One - Air Force One flies from Presidential Seal to US Flag
Museum of Flight, Seattle, WA; Concorde G-BOAG - Concorde floats towards buildings, hangar
Museum of Flight, Seattle, WA: P-47 Thunderbolt - Propeller plane floats past others; clouds, blue sky
Museum of Flight, Seattle, WA; P-40 Warhawk - Single-engine fighter plane flies past others
Museum of Flight, Seattle, WA: SR-71 Blackbird The strategic reconnaissance aircraft floats; pilots in left foreground
Never Never Land, Port Defiance Park, Tacoma, WA - Humpty Dumpty falls from wall
Olympia, Washington State Capitol, Evergreen State - Goldfinch flies by Capitoal
Orcas Island - Red heart floats across island graphics; eagle, cyclist, orca, ferry, etc.
Pigs on Parade, Seatlle 2001; Benefit for the Pike Place Market Foundation - 3 pigs on ferry float past Space Needle, Pike Place
Pike Place Market - Fish, apple & orange float past produce stalls
Pike Place Market, Seattle - Fish floats past open-air market; fisherman
Pike Place Market, Seattle - Man in overalls pushes cart of fruit past marketplace
Ride the Ducks of Seattle - The popular amphibious vehicle tours the city; duck logo in center frgd
Red Snapper, Anacortes, Washington (360) 299-6636 - Red snapper floats from behind another
Ruby Montana's, Seattle - Ruby rides a rat, lassoing a can of spam
Ruby Montana's, Seattle - Ruby on horseback, chases flamingo
San Juan Islands; Lopez, Shaw, Orcas, San Juan, WA - Ferry; cars & lighthouse
Seattle - Monorail floats past Space Needle
Seattle (hearts) - Red hear floats past Seattle icons
Seattle (with fireworks) - Ferry floats past silhouette of city
Seattle 2000 - Ferry floats past silhouette of city; fireworks in foreground
Seattle Aquarium - Boy watches sea otter float by in aquarium
Seattle Aquarium (decal), Penguins - Family of penguins walk past others
Seattle Art Museum - Beijing camel sculpture floats in front of museum
Seattle Baseball - Text "Homerun" w/ baseball floats from pitcher to hitter (baseball bat)
Seattle Space Needle - Umbrella floats in front of Space Needle
Seattle Space Needle, Height 600 Ft - Elevator ascends Needle
Seattle, Washington - Three umbrellas float past Seattle skyline
Seattle, Washington - Huge ferry boat; tugboat in frgd
Skagit Valley Casino Resort - Eagle flies past resort & mountains
Sneedle, Space Needle, Seattle, USA - Mascot Sneedle floats in front of Needle
Snoqualmie Falls, Washington, Fisherman in boat fall over waterfall (v)
Space Needle - Bi-plane pulls Seattle banner past Space Needle
Space Needle, Seattle, Washington - Elevator floats in Needle shaft; monorail
Space Needle World's Fair, Seattle 1962 - Elevator ascends/descends shaft of landmark
Speed Slides, Wild Waves, Echanted Village, Federal Way, WA - Female on waterslide
Spokane, Washington - Train travels past IMAX theatre; carousel
Tacoma Art Museum - Painting floats into museum as 2 patrons walk in
Tacoma, Washington; Gateway to Mount Rainer - Biplane flies by Tacoma Dome; banner
Underground Tours, Historic Seattle - Rat chases tourists
Washington - Cartoon heart floats past ferry, mountain; flowers, totem pole, whale in foreground
What Are You Laughing At? KUOW 94.9 Seattle & NPR - Rubber chicken pulling "Rewind" banner floats past city
Wild Waves, Speed Slides, Echanted Village, Federal Way, WA - Female on waterslide
Wild Waves, Wave Pool, Enchanted Village, Federal Way, WA - Pool, swimmers
Wild Waves, Wild Thing, Enchanted Village, Federal Way, WA - Rollercoaster ride
Wing Luke Asian Musuem; Keeping the Story Going - Ship travels from Asian village to shores of America
Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, WA (decal); Penguins - 3 penguins, rookery
Yakama Indian Nation - Salmon floats down stream; Yakama Indian on shore
Yakama Nation Cultural Center - Yakama Indian on horse approaches teepees; others
Yakama Nation Cultural Center - Black bear walks past Mt. Hood
Yakama Nation Legends Casino, Toppenish, WA - Logo floats; gambling icons, Mt. Hood
Ye Olde Curiosity Shop, Sylvester the Desert Mummy - Mummy floats across desert
Ye Olde Curiosity Shop, Seattle - 3 shrunken heads float from a mummy to text "Shrunken Heads"


Oglebay, Festival of Lights, Wheeling, WV - Cars drive in show to view Festival of Lights
Pipestem State Park - A deer prances past green mountains towards tree in frgd
Pipestem State Park - Aerial tram floats past snowy mountains


A Real Wisconsin Fan - Cheesehead kite flies over football field; players
Cave of the Mounds, Blue Mounds, WI - Rain droplets fall towards text "Cave Kisses" (v)
Circus World, Baraboo, Wisconsin - Line of elephants perform in circus ring
Crystal Cave, Spring Valley, Wisconsin - Two bats float in cave; caveman's arm reaches upward
Grohmann Museum - Horse drawn wagons float in this painting's scene
Milwaukee Art Museum, Brook Stevens Industrial Strength Design - Laundry floats past washing machines, irons, etc.
Milwaukee Art Museum, Brook Stevens Industrial Strength Design - Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile floats past vintage cars
National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame, Hayward, WI - Walleye swims
State Historical Museum, Madison, Wisconsin - Man holding rope lowers/raises himself in/out of well
Wisconsin - Two grey mice approach cheese wedge; lake & rolling green hills
Wisconsin - Cow floats past farm and pasture (China)
Wisconsin Dells - Yacht with passengers float past dells
Wisconsin Dells, Stand Rock - Dog runs past river at Stand Rock campground


Devil's Tower, Wyoming - Prairie dogs float past formation of "Devil's Tower"
Grant Teton National Park, Floating the Snake River - 6 people in raft; Snake River
Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming - Moose walks past lake, snowy mountains; trees
Little America, Wyoming - Penguin mascot walks past Little America Inn (mech pencil)
Little America, Wyoming - 2 penguins on ice float past Little America Inn
Yellowstone National Park - White buffalo calf strolls with mother past geyser
Yellowstone Park - Buffalo floats past geyser; trees


America - Flag floats past famous landmarks of the U.S.
America, Land of the Free - Eagle with spread wings land in flower field (v)
U.S.A. - American flag flies over U.S. monuments
United States of America, Land of the Free - Eagle soars past Lady Liberty; flag in bkgd
No Caption, clear barrel - U.S. Flag surrounded by red, white & blue glitter
No Caption; U.S. Flag & Statue of Liberty - Uncle Sam ascends/descends from behind flag; Capitol Building in background

U.S. Territories

ABC Stores, Guam U.S.A. - A tourist couple carrying shopping bag walks past retail stores
Guam, USA - Surfer rides a longboard on waves


Puerto Rico - El Coqui; frog floats across map of Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico - Man snorkels along ocean floor
Puerto Rico - Tropical frog leaps toward others; waterfall in background
Puerto Rico - Windsurfer floats past other windsurfers (v)

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