I BEARLY Survived GRR, Disney's California Adventure ©Disney
Mickey, Minnie & Goofy paddle a raft thru the "Grizzly River Run" ride;
Grizzly rock formation in background

California Screamin' ©Disney
Mickey, Donald & Goofy plunge down the rollercoaster that
"screams from zero to 55 mph in less than 5 seconds"

Tomorrowland, Magic Kingdom
Mickey, in futuristic suit, floats towards Pluto; Goofy in frgd

(Left to Right)
1) Walt Disney World - Mickey's ears, gloves, pants, & shoes float
2) Disney's MGM Studios - Mickey rides the Rock-N-Rollercoaster
3) Disney's Animal Kingdom - Goofy & Donald hold Mickey up; giraffe

Walt Disney World
Eeyore & Tigger pull Pooh out of Rabbit's Howse

Toy Story

•Rex follows Slinky across Andy's room
•Woody pushes Buzz Lightyear on skateboard in Andy's room

Toy Story

Bo floats down from
shelf in Andy's room

The Jungle Book

•Mowgli rides on Baloo's stomach floating down river
•Mowgli and Son of Colonel Hathi dance as King Louie observes
•Bagheera looks on as Mowgli and friend dances

The Little Mermaid

(Notice that the caption includes graphics which differs from the original issue of the pen.)

• Flounder & Sebastian float past Ursula and King Triton
• Sebastian & Flounder dance along ocean floor; Ariel observes
• Ariel swims up to meet Prince Eric passing Ursula & King Triton (v)

Disneyland Paris
Mickey and Minnie observe park guests paddling canoe in Frontier Land

Disneyland Paris
Mickey and Minnie observe ride at Space Mountain

¤¤¤ Thanks to Frank D for making these pen sets available to me! ¤¤¤

Walt Disney World
Glitter floats about stationary Mickey; 4 park area icons in background