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Artema; Diascope Anesthetic
Scuba diver floats in front of text "Dive safely into Anesthesia"
(twist & click)


Spaceship, with the logo of the children's cable TV channel,
float past an astronaut and into space.
To view image, click on:



Betty Boop as Marilyn Monroe
Clear barrel (floater needs some help)
To view image, click on:

Betty as Marilyn


Green glitter floats around text "Arizona"; cacti on both sides of text


Maritime Museum Association of San Diego

Star of India clipper ship sails in Mission Bay

San Diego
Two sailboats float past buidling-lined coast; 2 sunbathers in right frgd
(twist & click)

No caption - San Diego
Text "San Diego" floats past palm trees, city, Mission Bay, sailboats

San Diego – No Caption
Dolphin pulls “San Diego” banner out from water.
(older clip; floater does not move; nick in pen)


Pike Place Market
Fish, apple & orange float past produce stalls at Farmer's Market

Space Needle; Height: 605 Feet; Seattle, WA
Elevator ascends/descends Space Needle


Das Florenz an der Elbe; Königstein•Dresden•Moritzburg
Ship moves past the three cities

Rüdesheim am Rhein
Sky tram floats over town; (older metal pocket clip)

Hansestadt Hamburg
Ship floats past three scenic panels

Seagull flies over ocean; buoy


Vincent 1859-1890
Paint brush floats past portrait of Vincent Van Gogh
(twist & click)

No Caption Wedding Bells
Groom flies towards bride holding hearts; bells in right foreground

Clear barrel - 3-D figurine of Beefeater floats

Clear barrel - 3-D figurine of Scottish bagpiper floats


No caption – Eskesen
Eskie is pulled in sleigh by reindeers floating from “1999” to “2000”

Eskesen Holiday Pen: Merry Xmas & Happy New Year in 5 languages
Elf catches potholder with "E" logo, clothes tub (vertical)

Eskesen Collectors United; Tina Ashby....etc.
Eskie, in hot-air balloon drops pens to Earth.

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