Go With The Flo-at! Float pen collection and trading list

........For those with a passion for floaty pens........

Mann's Chinese Theater, Hollywood, California

Floaty   Pens!...Floating   Action   Pens!...Tilt   Pens!...Floaties!

Whichever term you prefer, all obsessed collectors know that we are
referring to the Eskesen's floating action pen made in Denmark.

Usually found at popular touristy souvenir shops, you can purchase
a memento of your visited vacation spot, for an average price of $4.00.

Look into the barrel, and you'll find a tourist attraction, an advertiser's logo,
cartoon characters, historical events, or religious scenes.

It's small, it's inexpensive, it floats, and it's fun to collect and trade!

You can even write with it too!

Planet Hollywood
Logo of Planet Hollywood floats past starry sky

•••Floaty Pencil•••

Ponderosa Ranch, Lake Tahoe, Nevada
Little Joe, Hoss & Ben Cartwright ride horses toward the Ponderosa Ranch

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Star Trek New Disney

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