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Coca Cola® Atlanta 1996


A&W; Dive into an A&W Float - Diver floats towards root beer float
Absolute Raspberri - Black bottles become Absolute bottles (con/rev)
Access Courier; - Access Courier van drives to make pick-up/drop off
adidas® - Brunette in black t-shirt changes into sportswear (con/rev)
Aerosonde - Robotic aircraft flies amidst tornado
Aerosonde - Robotic aircraft flies amidst cyclone
Air France Cargo; KLM Cargo - Cargo transport vehicle floats between Air France & KLM planes (kc)
Agents of Change - Orange wavy line & URL float past city
Air France, World's Largest Airline - Plane; couple near Eiffel Tower (mech pencil; con/rev)
Alka Seltzer - 2 tablets fall from open package into filled glass (con/rev)
Alternative Mortgage Services - Hauling truck, waving homeowners & boxes float past road, house
Altoids®, - Mints spill out of tin; chasing people
Amnesty International; - Prison bars float freeing photo of man; "Become a freedom writer"
ai; Amnesty International Osterreich; - Prison bars float past text and B&W photo of a woman
Amtrak, Across the USA - Train travels thru countryside & city
Animal Planet, Croc Files - Steve Irwin of Croc Files falls into mouth of crocodile (v)
Animal Planet, The Crocodile Hunter - Host Steve Irwin falls into the mouth of a crocodile (v)
Annieglass…..from the dishwasher to the table - Serving glass ware float from dishwasher to dining table
Asahi Shimbun - Cartoon dog with fetched newspaper; no floater
Astra® - Satellite system floats in space; Astra logo in bottom frgd (v)
Asuka Cruise - Japanese cruise ship floats past islands; mountains
attachmate™ - Data enters computer mainframe; exits as programs
Avanti, America's Most Advanced Automobile - Avanti drives down palm tree-lined street
Aviator Film - Single engine plane soars thru clouds
Baker Hughes; 100 Years of Service; 1907-2007 - Logo floats past oil and natural gas industries
Bavaria® - Beer pours into glass; beer made in Nederlands (con/rev; can opener)
Bebe Hollandais, Santa Pour Tous - Milk pours from one can to another (con/rev)
Becker Online Pro - Face of car stereo floats
Bee Season; Fox; A Film by Scott McGehee and David Siegel - Helicopter lifts the letter "A" past highway, bridges; etc. (v)
Ben & Jerry's® - Five scoops of ice cream float in/out of cone
Ben & Jerry's® - Three ice cream treats float on counter pass hungry faces
Big Apple, Visit a Unique part of Canada - Apple mascot/core appears/disappears (con/rev)
Big Rig™ goes world! - Working boots float past semi-truck and globe; "goes world" text (v)
BioEnterics-Aprime, 02/351.24.24 - Overweight man passes thru huddle of doctors in OR
Blanche Kelso Bruce Foundation, Year of the Blues 2003 - Fish swims past "Mississippi Delta"
Blinker (decal; German fishing magazine) - Pike fish swims along ocean floor
BMW Manufacturing Corp. - Couple takes a scenic joyride in the BMV convertible
• Let's Motor™® - BMW Mini-Cooper drives past Hollywood sign
bodytravel; Reise in den Körper - Travelling health-fair tent floats over ground
Boeing - Boeing 747 jet flies past cloudy sky
Bowtime, You've Earned It - Darts float past dartboard, bottle; glass of Strongbow in left frgd
Boys Town USA© "He ain't heavy, Father..." - Boy carries weary boy piggy-back; HDQ in bkgrd
British Airways; London Eye - Logo floats past evening view of London
Broersma B.V. - Broersma truck travels down highway
Bruce Eckel's Exceptional Learning Experience - Silhouette of man walks down lined path; grass; flowers
Bud Man® 1987 Anheuser-Busch, Inc. - Bud Man flies over rooftops (v)
Budweiser, World's Famous Clydesdales - 8 Clydesdales trot past building
Buffalo Exchange; New & Recycled Fashion; - Woman & buffalo approach storefront; palm trees, etc. (digital)
Büro und Co., - Big rig truck drives out from behind logo
Buzz Off™, Insect Shield, - Bugs are repelled by 2 men using product; lake; camp
C-Span School Bus - Yellow C-Span school bus travels on curvy road
Cadbury - Dog mascot floats behind text "mini rolls" positioned in center frgd
Cadbury's, The Chocolate, The Taste - Cadbury chocolate bar floats past promos
Cadbury World, Booking Line - Chocolate bean drvies car past 4 factory scenes
Camelion/amelion® Batterien, - Logo floats past sets of batteries
Canon; imageRunner™ - Canon truck on road drives past "Road to the Digital Solution Forum", 800-822-3566 - Scrambled digital code emerges from Caption Max as formatted "CC" captions - Car enters/exits car wash; employee ready with drying rag
Casa; Design groovision - 7 furniture pieces changes into different colors (con/rev)
Casa; Design groovision - 8 pendant lamps are revealed (con/rev)
Cascade Bank, We've landed in Snohomish! - Hot air balloon lands between bank & tree (v)
Caterpillar® - A bulldozer scoops rubble at a construction site
Catch a New Wave! - Man surfing on wave floats past ""
Catering Services, Klantvriendelijk En Professioneel - Waitress; Pepsi, 7-up and Sisi logos (letteropener)
Central Intelligence Agency - The Spy Guy enters/exits house to enter/exit phone booth
Chattanooga Bakery, Inc., - Biten moonpie floats past words, "Reach for the Moon"
Chicken Boy™, Too Tall to Live, Too Weird to Die - Chicken Boy clutches bucket of chicken
Chili's® Like No Place Else - Family in 50's convertible drive towards restaurant
Chipie, The Covered Wagon - Covered wagon travels in front of arrow (toothbrush)
Chipie, Smart Motorcyclist - Silhouette of rider on motorcycle rides past logo (toothbrush)
Chiquita - Peeled back banana skin floats towards banana fruit
Chipie World Space - Rocket zooms past Saturn; "Chipie Planets" (toothbrush)
Christian - Arm extends to reach ringing phone
Christian Ghion, remember - World Trade Center's Twin Towers appear/disappear (con/rev)(chopsticks)
Christian Scheidemann - Skilled artist restores works of art
Cinerama - Logo of "Cinerama" floats past Cinerama Dome movie theater
Circus World™ - Fun seekers ride rollercoaster; sun in bkgd; Tiger poster in frgd
Circus World™ - Horses pull circus wagon past Big Top; clowns
Clear Channel; First Metro Mover Media - Subway train moves past passengers on platform
Coca Cola® - Coca Cola can floats past skyscrapers
Coca Cola® - Polar bear handling basketball jumps to hoop
Coca Cola® - Polar bear swims/chases Izzy past iceberg
Coca Cola® - Izzy runs towards coke bottle; "Atlanta 1996" in bkg
Coca Cola® - Polar cub drinks bottle of coke (v)
Coca Cola® - Polar bear skis while others relax & drink bottle of coke
Coca Cola® - Polar cub bodysurfs towards others on ice floe, sipping coke
Coca Cola® - Coke bottle floats against international flags (twist & click)
Coca Cola® - Old delivery truck drives through covered bridge (twist & click)
Coca Cola® - Atlanta Welcomes the World - Flags float past city skyline
Coca Cola® - Atlanta Welcomes the World - Coke van drives past city skyline
Coca Cola® Atlanta 1996 - Six pack of Coke bottles float past logo
Coca Cola® Atlanta 1996 - Soccer ball bounces off Polar Bear's head
Coca Cola® Atlanta 1996 - Izzy climbs stairs to light torch (v)
Coca Cola®; A Legend is Back... - The Georgia Green Bottle is filled/emptied (con/rev)
Coca Cola®, 1996 Olympic Torch Relay - Runner with torch
Coca Cola, Schutzmarke-Koffenhattig - Polar bear cub swims towards others on floe (non-Esk)
World of Coca Cola® - Coke truck drvies past cityscape
World of Coca Cola®, Las Vegas - Coke truck drives towards Vegas Coke museum/store
• Bianchi Awagem - Coca Cola vending machines floats (1980's)
• No caption; Enjoy Coca Cola® (decal) - Bottle of Coke floats (short pen)
Cold Cold Water, A Hell for Leather Western Tragedy - Woman riding horse carries "Mirah" banner
Comsat® Maritime Services, 22300 Comsat St. Clarksburg, MD - Satellite floats in space
Connecticut Metal Industries, 203-268-5909 - Man pushes shopping cart filled with recyclables past storefronts
Continental Airlines - Continental plane taxis past hangar
Coors® Original; 2003 NFL Thanksgiving Classics - Cheerleader floats from behind Coors logo
Coors Light - Coors Light beer bottle pours into Coors Light glass (con/rev)
CSAA Archives (415) 551-5466 - Old car drives against bkgrd of AAA map
CSAA Archives (415) 551-5466 - AAA First-Aid employees ride bicycles across bridge in San Francisco
CSC (Computer Sciences Corp) - Team CSC cycle in the Tour de France; Arc de Triumphe & Eiffel in bkgd
Cunha Country Store (650) 726-4071 - Shoppers exit grocery store, pushing cart
cyberWORLD - Numeral digits float past tech stick people
Dawn Princess - Cruise ship first sailed 5/98 from San Pedro to Alaska
ddp - Little red haried girl with pigtails walk across snowy hills (China)
ddp - Yellow wide-eyed dog walks across lawn (China)
Datamation Systems Inc.; - Cartoon convict in striped uniform steals computer and data
Decision Maker, Floaty Industries - Disco ball floats from "Yes" or "No"
Deichtorhallen Hamburg, Telefon 040-21 1030 - Art handlers move huge box
Dept 56; The Village Express; On Time Delivery Since 1976 - Dept 56 collectibles brand; truck floats past village houses
Dialog in the Dark - Outline of hand floats past nose, ear & mouth; (travelling exhibition)
DFDS Seaways - Ship docks in harbor
DFDS Seaways - Ship floats toward buoy
DFDS Seaways - Ship passes another
Diamond Foam & Fabric - Store owner displays colorful bolts of fabrics
Diet 7•up®, The Uncola® - Glass of soda floats past "The Diet Un Won!"
dinc! Fonts for People with Computers - Retro delivery truck; kids with 6 packs
Dirty Dancing®; The Classic Story on Stage - Glitter floats past text of "Dirty Dancing" in background
Discoveries, Creative Learning Center - Silhouette of boy & girl playing
Ditch Witch; 1-800-654-6481 - Construction machinery floats past excavated ground
Dive! (Steven Spielberg's restaurant) - Submarine surfaces and dives (v)
Donald J. Pliner - Cow ambles across Pliner shoe store; rows of shoes
Double Agent, Think About the Future - (Record label) Logo of rocketship blasts into space
Double Fine; - Software co's two-headed logo is blasted from cannon
Douglas Rye, Voiceovers, Wm Morris Agency - Man enters Hollywood recording studio; 3 fans exit
Douglas Yeo;; Boston Symphony Orchestra - Trombonist walks into Boston Symphony Hall; exits with a serpent trombone
Dreamward - Cruise ship floats past island
Drive - 4 cyclists peddle past Arc de Triumphe & Eiffel Tower in bkgd
Duracell ® - Glitter floats; text "Duracell" & mascot bunny in bkgd
Duracell ® - Pink bunny runs into battery; exits with arms outstretched
Duracell ® Alkaline Battery - Yellow strip rises/falls on PowerCheck™ tester (con/rev) - Mascot for digital automation floats past manufacturing plant
eBay Live! Chicago 08 - "eBay Live!" floats past skyline of Chicago
ect - Truck unloads containers at the docks
EdgerPlus; From Disclousre; 1-800-754-9690 - Edgar dressed in suit floats down to Edgar in underwear
Elation, the "Fun Ship" - Cruise liner approaches palm-tree lined beach
Elbo Tours, Heino-Holland - Tourbus drives past famous landmarks
Elcee-Haley - Logo floats past house and bridge
Elmo's Tomato Ketchup; It's Delicious! - Ketchup squirts out of bottle to garnish hamburger (con/rev)
Energizer ®- Test strip indicator of battery life (con/rev) (keychain)
eMotion Media Partner™ 4.0 - Logo mascot rides rocket flying between buildings
Enron®; Enron Wind; Precision landing - with our megawatt class. - Enron hot-air balloon rises in front of electricity generating windmill (v)
Ericsson Experience - 3 synchronized swimmers; Ericsson banner
Esso (decal) - Stationary oil-drop-head mascot; clear barrel (mechanical pencil)
Esso (decal) - Drum of "Esso Extra Motor Oil" floats (mechanical pencil)
Esso (decal); Graham Brothers Motors, Ltd - Rover drives by billboard of "New Esso Extra Motor Oil"
Esso (decal); Art Hansen, Impreial Esso Agent - Esso truck drives past tank
Esso Unifarm - Esso logo; Farm-type truck (con/rev)
Explorer Vodka - Clear barrel; text "Explorer Vodka"; ice cubes float to glass
Fakir (The) - Film featuring Fakir of Bilbao, a genie trapped inside a pen for ½ century
fx (fx television network; no caption) - RV pulls trailer with fx television logo
FAO Schwarz, Fifth Avenue - Rocking horse logo floats past color panels
Fast Flying Ferries - Yellow & green ferry speeds across water
Fearnley-Eger; Fern-Vile Mediterranean Lines (decal) - Ship (con/rev; pencil)
Federal Express - Award floats in front of drawings of employees (v)
Federal Realty; Drop Names to be Cool - Red sports car drives towards Santana Row sign (digital)
Fifty One Fifty Snowboards; From the car to the Bar to the Bar - Snowboarder floats from a cabin towards a van
Finlandia Vodka Pulp; Pure Vodka Mix - "Todd", cowboy, removes his black t-shirt (con/rev)
Finlandia Vodka Pulp; Pure Vodka Mix - "Claudia" removes bikini top (con/rev)
Firelands Winery, Sandusky, OH - Red wine pours from bottle to fill glass (con/rev) (V)
Flight Centre; 1-888-WORLD31 - Flight Centre plane flies towards tropical coast
Fountain Pen Hospital; - Fountain pen floats into inkwell past logo (v)
Fox Sports Net™ - Baseball player slides into homeplate; fans in stadium (bat shaped pen)
Frisian Flag, Milk Products - Cow grazes in pasture; farm
Frito Lay, Food for the fun of it! - FritoLay logo floats past Ruffles, Tostitos, Cracker Jacks, Lays, Cheetos, etc.
Fujifilm, Professional Motion Picture Films - Silhouette of movie camera, director, mic floats against mountain
Funyuns, Onion Flavored Rings - 5 packs of chips float behind green alien with chip bag
GFS; Gordon Food Service - GFS truck floats from GFS warehouse to GFS customer
GVB Combino made by Siemens - Amsterdam's light railway tram moves past city
Game Boy® Advance - Mario floats in Mario Pinball Land; flashes & lights up (Non-E)
Garnier Fructis Shampooing Fortifiant - Clear barrel; bottle of shampoo floats
Gayle's Bakery & Rosticceria; - A green apple with wings floats past bakery goods
Gebr v.d. Haar b.v. - Tractor floats past countryside
Gedser-Travemünde Ruten - Ferry travels the Gedser-Travemünde route
Girl Scouting……like a ray of sunshine! - Sun floats past text, "Girl Scouting….like a ray of sunshine!"
Glamorama (206) 632-0287 - Kitschy items float across store interior
Google™ - Search engine, Google logo floats against white background
Google - Google logo floats past browser tool bar
Got My Kicks at WILDHORSE SALOON© - 5 dressed up horses dance against starry sky
HBO® - Logo of "Carnivale" floats past background of carnival tents
HBO®; From the Earth To The Moon - Space craft floats past moon; Tom Hank's 12 part series
HBO® It's Not TV. It's HBO® - Ocean liner floats by bkgd word of "Titanic"
H/S/D Consult; - Boat floats in front of HSD building
Hamm's® Beer - Hamm's mascot bear in canoe, floats toward mug of beer
Hamm's Beer, Since 1865 - Case of beer floats from "2000" to Hamm's Bear
Hamm's Beer, Since 1865 - Hamm's mascot bear and raccoon run towards other forest animals
Hangsterfer's Laboratories, Inc - Long haired brunette undresses (conceal/reveal)
Harley Davidson; Vehicle and Powertrain Operations - Harley Davidson motorcycle floats past road toward logo
Harris Miller Miller & Hanson Inc - Biplane flies "hmmh" banner
Hawkeye Breeders Service, Inc - Sperm races from bull to cow; farm
Hawkeye Breeders Service, Inc - Company van rolls in/out of Hawkeye Breeders facility; sperm in bkgd
Heinz Ketchup - Tilted bottle of ketchup pours onto french fries (conceal/reveal)
Heinz, Baby Dill (decal) - clear barrel; Baby Dill mascot in diaper
Heinz, Ketchup Character (decal) - clear barrel; Ketchup bottle mascot
Heinz, Leader of the Pack (decal) - clear barrel; Packet of catsup in leather
Heinz, Private Pickle (decal)- clear barrel; Pickle dressed in Private's uniform
Heinz EZ Squirt - Convenient squirt bottle pours tomato ketchup over plate of fries
Heinz EZ Squirt, Blastin' Green - Convenient squirt bottle pours green ketchup over fries
Heinz EZ Squirt, Funky Purple - Convenient squirt bottle pours purple ketchup over fries
Hershey's Chocolate World®&™ - Tour ride thru Hershey's factory
Herr's® Visitor's Center - Potato chip factory truck makes deliveries
Hertz Europe - Yellow Hertz rental car drives past European landmarks
Het Land van Ooit Drunen - Two ice cream cones floats by Kloontje's face
Hewlett® Packard; GDS; The Cat's Out of the Bag! (imprint) - Leopard runs out from paper bag in L frgd; savannah
High Altitude Design - People walking; "McGinty" in frgd; mountains in bkgd
Hoag Hospital (decal); Catch the Wave - Surfer rides a wave
Holiday Inn Chicago City Centre - Suitcase with Holiday Inn logo floats past downtown
Honda (decal); The all new Odyssey. It's one big happy mini-van™ - Odyssey drives down scenic road
Honda, The Power of Dreams, Die neue Fireblade - Text "Ready to race" & motorcycle float; blue background
Honda, The Power of Dreams, Die neue CBF600 - Text "So individuell wie Handschrift" & motorcycle float; road
Hotel 70º, Colwyn Bay 56555/6 - Red car drives past hotel
House of Blues - Guitarist slides across stage; Unity in Diversity sign
House of Blues® - Elwood & Jake dance in front of the Blues Mobile
House of Coffee® 70 12 11 11 - Coffee beans float behind "Gevalia" sign; coffee cup exits
Howdy Do; Collectibles & Toys; 72 E 7th Str, New York City - Cowgirl and trailer float past city streets
Hughes & Kettner, Technology of Tone - Guitarist performs on stage; audio equipment
Humongous Entertainment - Putt-Putt manuevers past craters on unearthly terrain
Hunt for Red October, Paramount - Submarine skims ocean floor (promo for movie)
Husky mon Ami - Huskies with sled mush past snowy trees and mountains
Hyundai, Nijkerk, Auto Heimensen - Hyundai sedan floats from dealership
Hyundai, Coupe/ Prepare to Want One - Magnet attracts female symbols
IBM ThinkPad TransNote™, The write way to work - Laptop, pen & paper; pen in hand floats past text
IHR Name/ Logo - Cat leaning on desk reaches for computer mouse; numbers, letters in bkgd
IMAX, Cyberworld, Presented by intel - Phig (frgd) fires laser beam at Buzzed; circuitry in bkgd
ING (bank) - Clear barrel; 3 vehicles drive past modern building
ING, Unicef; ING Chances For Children - Children bounce ball in front of Unicef building
IODP; Integrated Ocean Drilling Program - A riserless vessel ship floats during marine research
ITS Tech Transfer/2001: an airspace odyssey - A prop plane flies low along sandy beach
Ideal Motion Promotion™(The)Road to Success! - Motorhome drives past mesas & campers
Ideal Motion Promotion® Imagine the possibilities - Man disappears behind text "Imagine"; exits as skeleton Tel: 040/251 31 31 - Car with sign floats; "park boy" text as exchaust from car
It's Not a Car...It's a THING, The Thing Shop, Chandler, AZ - Auto enters shop
Ivory Consulting/ - Mild mannered man enters bldg; exits as SuperTrump
JACK.FM 101.1; playing what we want - DJ loses pants to reveal shorts with hearts (con/rev)
J.W. Dant Bourbon - Bottle of bourbon floats in clear barrel (bottle opener)
Janet K. Miller; Tucson, Arizona; Reverse Glass Painting - Doves carrying pink dress clothe woman in panties & shoes
Jelly Belly - Jelly Belly mascot in diving gear; fish and jelly beans float about (China)
Jerry's Rogue Jets, Gold Beach, Oregon - Jet boats take passengers for a tour
Joe's Crab Shack - Crab floats in front of words, Peace, Love & Crabs; peace sign
John Deere, Plan it for the Planet; Think Green - John Deere tractor moves across farm land
Johnnie Walker; The spirit of the world - Whiskey bottle floats past text & WTC, Statue of Liberty, Empire St Bldg
Johnny Cupcakes® - Clothing store; Van floats carrying banner "Freshly-baked deliveries"
Joie De Vivre 1984-1994, Cambridge, MA - 10th anniversary cake floats past storefront
Jolly Cola; sig Jolly til din Cola - Soft drink pours from bottle to glass (con/rev)
Juvenile Diabetes Foundation Int'l - Silver glitter floats around white ribbon
Katzkin; - Un-upholstered car seat enters Katzkin store; exits w/ leather
Kellogg's All Bran - Text "all bran goes to India" floats past Taj Mahal; trees
Kellogg's Cereal City, USA - Tony Tiger drives a bus full of mascots
Kellogg's Cereal City Factory Crew - Tony Tiger supervises other
Ken's Truck Town - Big-rig drvies past auto truck plaza
Kinko's®, Express Yourself - Apron floats to land in front of male employee (v)
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines - KLM plane flies against cloudy blue sky
Knight Ridder/Tribune Information Systems - Logo "KRT" floats past newspaper, computer & TV
KoKo Architecture & Design - Seated couple float to appear to sit in various chairs
Kraft Dryck, Windkraft Surfing, Tel 0278/18800 - Liquid pours in/out cocktail glass (con/rev)
Krispy Kreme; - 3 glazed doughnuts float out from behind logo; green polka dot bkgd
Kremlin - Spray gun shoots paint (con/rev)
Krone - Harvesting machinery moves past fields
La Brea Bakery - Fresh baguettes float from brick oven
Land O' Lakes Creameries, Inc. - Land O' Lakes truck drives thru countryside (mech pencil)
Land Rover, Freelander, Wilkommen im Dschungel - "Welcome to the Jungle"; LandRover drives past city at dusk
Lee ®M.R. Space Advertures - Pair of jeans float in space past the moon
Legrand Tikcom; 0800 400 230 fax commande produits - Cartoon character w/ antennas rides surfboard against sunset
Le Mixx - Orange mix pours from bottle into cocktail glass (con/rev)
Liberty Mutual; Follow the Yellow Brick Road to the 2005 Legends - Wizard of Oz characters & golfer float on golf course
Lightolier AGILI-T - Flourescent light floats between office rooms
Lipton; The sign of good taste! - Lipton tea bag floats towards Lipton canister
Lloyd's Bank, Legendary Service from... - Lloyd's Bank hot air balloon ascends/descends
Lloyd's Bank, Legendary Service from... - Black horse runs through green meadow
Logitech, Cordless Freedom - Cordless keyboard & mouse float over "Control within 6 feet"
Los Angeles Times - Los Angeles Times Truck drives past city of Angels
Longaberger® - Handmade Baskets, est. Dresden, OH - Honey Bee + 2003 afloat over "LOVE IT* LIVE IT * SHARE IT"
Los Angeles Times - Los Angeles Times Truck drives past city of Angels
Lux Liquid (decal)- Clear barrel; 3-D bottle of Lux detergent floats
M&M's (clear barrel)- Red & yellow M&M's float in clear barrel (short pen)
M&M's® World, Las Vegas - M&M's characters drive a convertible (Hong Kong)
M/S Bergensfjord - Oceanliner travels past NY's icons; Twin Towers (pencil)
M/S Braemar, Fred Olsen Norway Line - Ship floats past coastal community (pencil)
M/S Starward Norwegian Caribbean Lines - Ship approaches coast; palm trees in frgd
MTV© - Dancer's silhouette floats across disco dance floor; "CHICago" in bkgd
MTV© - Carpenter's level
MTV Load (blank caption side); Fertilised with Motorola - Eyes float toward MTV & Motorola logos
MTV Networks; A Viacom Company - Empty TV frame passes logo of MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon & TV Land
MTV© Road Rules - RV travels down road
--Music Television® - Man with MTV logo on top of head floats past 4 TV screens
Maersk Sealand, a new dimesion in shipping - Cargo ship floats across world map
Mahle (decal) - Clear barrel; 3-D piston floats
Majiq, Systems & Software - Forklift operator transports barrels in warehouse
Mamma Mia! _ Glitter floats past Sophie; musical based on ABBA's songs
Mario & Luigi™ SuperStar Saga Game Boy Advance - Mario & Luigi prance past Princess
Mark Morris Dance Group, - Mark Morris dances from logo to building (v)
Märklin - Model train floats past pier (keychain)
Marks & Spencer; "Your MON£Y" - Stationery Marks & Spencer credit card; glitter floats about
Marketplace Development - Woman pushes shopping cart thru airport; logo - Fountain pen floats past Windows page showing URL - Text "Happy Easter from Martini Auctions" float between 2 rabbits - Ink blot floats past text "Save the fountain pen"
McBooks Press - Vintage sail ship, torned & tattered by warring ship, floats
McCormick Company 1926-2001 - Man waves from red convertible as he drives towards factory
McDonald's - Ronald holding balloons float up/down McDonald's house (v) (toothbrush)
McDonald's; Always There for You! (In German) - UFO floats past McDonald's drive through restaurant; keypen
McVitie's - McVitie's logo floats past text "Snack; Digestive; Tea Break"
MeadWestvaco; (imprint) - Colored glitter floats
Mediawave, Inc. - Surfer rides a wave
Mel Brooks Musical (The New); Young Frankenstein - Abnormal brain floats past text "Abby Normal"
Memphis Music - Four musicians play in front of record store; Louis Armstrong in frgd
Mercedes-Benz M-Class - M-Class SUV drives from city to country; signal in right foreground
Mercedes-Benz Freizeitpartner - Camper drives down highway
Metamucil ® in de pen - Stack of Metamucil instructions is revealed (con/rev)
MetLife® - Jolly Snoopy dances towards his red doghouse; grass
MetLife®;; Peanuts© - Snoopy rides surfboard; text in bkgd "Surfing the Net? Check out Met"
Metro Goldwyn Mayer - Bi-plane pulls banner of MGM's Lion logo
Metrolink - Southern California's railway train moves past 4 freeway signs, palm trees
Metropolitan - Driver in Metro waves to following Metro car; city streets
Metropolitan Glass - Glassblower approaches oven; tools on counter
Michelin - Michelin Man mascot walks pushing tire past world landmarks (lighter)
Microsoft® Mail; Get your message across! - Letter floats from one PC to another; aerial view of cities - logo floats past Seattle skyline
Microsoft® Office - Clear barrel; Microsoft's logo floats (keychain)
Miler, the tastiest milk from Denmark, the Dairyland of Europe - Milk pours from bottle to glass; (con/rev)
Miller's Brewery, Tumwater, Washington - Logo floats against starry background
Miller's Genuine Draft® - Beer pours into glass (conceal/reveal)
Miller's Outpost, It's a Free Country, Dress Accordingly™ - Anchor Blue rocketship blasts off
Miramar Systems Inc. - Miramar logo floats from Mac to PC
MIXX, - Blue sedan drives past car racing track - Plane & speedboat travel past Mt. Baker
MoFo Litigators, Put Some Teeth Into Your Lawsuit - Gator w/ briefcase walks to courthouse
Mountain Dew - Can of soda floats past "do the dew" text in bkgrd
Musée Peugeot - Race car floats past earlier inventions
Mustela®, - Mustela's Blue bear logo walks past int'l landmarks
NASCAR® FX™ - Cable channel's logo on side of racing car; b&w checkered background
nashuatec, Total Document Solutions - Baseball player slides into homeplate; fans in stadium (bat shaped pen)
National Trust Enterprise Neptune (The) - 2 cartoon fish swim past seals, lighthouse, etc.
NEC; Japanese text (Electronics corp.) - Monkey runs from snake, thru house, to sleeping dog
Nescafé, esenta cafelei bune! (It's a good coffee! In Romanian)- Coffee bag floats past "Incearca-I! Vei Fi Uimit!" (Try it! You'll be satisfied!")
New England Moxie Congress - Moxie (tonic drink) horse-mobile floats past factory
Nick at Nite's TV Land, Take Me to TV Land©, Chicago - TV set floats past city skyline
Nickelodeon - Spaceship with Nickelodeon logo floats past astronaut in space
Nickelodeon® - Pizza floats into mouth of nerdy boy with missing teeth
Nickelodeon Studios; "The Place Where NICK is Made" - Nick blimp floats past Nickelodeon Studios in Florida
Nintendo® - Hand-held game & glitter floats past text "GameBoy Advance"
Nintendo® - Arwing spacecraft floats thru space; "Starfox" in R foreground
Nissan - Station wagon drives at night with headlights on (non-Esk)
Nokia; Connecting People - Nokia model phone floats behind 5 others
Nordic® Naturals; Pure & Great Tasting Omega Oils - Fish swim behind blonde boy holding fish; mountains
Nordic® Naturals, Pure & Great Tasting Omega Oils - Fishing boat stationary in frgd; glitter; chrome barrel
Nordisk Film - Curled up polar bear floats from warehouse to snowy mountains
Nurse♥Mates® - 2 nurses push gurney down hospital corridor (twist & click)
Nutridrink - Bottle of Nutridrink float past photo of elderly couple
Office of Water Programs, - Bug & clear water droplet alternate in/out of treatment plant
OK; Guld; Motorolie 15W/40 - Stream of motor oil floats towards motor engine (con/rev) (keychain)
Old Navy Clothing Co. - Cup of coffee floats from waitress down counter
Old Navy Clothing Co. - Old truck in drive-in restaurant; food tray
Old Navy Clothing Co. - Old Navy Planet floats in space from behind other planets
Old Navy Clothing Co. - Football floats down field from one player to another
Old Navy Clothing Co. - Happy Holidays from Old Navy; dog in sled pulls Christmas tree
Old Time Markt - Porsche floats past gas station
Old Time Praxis - Volkswagen drives into mechanic's garage
Olympia Premium Lager Beer - Beer bottle & frothy mug float along counter; bartender
Olympia®, "It's the Water" - Beer bottle & frothy mug float along counter; bartender; Oly sign
On Cue, Music/Books/Movies; Twister - Cow, barn, etc. caught up in tornado
One Tech Solution - Mechanical gears float against black bkgd (digital)
Originals by Skeeter; - Inventor Sir David Brewster; mural of kaleidoscope
Otis; First in Service - Elevator ascends/descends in front of repeated Otis text
Overboard! Playstation; PC CD Rom - Galleon & seagulls float on the high seas
P & O Stena Line - Ship floats from drawing of England to France
Paddiwhack; Art for Life; - Silhouette of black dog chases bone
Pall Mall; Mild - Fisherman in boat; pack of cigarettes (con/rev)
Pampers®; super absorbent - Diapered baby crawls against solid turquoise background
Panzer General II - Army tank floats over aerial view of battlefield
Peacock Productions; - Peacock floats among penguins; buildings in background
Pecan Producers, Inc. 1-800-288-6551 - Squirrel gathers nuts from trees
Peeps, 50 Years - Marshmallow Peep chick floats past other Peep shapes
Pepe Jeans® London, The Dark Side of Denim - Pepe Jeans® logo floats over photo of models in denim
Pepsi® - Soda can of Pepsi pours into glass (conceal/reveal)
Peregrine Publishers 1-800-456-0179 - Peregrine falcon flies behind computer
Pernod; Die beste Zeit meines Lebens. (The Best Time of My Life) - Pernod® Anise bottle pours into glass (con/rev)
PETA; Ban the Running of the Bulls!; - Supermodel Annamarie Lytle wears plastic horns & disappearing swimsuit
Peter Pan - Transport bus travels past mountains; shrubs in frgd
Pez® is out of this World - Astronaut Pez dispenser floats in outer space
• Go wild for Pez® - Elephant Pez dispenser floats in wild jungle
• I Love to eat Pez® - Bride & groom Pez dispensers float past wedding cake
• Stop! And enjoy Pez® - Policeman Pez dispenser floats from behind Stop sign; city in background
Phenomenal style; Ted Baker; London - Double decker red bus drives past London landmarks; women's designer
Philip Morris, Superlights - Packs of cigarettes formed ala Star Wars-like vehicle in space
Philips; CFL-i Range: energy saving lamps - Compact flourescent light floats in/out of retail box
Philishave D-Finer - Man with beard & same man without beard floats
Phoenix Planning & Evaluation Ltd - Employee walks from messy paper-piled desk to computer - Nun floats upward past Cathedral windows toward sky
Pillbury, My heart to yours™ - Pillbury doughboy floats past cooking utensils
Pillsbury, Add a little love.™ - Doughboy holds heart, floating past hearts and logos
Planet Hollywood® - Logo of Planet Hollywood floats past starry sky
Planet Hollywood® - (Bottle opener) Same design as above
Planet Hollywood® - (Toothbrush) Same design as above
Planet Hollywood® - (Keychain) Same design as above
Planters® - Mr. Peanut runs past background of shelled peanuts
Postbank - Postbank logo floats past photo of woman's smile
PTT Telecommunicatie - Stretched hand reaches for ringing telephone
Public - Cloud floats by 5 young female faces; rainbow and hills in bkgd
Purrsnickety (408) 395-CATS - Cat exits kitchen into backyard
Q.S.® - "Quality Seconds" U.K.retail clothing store; blouse & skirt disappear (con/rev)
QSN Industries; 1-800-N-FASTEN - Screws and nuts float past text "What America Needs is a Quality Screw"
Quality Suites, San Luis Obispo, CA - Family walks towards hotel; shops
QVC Local (The), QVC® - QVC local bus drives along highway
RCA Nipper; 1897-1997; "100 years of great music" - Famous dog Nipper floats towards grammaphone
Radio Clothing Company - Couple on scooter rides past clothing store
Ragtime, The Musical - Early 1900's car drives past Ragtime marquee
Rainer Beer® - Beer bottle with legs, run past Mt. Rainer
Reality TV - Emergency Medical Techs move gurney from ambulance to hospital
Recycle, Share the Responsibility - Logo floats past conveyor belt of recyclables
Red Bone Red Lager - Basset hound dressed in nightshirt dreams of another
Renault - Big rig truck drives down road at dusk
Rhino Records……For a Good Time Call Rhino - Blue shorts fall off Rhino mascot
Rinso (decal) - Clear barrel; 3-D box of Rinso detergent floats
Road to Success! The Ideal Motion Promotion™ - Motorhome drives past mesas & campers
Rolar Products, Inc. - Screws and bolts float out of box
Rolling Rock® - Beer is poured from bottle to mug (con/rev)
Romeo; Ginza Ito-ya - Fountain pen barrel floats in/out of cap
Rotermund, Tel 040-764 39 89 - Awning & blinds float down to cover window
Royal Caribbean, Splendour of the Seas - Cruise ship floats towards beach; family
RS, Rederij Schuttevaer, Tel: 030-2720111 - Tourboat offers view to passengers
Rudolph & Sletten - R&S truck drives thru construction site
Rudolph & Sletten - Hard hat & vest fall in place on man; "Safety First" in bkgd
Rudolph & Sletten, - Harnessed worker scales building
Run With the Big Dog© - Big Dog Clothing Co's St. Bernard floats towards beach (China)
•If You Can't Run With the Big Dog, Stay Off the Porch - Big Dog runs past couple on porch
•If You Can't Run With the Big Dog, Stay Off the Court - Big Dog dribbles b-ball down court
•If You Can't Run With the Big Dog, Stay In the Pits - Big Dog drives race car around track
Rusty's;; Santa Monica, California - Retro surfer rides board towards friend photographing him
Sabre Travel Base - "Sabre" floats behind plane, boat, car
Sapporo, Bler Garten - Beer pours from bottle into mug (con/rev)
Santa Monica Radiator & Air Conditioning - Overheated car enters shop; exits shiny & new
Saval Foods - Mustard squirts out to garnish hot dog (conceal/reveal)
Scandinavian Seaways - Ship floats toward red buoy
Scion, what moves you - Blue Scion XZ drives past Scion logo in right foreground
Scion, what moves you - Red Scion XB drives past Scion logo in right foreground
Sclerotheraphy, John Wiedner, MD - Varicose veins appears/disappears on woman's legs (con/rev)
Scooter - Rider on scooter floats past buildings; logo in foreground
Seattle's Best Coffee® - Logo disappears behind coffee pot; cup of coffee emerges
Seattle's Best Coffee® - Steam rises from cup of coffee; coffee pot in upper foreground
Seven Crown Resorts, Houseboat Vacation - Houseboat floats past mtns, trees
Seven Springs Mountain Resort - Old man mascot skis past aerial view of resort
Seventeen ice; 6.22 The Day of Bowling, glica - "Let's Play Blowling" text floats down alley; man shouting
Shell, Visvarer hele dognet - Shell oil employee pulls hose from tanker (keychain)
Shell, Vi Svarer hele dognet 70 10 20 10 - Shell oil employee pulls hose from tanker
Shell, You're Going Well When You're Going Shell - 1950's car pulls up to gas pumps at Shell station (pencil)
• (Shell logo) - Tropical fish float toward text "Shell V-Power" (keychain)
Ship Art International; - Professional movers of art float towards truck; Denver in bkgd
Siemens, M35 - Wireless cellular phone floats; canyon
Signal Toothpaste - Striped toothpaste flows from tube (con/rev)
Silicon Quest International - Workers carry ingot in; wafers emerge
Silly© - clear barrel - Red Beetle car speeds off; puff of smoke (letteropener)
Simplot; Progressive Group Alliance; Backyard Fantasy - Backyard chef approaches grill; hot tub in background
Sir Arthur's Jolly Good Stuff - Dog wearing royal cape, floats down to don crown
Sisi - Sisi scooter floats past palm trees
Sloggi® String Time - Swiss underwear floats to cover female's derriere
Smart529; - School bus floats past school house; two students in left foreground
Snap-On®; Dealer Insurance 1-800-829-1004 - Snap-On tool truck drives towards gasoline station
smart® Center Essen Tel 02 01/820 29-0 - Smart car (by Mercedes) drives down road along beach
(Snickers); Don't Stop. Grab a Snickers. - Snickers candy bar floats past text "Don't Stop. Grab a…"
Sony; Mika Ninagawa; Sony Creative Productions, Inc. - Japanese photographer's A Piece of Heaven artwork
Southwest Airlines, A Symbol of Freedom - Airline mascot flies among clouds
Spam® So Good, it's gone® - Cans of Spam float between slices of Spam luncheon meat
Spam Town USA, Spam Museum - Cans of Spam float between slices of Spam luncheon meat
Star Lager Beer. Never a dull moment. - Star Lager beer pours into glass (con/rev)
Star Princess - Cruise liner floats past cloudy skies; sailboat in right foreground
Star Tribune, - Star Tribune delivery truck drives past city; starry sky
Statoil - Sedan drives past gasoline station
Stromboli® - Logo of Stromboli float past interior of house
Studebaker 1852-1966 - New car owners drive Studebaker convertible off car lot
Studebaker, Builder of Trucks You Can Trust - Red Studebaker truck floats past farm house
Studio Five; Phone 03.3350.1522 Fax 03.3350.1184 - Black panel floats to reveal "Studio Five" & "Cinq Fort"; bikini, The weirdest store in cyber space - "No brain" sign floats between 2 "stupid" guys
Substral; Pflanzen brauchen Liebe. Und SUBSTRAL. - European plant food; Gardener stands above bag of plant food
Sun® We make pool water better! - Swimmer with lifesaver walks past busy pool
Sundance® Spas - Yellow rubber duckie floats surrounded by bubbles; jet spray
Sunkist; Turn Sunkist Orange into Gold - Liquid from Sunkist bottle pours out to form a gold bar (con/rev)
Sunny Cars, Urlaubsautos welweit - Convertible red car hauling luggage moves past beach
Sunshine Helicopters; - Helicopter flies from one island to another; waterfall in R frgd
Super Mustard; It's Delicious! - Mustard squirts out to garnish hot dog (conceal/reveal)
Surf Kitty; - Feminine cat on surfboard; black dress to surfwear (con/rev)
T-Mobile; MDA III - MDA III model mobile phone floats;
T-Mobile; Office in your Pocket - Envelope floats past 3 different phone models
T-Mobile; shadow - "Shadow" model phone floats past people; city
Target® - Worker pushes concrete cutter up/down the street
Target Corporation; No caption - Target's bullseye dog mascot walks from one doghouse to another
Target Corporation; No caption - Spot the Target dog, floats with the aid of a parachute
Tech (The), Silicon Valley, San Jose - Robot enters building; city photo
Tesoro Refining & Marketing Company; Climb Safely - Refinery worker climbs/descends column (v)
Texaco, Dealer Name, Address - 1960's car pulls up to gas pumps at Texaco station (pencil)
Texas Coal & Oil Co, Detroit, MI (decal) - Woman strips down to underwear (mech pencil)
TexasMonthly; - Red pick-up truck drives past man riding a jackalope
Ticketmaster Online - Blimp floats past Ticketmaster building
Tillamook Cheese - Cow & calf exit red barn; others in background
time® - Logo "time®" floats past clock face; word "watch" in foreground
Timex; "It takes a licking, and keeps on ticking." - Timex watch floats across ocean floor; lobster in L frgd
Tin Box Studio Inc, Live Fast & Design - Mazda Miata drives past tin boxes
TNT Swiss Post; You mean the world to us. - TNT airplane flies past Earth
Toblerone® - Popular trianglar chocolate candy floats; "Toblerone" in background"
Tomo Skilpadde Bar (clear barrel)- Tomo Skilpadde Bar wrapper floats in clear barrel (short pen)
Top of the Charts, Fall 2000 Tour - Text "top of the charts" floats; "Club2K" in frgd
Topline Products, Inc. - Biplane floats past regional monuments
Toyota - Knitting machine floats from "Toyota" to knitting accessories
Toyota Motor Oil - Bottle of motor oil pours into engine (con/rev)
Toys"R"Us - Geoffrey, the mascot, in space rocket floats in space
Transportation, Inc. - Ship floats across map; truck in left foreground; plane in right foreground
Tuborg; Clear barrel - Bottle of Tuborg beer floats (pencil)
Tutti Frutti - Clear barrel; logo of Tutti Frutti floats w/ orange, yellow & green circles
TV1; No caption; J. Fonda/H. Winkler/F. Fawcett etc. - Logo TV1 floats past "Televison's Greatest Hits" (Hong Kong)
TV Guide Channel rolls out the red carpet - Joan & Melissa Rivers walk down red carpet at Academy Awards 2005
United Parcel Service® - Big rig UPS truck drives by countryside
UPS, United Parcel Service® - Residential truck delivers in city
• We want to race the truck. People love the truck.™ - Flame-detailed Dale Jarrett UPS truck races around track
• - Racing car with UPS logo on door drives around track
• - Residential truck travels past world landmarks
UPS, 85 Years of Growth - Delivery truck travels in downtown area
UPS® Euro Service - Residential truck drives past European landmarks
UPS® Euro Service - UPS jet flies past European landmarks
U.S. National/Naval Ice Center - U.S. ship charts icebergs for safety
UTD Mengvoeder, Meppel: 05220-51544 - Truck delivery in Nederlands
United Airlines - United Airlines plane taxis past hangars
Union Pacific - Train moves past mountains in background
Vardeman Surfboards - Surfer rides longboard; seagulls
Vertigo, Mobel & Accessoiries, Berlin - Woman moves furniture
Viking Serenade, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line - Cruise liner approaches island
Vintage Car Wash, Perfecting the Shine - Dirty 1950's sedan enters car wash; exits shiny & clean
VIP by macgregor®, The Greatest Name in Golf - Golfer carries his golf bag across green; golfer swings in foreground
Viscotears® CIBA Vision - An eye floats from sand to water
Vision of the Seas® - Cruise liner; sea, hilly background
Vitalis, le nouveau nom des bus de la CAP - Vitalis bus passes up drivers in traffic jam
Vito - Caricature of Mercedes floats out of garage
Vogue - Fashion models in gowns walk down runway towards photographers
Volkswagen, Drivers Wanted® - Red VW Beetle drives from snowy mountains to mesas in desert
Volvo Trophy (The) - 3 sailboats; background of sponsor's ads
Vredestein - Rubber tire floats toward penguin on skis
WFGA-TV, Channel 12, NBC-ABC - Dolphin mascot swims past map of Florida (mech pencil); 91.1 FM, 90.1 FM; Oct 20, 1977 6:42pm - Lynard Skynard member's plane crashes; flames; guitar
WSA Engineered Systems- An unidentifiable oval, brown object floats for cleaning machinery
Waffle House; "Make Mine With Cheese" - Customer drives car towards the Waffle House from city (pen on rope); Catch a New Wave - Surfer rides wave past face of a watch drawn as sun - Deliveryman pushes dolly full w/ groceries from truck to family's home
Well-Fair® Nunspeet 0341-277010 - Well-Fair bus travels down highway
Wells Fargo & Co. - Stagecoach moves across desert scene
Wells Fargo - Stagecoach moves past black outline of mountains in bkgd
West Valley Community College, Digital Media Program - CD, mike, amp & logo; college
Wilkinson Sword, The Feel of Smart Design® Lady Protector+ - A razor floats across a woman's bare leg
Williams Capital Group - Runner with order from NYSE passes thru WCG; exits with currency
WIN Global Office - Globe floats behind computers & file cabinets
Work Injury? Law Offices of Carlo & Bondelie - Man falls after climbing ladder
Work Injury? Law Offices of Carlo & Bondelie - Steam roller follows worker in bldg; flattens worker
www.Adolescents_I'; July 2008 - Female doctor seated on stool floats to patient with legs apart - Silhouette of film crew float past movie set - Aerial view of the satellite floating over UK - 3 spiders float past city's night skyline (non-Eskesen) - Eueopean satellite communications' hot-air balloon; Eiffel Tower - Young Focke on horse rides in snow; foundation for historical churches - Dice float by band on stage - Hot air balloon rises in front of actual photo of Hamburg - Yellow smiley face floats in clear barrel - 2 musicians perform between sound speakers - Balloons float past Nesquik logo; Nesquik's rabbit mascot in right foreground (kc) - Berner dog pulls cart past Swiss chalet and farm setting - Pegasus flies past text "pegasys®" in background - Woman in stairlift ascends/descends stairs in bkgd (v) - White outline of plane flies from Oslo to København - TV walks past Yoda, Bernie, Smurfs, etc. - Watzinger bus service tours the countryside
Yellow Cabs at Your Service, TAXI - Yellow cab drives past city
Zamboni® - Zamboni machine prepares ice surface in arena
Zumiez - Red couch floats; background "Sit on me" & band on stage
Zumiez - Red couch floats past Earth and moon; starry background Welch schöne Service Welt! - Logo floats past people on street; man on cell phone; car
22nd bi-annual American Pencil Collectors Society - Hand holding floaty pen extends from behind welcome sign
24 Hour Fitness™ - Frumpy couple enters gym, trim couple exits
4Frontiers (Space commerce company) - Mars rover floats past the Mars settlement
7UP; Try NEW 7UP Breeze Sparkling Water Beverage! - Slice of watermelon floats past 7UP Breeze logo
76 Lubricants Company; A Division of Tosco Corporation - A 76 tanker drives down street; buildings in bkg (screwdriver)

ADVERTISING - Pharmaceutical

Actonel® 35 mg - Speed boat makes a quick turn in choppy waters; RX for osteoporosis
AlaSTAT® The Total Solution for Allergy - Pollen floats past drops of water in background
Almirid, Mehr Freiheit In Der Therapie - Man kicks soccer ball past 4 other players; RX for Parkinson's disease
Anzemet® dolasetron mesylate - Patient with open arms carries balloon in one hand (v)
Apothecon® A Bristol-Myers Squibb Company - Logo floats past lake, mtns; trees; man fishing in right foreground
Artema, Diascope Anesthetic - Diver floats between text "Dive Safely" and "Anesthesia"
Asacol …..Chart a well-tolerated course with.. - Sailboat emerges from rocky conditions; RX for ulcerative colitis
Beta-Cath System™ by Novoste™ - Machine injects catheter into heart
Bliv Donor; Giv Blod! Red Liv! - Blood fills/empties heart (con/rev)
Cardizem® SR (diltazem HCI) - Cartoon parachuter ascends/descends against scale
Cardizem® CD (diltazem HCI) - Cartoon parachuter pulls "1" past various numeric levels
Cellect™; DuPuyAccuMed, Johnson and Johnson Company - Starbursts float in tube; device for graft preparation
Children's Advil® - Temperature on thermometer rises from 94 to 104
Daivonex® - Ointment squeezed out of tube; RX for psoriasis (con/rev)
Declimed, Ticlopiden 250 mg - Man in Desitic® bobsled floats thru blood vessel; RX for blood clots
Dictogrün ophtha, Grunenthal - Eye drop dispenser floats toward eye
Esberitox®N - Kite ascends/descends from sun to clouds; RX for immune system
Exforge (amlodipine and valsartan) tablets - Kayak floats on white waters; RX for high blood pressure
Eye4U - An arrow floats over text "Click here to enter our site"
Gamma Locking Nail - Orthopaedic locking nail floats into bone
Gifavet Z.I. Secteur Blue n° 47 - 3-d white squares float; "gifavet" in bkgd; RX for diarrhea
GlaxoWellcome, discover IT Integration - Pills float behind machine & computer; exits filled in bottles
GSK; GlaxoSmithKline - Eiffel Tower rises from base; GSK logo in bottom frgd (v)
HIT TYP II ? - Rx for Heparin, blood thinner; glitter floats above 40% level mark
• TIH de Type II ? - Rx for Heparin, blood thinner; glitter floats above 40% level mark
Lanzo® lansoprazol - Bottle of Tabasco sauce floats; Danish RX for heartburn
Levaquin® - 6 gel tablets float; an antibiotic for infections of the lung, skin, etc.
Lipitor® (in Japanese text) - An arrow points downward on cholesterol scale
Liquid Gaviscon® - Affected stomach; clear stomach (con/rev)
Lovenox (enoxaparin sodium injection) - Shark attacks blood clots in bloodstream
Lyophilisat oral; MSD - Snowflake; RX for Parkinson's disease (con/rev)
NIR Royal™ - Gold plated angioplasty stent (used in coronary arteries) floats
NaturVet; - Arthritic Labrador floats past text of "ArthriSoothe-GOLD"; exits leaping
Norvasc® (amlodipine besylate) - A prescription pill floats past background of brand name - Pouncing leopard floats to text "NovoRapid (insulin aspart)"
Orfiril® long 300/500/1000mg - Pills spill out of Orfiril® bottle; RX for epilepsy
OrthoCor® Plus - Red tablets (rx for heart) float in front of others
Oxytrol® (Oxybutynin Transdermal System) - Logo floats past green bkgd; RX for overactive bladder
PK-Levo® - Green silhouette of man walks toward text; neurological RX
Prandin, repaglinde tablets, novo nordisk® - Two men pull a long rope
Predni-Opthal® Gel - Tube of Predni-Optahl® Gel floats
Propalin; Urinary Incontinence Management - Puppy creates a puddle in front of couch (con/rev)
Prospan® - 3 frogs float past lilypads; natural medicine for coughs
Suprax® cefixime tablets, 400 mg - Suprax pill floats between day & night
Synthélabo; Division Systéme Nerveux Central - Clear barrel; green human figure with red heart floats
Trenantone® Takeda Pharma - Syringe floats from behind logo; urological RX
Ultiva remifentanil, GlaxoSmithKline - Sleeping patient floats behind long; exits refreshed; RX for heavy sleep
Vaxar® Zum Vaxar Verschriben - Pill with shark's fin floats in sky; RX for lower respiratory tract
Venflon™(decal)B-D, The No. 1 choice for I.V. Cannulae! - Large needle floats from Dr's hands to patient's arm
Venofundin® B Braun; Sharing Expertise - Surf floats past arrows & IV bag; RX for plasma volume replacement
Votum® plus - Ape's face floats past numbered scale; RX to lower blood pressure; A Tribute to Dorothy Hodgkin - Molecule floats between a cell & a protein crystal; Dorothy Hodgkin's photo in background
No Caption - Pharmaceutical lab logo floats; clear barrel


Bald Eagle - Bald eagle flies past mountains towards mate perched on branch
Bees - Three bees buzz by blossoms
Butterflies - Four butterflies fly amont flowers, branches & other butterflies
Dachshund, doxie, hot dog, wiener dog - Dachshunds roll bright colored ball back & forth
Dolphins - Two dolphins leap over a pod of six others
Dolphins, Intelligent, Curious, Playful Mammals - Four dolphins leap; 4 others in foreground; 3 others in background
I ♥ Dolphins - Lone dolphin floats past pod of dolphins
Elephants - Baby elephant and father approach each other
Grizzly Bear, North Am Wildlife* up to 8 ft 800 lbs - Grizzly & cub; others fishing in stream
Hold Your Horses - Horse runs out of barn
Humpback Whale - Humpback floats past two others; seagull & driftwood in frgd
I Love Horses - Rider and horse walk past horse ranch
Lions; King of the Beasts - Male & female lions walk past others
Monkeys; It's a Jungle Out There - Two monkeys swing from vine to vine; others in foreground
North American Buffalo - Buffalo and calf walk thru prairie
Octopus - Octopus floats along ocean floor; starfish, mushroom & sea urchin in frgd
Parrots - Parrot flies among others perched in trees
Penguins - Family of three penguins walks on ice past others
Penguins - Magellanic penguin dives into water; others in background
Penguins - 2 emperor penguins walk from behind iceberg; 2 penguins in right foreground
(Penguins) No caption; Jack Keely - Penguin floats from igloo to pile of snow (v)
(Penguins) No caption - 3-D penguin figure floats among icebergs
Polar Bears - Polar bear and cub in zoo habitat
Sea Life - Shark swims past visitors in aquarium
Seamonsters; "Undersea Dinosaurs" - Elasmosaurus frolic undewater; colorful plantlife in bkgd
Snakes, Limbless Reptiles - Snake slithers thru desert; cactus & snakes in frgd
Whales, Giants of the Deep - Four whales leap; lighthouse in frgd
Wolves - Two wolves run past lake and mountains
Zebras - Zebra and colt at watering hole with others


adult swim
adult swim; Cartoon Network - (Space Ghost Coast to Coast) Zorak approaches Space Ghost seated at talk-show desk
adult swim; Cartoon Network (The Brak Show) - Brak waves and floats past his parents sitting on sofa
adult swim; Cartoon Network (Harvey Birdman, Atty at Law) - Falcon secretary Avenger flies across office towards Harvey
adult swim; Cartoon Network (Aqua Teen Hunger Force) - Meatwad floats in pool as Frylock & Master Shake look on
adult swim; Cartoon Network (Sea Lab 2021) - Dr. Quinn swims underwater; Debbie DuPree & Dr. Quinn in right foreground

Animaniacs© - Yakko rises up towards the Warner Bros. Tower (v)
Animaniacs© - Wakko rises up towards the Warner Bros. Tower (v)
Animaniacs© - Dot rises up towards the Warner Bros. Tower (v)
Animaniacs© - Dot moves across bkgd of "I'm the Cute One"; speckled with hearts (v)
Animaniacs© - Brain rises up from test tube in ACME lab where Pinky observes (v)

Archie© - Archie daydreams of Betty and Veronica, "She loves me" thought-balloons
Archie© - Archie and gang moves pass word balloons
Archie© - Archie, sprawled out, floats past 5 comic book panels
Archie© - Archie falls into Betty's arms (v)
Archie© - Veronica sighs, "Oh Archie" as she floats towards Archie (v)
Archie© - Submarine sandwich floats pass Jughead in Pops shop
Archie© - Jughead reaches for an ice cream cone (v)

--Astro Boy--
Astro Boy© - Popular Japanese cartoon hero blasts into space
Astro Boy© - Astro Boy flies past text "Astro Boy" towards rival (Chinese)

Babar™ - Babar celebrates a birthday
Babar™ - Babar dances across piano keys
Babar™ - Babar picnics at the beach
Babar™ - Babar dressed in painter's smock, paints at easel
Babar™ - Barbar in hot-air balloon floats past apartment windows

Bagpuss© - BBC's children show; Bagpuss floats on rug to Janiemouse
Bagpuss© - Professor Yaffle holding book floats toward Bagpuss

Batman™ - Batman runs thru city towards the Bat Signal
Batman™ - Batman costumed in blue cape; floats down chimney (v)
Batman™ - Batman's arm and fist extends to punch Joker's face
Batman™ - Batman approaches Batmobile; tiled Bat logos in bkgrd
Batman™ - Clear barrel - Batman, full-length, floats (v)
Batman™ - Full-length body of Joker floats past text "Ha! Ha! Ho!"

---Beavis & Butthead©---
Chicago Wind is Cool - Beavis and Butthead follow girl as wind kicks up her skirt
Kickin' Butt Chicago Style - Beavis and Butthead as gangsters armed with machine guns

--Beatrix Potter--
Beatrix Potter© - Peter Rabbit and friends; Beatrix Potter logo floats

--Betty Boop--
Betty Boop© - Betty rises up from inkwell; checkerboard background (v)
Betty Boop© - Betty walks up yellow brick road dress as Dorothy from Wizard of Oz (v)
Betty Boop© - Betty dressed in Hawaiian hula skirt; Bimbo plays ukelele; sunset; palmtrees (v)
Betty Boop© - Betty dressed in baseball uniform at bat (v)
Betty Boop© - Betty dressed as Santa, delivers gifts; floats in/out of chimney (v)
Betty Boop© - Betty in red swimsuit floats past 3 playing cards (v)
Betty Boop© - Betty exits convertible to attend Hollywood premiere
Betty Boop© - Betty dressed as mermaid swims; octopus in frgd (v)
Betty Boop© - Betty dressed as leprechaun; green glitter floats (v)
Betty Boop© - Betty rises up from champagne glass (v)
Betty Boop© - Betty dances on piano keys (v)
Betty Boop© - Betty in sailor hat rides "Boop Sloop"; 3 dolphins
Betty Boop© - Betty in Parisan outfit, floats in front of Eiffel Tower (v)
Betty Boop© - Betty sits in swing, held by a star; planets & stars (v)
Betty Boop© - Betty skates on ice pond; snowflakes (v)
Biker Betty© - Betty rides motorcycle; map in bkgd; compass in frgd (v)
Betty Boop© - Betty & Cable Car float down the Crookedest Street, San Francisco
Betty Boop© - Koko the Clown rises out of inkwell (v)
Betty Boop by Betty's Store, SF CA 94110 ©KFS 1986 - Betty rises from a birthday cake holding balloons (v)
Betty Boop© - Tip n Strip - Betty undresses from her short strapless black dress
Here Comes the Boop - Betty dressed in wedding gown (v)
No caption: Beety Boop, ©KFS 1986 - Betty as Marilyn Monroe floats in clear barrel
No caption; Betty Boop, © KFS 1986 - Betty carries a big red heart with text "Boop oop a doop"

--Cabbage Patch Kids--
Cabbage Patch Kids®, Babyland General Hospital - Stork delivers doll; baby patch

--Captain Scarlet--
Captain Scarlet ©ITC - Gerry Anderson's Capt Scarlet; Spectrum's #1 agent; Spectrum Patrol Car
Captain Scarlet ©ITC - Capatain Blue, Spectrum's fearless pilot; Maximum Security Vehicle
Captain Scarlet ©ITC - Captain Magenta, Senior Staff Officer & Field Agent
Captain Scarlet ©ITC - Lieutenant Green; Spectrum's Comm & Info Officer; Angel Interceptor
Captain Scarlet ©ITC - Captain Black; enemy Mysterons Agent

Casimir - European children's orange dinosaur tosses ball to friend

Casper, The Friendly Ghost© - Casper flies from behind clouds
Casper, The Friendly Ghost© - Casper flies from Fri, 13th calendar page to black cat (v)
Casper, The Friendly Ghost© - Startled Casper & friend stands in front of house; full moon
Casper, The Friendly Ghost© - Little boy holds kite string attached to a flying Casper (v)
Casper, The Friendly Ghost© - Casper ascends from behind a ghostly haunted house (v)
Casper, The Friendly Ghost© - Casper ascends in cloudy sky holding 3 balloons (v)
Casper, The Friendly Ghost© - Casper pops out from behind jack o'lantern; crescent moon(v)

Catdog© Viacom - Nickelodeon's Catdog, wearing scuba gear, swim underwater

Clangers© - 1970's British children's TV; Clangers ride in skyboat
Clangers© - Clangers watch rocketship blast off

--Curious George--
Curious George™ - Curious George chases the Big Yellow Hat; grassy hill (tw & ck)
Curious George™ - Curious Geroge fishes off pier; fish floats (tw & ck)
Curious George™ - Curious Geroge is lifted up by balloons; cloudy sky (tw & ck)

Diddl® - Diddl presents flower to his shy friend (tw & ck)
Diddl® - Diddl hangs onto an arrow headed for a target's bullseye (tw & ck)
Diddl® - Diddl with lifesaver floats above water; fish (tw & ck)
Diddl® - Dolphin curls up with Diddl; stars (tw & ck)
Diddl® - Diddle rides a magic carpet (tw & ck)
Diddl® - Three penguins join Diddl parading (tw & ck)
Diddl® - Diddl & friend fall over watefall in barrel (v)
Diddl® - Diddl lays listless on tree trunk floating at sea
Diddl® - Ice cream cone with wings flies toward Diddl
Diddl® - Diddl & companion relax in row boat; butterfly
Diddl® - Diddl presents daisy to a startled rabbit
Diddl® - Hearts float out of book opened by Diddl
Diddl® - Flying insect chases a fearful Diddl
Diddl® - Diddl pets black sheep
Diddl® - Diddl dressed as a clown with two other clowns
Diddl® - Diddl chases a runaway 3-tiered cake
Diddl® - Diddl rides a rickshaw pulled by his friend
Diddl® - Diddl floats in inflatable ring, sipping drink
Diddl® - Diddl as Robin Hood, shoots arrow into funnel
Diddl® - Diddl with wings, rest on crescent moon
Diddl® - Diddl approaches a fish with a flower
Diddl® - Diddl approaches a hedgehog with a gift
Diddl® - Diddl and friend ride a Vespa

--Dr. Who™ --
Dr. Who™ - Dr. Who tips hat; Tardis ship floats vertically
Dr. Who™ - Dr. Who's nemesis, the Daleks, float in front of others
Dr. Who™ - Ben & Polly flee from Cyberman with guns drawn
Dr. Who™ - Three Daleks float outside of Parliament
Dr. Who™ - Pondering Doctor floats towards Bessie
Dr. Who™ - Doctor in center frgd; floating Scaroth holding weapon
Dr. Who™ - Doctor dressed in black orchid costume floats behind moon
Dr. Who™ - Davros floats in front of Kaled City
Dr. Who and the Daleks - The cyber robotic time machine floats past 3 scene panels
Dr. Who and the Daleks - The pepperpot-shaped Dalek from Skaro wields weapon in his conquest
Daleks, Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. - Daleks in the underground complex
Daleks, Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. - Bomb floats with Daleks nearby; gauge in left frgd

--Droopy™ --
Droopy™ & ©WB - Droopy floats from cloudy sky to a bed of tacks

--Felix the Cat--
Felix the Cat™&© - Felix daydreams of Kitty; red hearts in bkgrd (v)
Felix the Cat™&© - Felix rides a magic carpet
Felix the Cat™&© - Felix rides a hot air balloon floating past apartment windows (v)
Felix the Cat™&© - Felix snorkels towards a treasure chest
Felix the Cat™&© - Felix dressed in tuxedo dances on piano keys
Felix the Cat™&© - Felix surfs the waves
Clear barrel -"Felix TCP, Inc. by Bright Ideas" on barrel - Felix juggles stars; glitter floats

Flintstones® - Fred slides down bowling alley with fingers stuck in ball
Flintstones® - Fred swings baseball bat as Dino pitches
Flintstones® - Car carrying Flintstones & Rubbles drives towards the Drive In Movie
Flintstones® - Dino greets Fred as he arrives home
Flintstones® - Fred mows the front lawn (keychain)
No caption - "Canada's Wonderland" on barrel - Fred floats; clear bkgrd (v) (China)

Gelini® - Grinning German bear character floats among others
Gelini® - Gelini logo floats past many bear faces
Gelini® - Gelini bear says "Ich liehe dich!" (I love you!)
Gelini® - Gelini parachutes down landing in flower field
Gelini® - Gelini scuba dives; beach ball in foreground
Gelini® - Gelini scuba dives; sea weed (v)
Gelini® - Gelini and friend pilot twin-engine plane
Gelini® - Gelini and heart float amidst red hearts
Gelini, Taucher Kaffee (Diver Coffee) - Gelini floats in a cup of coffee
Gelini, jetzt Blubber Fix (Now, bubble fix) - Gelini scrubs dishes; bubbles

Gumby; by Bright Ideas ©Art Clokey 1987 - Gumby & Pokey ride surfboards on waves
Gumby; by Bright Ideas ©Art Clokey 1987 - Gumby holds balloons as he floats down to birthday cake (v)
Clear barrel; ©Art Clokey 1987 (decal) - Gumby waves Clear barrel; ©Art Clokey 1987 (decal) - Gumby holds red heart; red hearts in background
Clear barrel; ©Art Clokey 1987 (decal) - Gumby's rival, Blockhead floats

Gundam; Mobile Suit ; Seika Co. Ltd - Mobile Armor
Gundam; Mobile Suit ; Seika Co. Ltd - British Strategy
Gundam; Mobile Suit ; Seika Co. Ltd - GM Team
Gundam; Mobile Suit ; Seika Co. Ltd - Dione MS
Gundam; Mobile Suit ; Seika Co. Ltd - RX-78
Gundam; Mobile Suit ; Seika Co. Ltd - Last Shooting
Gundam; Mobile Suit ; Seika Co. Ltd - MS deck of the white base
Gundam; Mobile Suit ; Seika Co. Ltd - RX Team
Gundam; Mobile Suit ; Seika Co. Ltd - GM versus ZGOG
Gundam; Mobile Suit ; Seika Co. Ltd - CHAR's MS
Gundam; Mobile Suit ; Seika Co. Ltd - Hermes
Gundam; Mobile Suit ; Seika Co. Ltd - Zaku
Gundam; Mobile Suit ; Seika Co. Ltd - Zaku Strategy
Gundam; Mobile Suit ; Seika Co. Ltd - Space battle

--Harry Potter--
Harry Potter™ - Harry wields his sword against the evil serpent (v)

--Harvey Comics--
Harvey Comics - Richie Rich's arm extends to grab falling money

--Hello Kitty--
Hello Kitty ©1976,2000 Sanrio (decal) - Clear barrel; Kitty as mermaid floats past English Bobbies
Hello Kitty(decal); Friends are the best present! ©76, '07 Sanrio Co., LTD - Hello Kitty & black cat enters house; snowman in frgd (Non-E)

--Hello Sunshine-- (by Dutch artist, Leendert Jan Vis)
Hello Sunshine™ Paperclip Int'l® - Superhero bear, Bossibear, rescues another in distress
Hello Sunshine™ Paperclip Int'l® - Giraffe, Olaf, wearing helmet races on motorbike
Hello Sunshine™ Paperclip Int'l® - Bono bear carries puzzle piece to another bear
Hello Sunshine™ Paperclip Int'l® - Two bears holding magnets are attracted to each other

--Hot Stuff--
Hot Stuff - The little devil dives into Hell's fiery flames

--Ivor the Engine--
Ivor the Engine - BBC's animated TV series about a small green locomotive

Jetsons® - Jetson family ride their spaceship with Astro in tow

--Jonny Quest--
Jonny Quest® - Jonny climbs Haji's snake charmer's rope; desert scene

Kerokerokeroppi© - Keroppi rides bicycle followed by yellow bird
Route KR Keroppi© Time/ Sanrio - Keroppi drives red car; words "Get Your Kicks" trails

Kliban; B Kliban® - Kliban cat hulas past others wearing leis

--Land Before Time--
Land Before Time™ - Littlefoot walks past Cera & Petri; prehistoric bkgd

--Le Piaf--
Le Piaf© "La Piaf", Dan Salel, 2003 - The Sparrow chases after the "Flic" delivery truck

--Looney Tunes--
Looney Tunes™&© - Bugs Bunny lounges on surfboard carried by waves
Looney Tunes™&© - Bugs, in tuxedo, is surrounded by carrots (v)
Looney Tunes™&© - Pepe LePew floats towards amour; red hearts in bkgd (v)
Looney Tunes™&© - Porky Pig rises against blue & white checkered bkgd
Looney Tunes™&© - Sylvester's arm extends attempting to pluck Tweety out of his cage
Looney Tunes™&© - Sylvester's face scans sleepy Tweety in cage
Looney Tunes™&© - Sylvester's arm extends upwards into sleepy Tweety's cage (v)
Looney Tunes™&© - Henery Hawk rises out of barn towards Foghorn Leghorn (v)
Looney Tunes™&© - Wile E. Coyote's arm extends to push firecracker at Roadrunner (v)
Looney Tunes™&© - Wile E. Coyote, powered by rockets; approaches cliff's edge
Looney Tunes™&© - Tazmanian Devil dressed as cupid flies towards She-Devil
Looney Tunes™&© - Tazmanian Devil's arm extends to catch baseball (v)
Looney Tunes™&© - Taz, dressed in swim trunks, uses bodyboard to surf
Looney Tunes™&© - Michigan J. Frog sings "Hello My Baby" dancing on piano keys (v)

---Looney Tunes Olympic Pens---
"Athens to Atlanta" - Daffy Duck sprints from Greece
"Basketball" - Henery Hawk rides basketball shot by Foghorn Leghorn (v)
"Gymnastics USA" - Sylvester tries to grab Tweety performing on rings (v)
"Power Lift" - Taz's arms lift to raise bar bells; flag in bkgd (v)
"Soccer" - Bugs Bunny kicks soccer ball (v)
"Swimming" - Daffy Duck swims the length of the pool
"Team Trainer" - Michigan J. Frog's arm extends lifting barbells (v)

---Looney Tunes, Royal Caribbean, Duty Free Collection---
"Royal Caribbean, Bugs Bunny™" - Bugs lounges on hammock; cruise ship in bkgrd
"Royal Caribbean, Daffy Duck™" - Daffy carries suitcase boarding ship; "Bon Voyage"
"Royal Caribbean, Tweety & Sylvester™" - Tweety & Sylvester lounge on ship's sundeck
"Royal Caribbean, Roadrunner & Wile E. Coyote™" - Coyote chases Rdrunner in dining area
"Royal Caribbean, Marvin the Martian™" - Marvin plays with a beachball on the beach
"Royal Caribbean, Tasmanian Devil™" - Taz waterskis

--Marvin the Martian--
Marvin the Martian™&© - Marvin on spaceship soars past planets
Marvin the Martian™&© - Marvin zooms thru space in yellow polka dotted spaceship
Marvin the Martian™&© - Marvin rises from dog towards outer space (v)

--Moomin-- (Moomintroll books by Finnish author Tove Jansson)
Moomin - Moomin & Snork Maiden float in rising bubbles; Moomin Mamma in frgd (keychain)
Moomin - Moomin plays with 3 yellow canaries (keychain)
No caption; clear barrel - Moomin Troll floats
No caption; clear barrel - Moomin Pappa floats
No caption; clear barrel - Moomin Mamma floats
No caption; clear barrel - Snufkin floats
No caption; clear barrel - Sniff floats
No caption; clear barrel - Little My floats

--Mr. Bean--
Mr. Bean© - Mr. Bean in running pose (keychain) (v)
Mr. Bean© - Mr. Bean posed with hand in pocket (keychain) (v)
Mr. Bean© - Mr. Bean posed with hand in pocket (toothbrush) (v)

--Mr. Roger's Neighborhood--
Mr. Roger's Neighborhood - Red trolley drives thru the neighborhood

Muppets!, The © & ™ 1993 Jim Henson Productions Inc. - Kermit & Miss Piggy ride bicycles thru park towards Fozzie on bench

--Old School--
Old School ©Dreamworks, Beanie - Vince Vaugh, as Beanie, is stripped down to boxers
Old School ©Dreamworks, Mitch - Will Farrell, as Mitch, is stripped down to boxers

--Paddington Bear--
Paddington™ - Paddington Bear carries suitcase walking towards train station
Paddington™ - Paddington Bear carries suitcase walking past London landmarks

Camp Snoopy, Peanuts© UFS, Inc. - Snoopy runs around the baseball field; gang in outfield
Camp Snoopy, Peanuts© UFS, Inc. - Snoopy paddles canoe past Charlie Brown in frgd
Camp Snoopy, Peanuts© UFS, Inc. - Snoopy & Woodstock joyfully run thru amusement park
Knotts Berry Farm® - Snoopy paddles canoe across Camp Snoopy
Knotts Berry Farm® - Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus & Sally walk thru Camp Snoopy
Knotts Berry Farm® - Snoopy & Woodstock's friends walk thru Camp Snoopy
Knotts Berry Farm® - Snoopy as the Red Baron battles other fighter planes
Knotts Berry Farm® - Charlie Brown walks across yard towards Snoopy asleep on doghouse
The Flying Ace, Peanuts© UFS, Inc. - Snoopy as the Red Baron battle fighter planes
Snoopy Town Shop, Harajuku, Peanuts© - School bus drives past Peanuts Gang

--Pippi Longstocking--
Pippi Longstocking; Astrid Lindgrens Vard® Emil...! - Pippi on bicycle
Pippi Longstocking; Brakmakargatan - Man chases Emil

Popeye® - Popeye extends arm lifting barbell to impress Olive Oyl
Popeye® - Popeye punches Bluto rising towards top of carnival game bell
Popeye® - Sweet Pea crawls to Olive Oyl holding can of spinach
Popeye® - Wimpy rises from table full of hamburgers (v)

--Prisoner™ (The)--
The Prisoner - White balloons chase Prisoner #6 behind village scene; exits #6 captured in balloon
The Prisoner - White balloon chases Prisoner past penguins, tiger, giraffe, panda, etc.

--Red Dwarf©--
Red Dwarf© - Cult British Sci-fi; Lister & Rimmer's faces in frgd; Red Dwarf ship in space
Red Dwarf© - Cat & Kochanski's faces in frgd; Starbug floats

Rugrats in Paris The Movie - Tommy, Chuckie & Kimi float past Eiffel Tower, Angelica, Didi & Stu Pickles

The Simpsons™, Matt Groening - Family takes Sunday drive down Springfield street
The Simpsons™, Matt Groening - Nearly naked Homer floats past donuts and candy hearts
The Simpsons™, Matt Groening - Homer floats in polluted pond; Bart splashes
The Simpsons™, Matt Groening - Marge's hair grows, inhabited by Maggie & Snowball (v)
The Simpsons™, Matt Groening - Bart skateboards down curvy path; Santa's Lil Helper in frgd (v)
The Simpsons™, Matt Groening - Lisa as mermaid; Bart drowns; 3-eyed fish (v)
The Simpsons, 100% Fresh - Homer strips down to a thong (con/rev)
The Simpsons, Eat My Shorts - Bart strips down to a thong (con/rev)

Scooby-Doo!™ - Scooby-Doo and Shaggy run past ghosts thru graveyard

--Speed Racer--
Speed Racer™&© - Speed Racer jumps into his Mach 5 race car
Speed Racer™&© - Speed Racer zooms past Racer X's black racing car
Speed Racer™&© - Mach 5 races toward man waving finishing flag; text in bkgd
Speed Racer™&© - Mach 5 races toward man waving finishing flag; crowd in bkgd
•Racer X™&© - Racer X with smoking gun, rises from his #9 race car (v)

--Star Trek--
Star Trek™ - Captain Kirk is beamed thru the transporter (v) (tw & ck)
Star Trek™ - Mr. Spock is beamed thru the transporter (v)(tw & ck)
Star Trek™ - Dr. McCoy is beamed thru the transporter (v)(tw & ck)
Star Trek™ - Chekhov is beamed thru the transporter (v) (tw & ck)
Star Trek™ - Uhura is beamed thru the transporter (v) (tw & ck)
Star Trek™ - U.S.S. Enterprise travels in space (tw & ck)
Star Trek Communicator - Ship travels in space; planet in foreground
Star Trek™ Voyager - Voyager travels in space (tw & ck)
Star Trek™, Deep Space Nine - Defiant dodges its way thru wormhole (tw & ck)
Star Trek™, The Next Generation - Enterprise travels in space (tw & ck)

--Star Wars--
Star Wars Insider - Luke Skywalker escapes Sand People in his landspeeder
Star Wars Racer, Episode I - 3 pod racers compete at race (Taiwan)

Stingray - Gerry Anderson's marionette Marina swims to join Troy Tempest in left frgd

Superman® DC Comics, Inc. - Superman flies past Metropolis' skyline
Superman - Superman, w/ outstretched arms, begins to fly (Non-E)
Superman - Superman hovers over the streets of Metropolis (Non-E)

--Sylvester & Tweety--
Sylvester & Tweety - Tweety pulls Sylvester's tail; living room in background

Taz™ & ©WB - Tazmanian Devil is ready to devour a ham & apple; bushes

--Thomas & Friends--
Thomas & Friends - Thomas Tank floats past other locomotives

--Three Little Pigs--
The Three Little Pigs -no caption/clear barrel - Figurine of the 3rd Little Pig

--The Three Stooges--
The Three Stooges™© - Moe's head floats; "Just Say Moe!" in background
The Three Stooges™© - 3 Stooges ride a rocket to the moon
The Three Stooges™© - Moe's arm reaches to grab Larry's hair
The Three Stooges™© - A thrown pie is targeted for Curly Joe
The Three Stooges™© - Wolfman attacks 3 Stooges from behind
•Floaty Nation™, Go With the Flow - Moe throws a pie at Larry

--The Thunderbirds--
Thunderbirds™ - Pilot Scott Tracy in foreground; Thunderbird 1 prepares to launch
Thunderbirds™ - Pilot Virgil Tracy in foreground; Thunderbird 2 prepares to launch
Thunderbirds™ - Astronaut Alan Tracy in foreground; Thunderbird 3 prepares to launch
Thunderbirds™ - Aquanaut Gordon Tracy in foreground; Thunderbird 4 prepares to launch
Thunderbirds™ - Space Monitor John Tracy in foreground; Thunderbird 5 prepares to launch
Thunderbirds™ - Agent Lady Penelope in foreground; FAB1 Rolls Royce drives past Creighton-Ward mansion
Thunderbirds™ are go!; Bravo (decal) - Thunderbird 3 blasts off into space

--Tom and Jerry™--
Tom and Jerry™ & © WB - Tom chases Jerry carrying piece of cheese into mouse hole

--The Triangle--
Triangle (The); Coming in December; SciFi - Ship floats into the Bermuda Triangle; TV Mini-series on SciFi Channel

UltraMan© Seika Ltd Co. (Japanese text) - Head shots of the Ultra-hero group from the Japanese live action show float
UltraMan ©1972; Seika Ltd Co. (Japanese text) - Ultraman Ace fight several monsters
UltraMan ©1973; Seika Ltd Co. (Japanese text) -

--Woody Woodpecker--
Woody Woodpecker™ - Woody, as mad scientist, works in laboratory (tw & ck)
Woody Woodpecker™ - A determined Woody makes a dive; words "Dive!" in bkg (tw & ck)

--Yogi Bear--
Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park Camp Resorts - Yogi & Boo Boo steal picnic baskets


Aerosmith/ - Steven Tyler performs on stage; fans applaud in foreground

Alan Jackson - Country singer, Alan Jackson, floats in reclined position

Alfred Hitchcock, Drama is life...™ - Caricature of Hitchcock; 6 B&W panels (tw & ck)

Angelyne - Huge billboard of Angelyne travels down Hollywood street
Angelyne - Angelyne undresses to reveal furry, pink bikini (tip 'n strip)

Beatles, Abbey Road - Beatles walk across famous crosswalk; album cover
• Abbey Road - The Beatles crossing Abbey Road; VW Bug in background
Beatles Anthology - Bicycle floats over collage of Beatles album covers & photos
Beatles (Autograph Pen) - Pictures of John, George, Paul & Ringo and their autographs
Beatles, Yellow Submarine - Yellow sub floats past Beatles' faces in windows; fish in frgd
The Beatles Story, Albert Dock, Liverpool - Yellow Submarine floats past Beatles Museum
The Beatles Return to Liverpool - Yellow car transports Beatles across Liverpool

Britney Spears; Tour 2009 - Britney with outstretched arms float; text "circus" in background

Cardigans (The); first band on the moon; Mercury - Space shuttle leaves earth, headed for moon

Dale Earnhardt, 3 - Dale Earnhardt's Chevy Lumina #3 races around track; crowd

Elvis Presley©, The King of Rock & Roll - Elvis performs on stage in front of fans
•All Shook Up™ - Elvis performs on stage; other Elvis images
•Blue Suede Shoes™ - B&W image of Elvis in foreground; blue glitter
•Graceland™ - Elivs strums guitar in front of Graceland
•Graceland™ - Pink Cadillac drives past Graceland
•Great Impersonators - 5 Elvis impersonators perform on stage
•Hound Dog™ - Elvis in foreground; gold LP floats' more LP's in background
•Jail House Rock™ - Elvis dances with other cellmates
•Love Me Tender™ - Elvis with guitar in foreground; gold LP floats
•Loving You - Elvis with microphone floats past Graceland
•Teddy Bear™ - Headshot of Elvis in foreground; teddy bear holds LP
•No caption; Elvis - Clear barrel; Elvis in gold suit; gold glitter

Grandaddy (decal); Sumday - Swan swims past others in pond

Grateful Dead - Six bears logo float past band performing on stage

John Waters - Director John Waters' head floats in bubble; water, waves in background

Jamie Oliver; 100% GM Free - Of "Naked Chef" fame; pants drop to reveal large carrot in groin area (con/rev)

Kylie (Minogue) - Australian pop singer's dress disappears (con/rev)

Madonna - Tip n Strip - Madonna undresses to reveal all

Marilyn Monroe (no caption) - Marilyn as painted by Andy Warhol (con/rev)

Melissa Etheridge Information Network - Melissa & band perform in front of excited fans

Prince (singing artist) - Prince plays guitar (con/rev) (Vicki pen)

rosie, keep it real - Rosie O'Donnell's face floats past Marjorie & staff

Stella McCartney - 4 pink silhouttes of models walk down runway

Stereophonics, Mr. Writer - Promo for CD; 4 door sedan drives past snowflakes

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