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Eskesen is a Danish manufacturer based in St. Merløse, Denmark.
Since its foundation in 1946, the company has worked with
oil-filled products with moving designs.
These are sold under the photoramic® trademark, but the name,
"Floating Action" is widely used.
The products have a transparent plastic barrel,
the "Design Barrel", in which the moving part of the product can be seen when the product is tilted.

In the 1960's, Eskesen was the first company in the world to
develop acrylic keyrings and bottle-openers with design films moulded-in! Today, Eskesen products are exported to more
than 60 countries around the world.

Eskesen produces and markets the products listed below.
These have moving designs on film (hence the name photoramic®)
and all of them use a mineral oil that is harmless to both the
environment and humans.

• Ballpoint pens with click-top or twist-barrel tip.
• Cylinder-formed bottle-openers with metal levers.
• Letter-openers with metal or plastic blades.
• Keyrings.
• Screwdrivers.
• Toothbrushes.
• Combi - combination of keychain and pen.

Other Interesting Facts

• Peder Eskesen, a local baker, invented the floating-action pen.
Although the original idea was not his, Eskesen found a method to
prevent the leaking mineral oil, thus, inventing the sealing process.

• Esso, an oil company, was Eskesen's first client. Esso contracted
him to depict a pen with a bobbing oil drum.

• For over 50 years, the company has produced more than half a billion pens.

• As a leader in the tip 'n' strip pens, 4 to 5 million are sold yearly.

• The United States is Eskesen's biggest customer.

• Approximately 50 new designs are created each week.

• 150 employees produce the pens at the plant while over
100 families a day assemble the pen parts by hand into
the finished products, right in their own homes.

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