Here are a few images of my treasured floaties.....

Royal Caribbean Duty Free Collection
---Bugs Bunny lounges on hammock; cruise ship in background
---Daffy Duck boards ship carrying suitcase; Bon Voyage banner
---Sylvester sips drink while lounging; Tweety sunbathes on pool deck
---Coyote, wielding knife, chases Roadrunner thru dining area
(4 pens shown; 6 pens in set)

Southern California
Beachgoer photographs friend surfing at a crowded beach

ABC Stores, Hawaii
ABC Stores' logo floats over map of Hawaiian islands

Batman runs toward the Bat Signal past cityscape

The popular Japanese cartoon hero blasts into space passing planets, rockets, etc.

Het Land van Ooit Drunen
Two ice cream cones float by the face of Kloontje

Universal Studios, Florida®
From the movie, "Back To The Future",
the De Lorean time travels between past and future

Mann's Chinese Theatre, Hollywood, California
The famous Hollywood landmark

Miller's Outpost®
It's a Free Country,
Dress Accordingly™

Anchor Blue rocketship
blasts off into space

Mr. Bean©

Full-length pose of
Mr. Bean played by
Rowan Atkinson

Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, Ca
Yellow moon floats behind the observatory

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