Among other collections I continually add to, Felix the Cat comes in
very close to the floaties. Spotting Felix in a floaty, displayed in a little boy's
collection at the L.A. County Fair, is what inspired me to start collecting
float pens!
Two great objects combined into one!

Felix the Cat™©
--Felix, dressed in swim trunks, surfs
--Felix takes a magic carpet ride

Felix the Cat™©

--Felix scuba dives for treasure
--Felix rides hot-air balloon past apartment windows
--Felix is showered with floating glitter
--Felix dressed in top hat, dances on piano keys

Other Felix The Cat objects in my collection.......

Felix The Cat Wind-up Tin Speedboat by Schylling (top)
Felix The Cat Pencil Box by Ellon (bottom)
©Felix The Cat Productions, Inc.™

Felix Coin Purse (left)
Felix Fork & Spoon Set by OSK (right)
©1987 Felix The Cat Productions, Inc.

©Felix The Cat Productions, Inc.™
1st row; L to R: Felix Head by Ata-boy Inc.; Bag of Tricks by Ata-Boy, Inc.
2nd row; L to R: by Ata-Boy, Inc.; by Ephemera, Inc.; by Ephemera, Inc.
Licensed by Determined Productions, Inc.®

More Felix Collectibles

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