.......You won't want to miss these floaty links......

Los Angeles Maritime Museum, San Pedro, CA
Titanic heads for iceberg

Akira Circus
Altho' some of us are unable to read Japanese, everyone will enjoy Akira's pen gallery!

Ber te Mebel's Duplicate Pens Trade List
Ber, from the Netherlands, shares his passion with us!

Biggy's Float Pen Trade List
Biggy's impressive website from Germany....take a look!

Conny's Homepage
From Germany.....click on Tausch-Börse on Conny's website for her trading list!

Craig's No Frills Float Pen Duplicates Trading List
Let's do some trading! Scour Craig's list to score some great pens!

Float Pen Collectors Unite at Float About
Read the newsletter, "Float About"! Buy, trade and learn!

Floaty Pen Page
Learn the history of the Eskesen pens.....Trade list included!

Floaty Pen Zone
Straight from England, visit Stephen Kenneth's site, a collector since 1988!

Haruo Funatsu's Floatpens
Enjoy the float pen images on this page originating from Japan!

la collection de stylo interessant
Catch a flick at Autumn's page!

Mary Mc's Floaty Pens
An Elvis-sighting at Mary's collection!

Miranda's Floaty World
Miranda holds an extensive collection......take a peek!

Nancy's Floating Pens to Trade
A lengthy list of pens to trade!

Notre Collection de Stylos
Hailing from France......visit Frank's wonderful collection!

Ralf's Floaty Pen Page
Hailing from Germany...... Ralf's site is a pleasure to view!

Renee's Floaty Pen Page
Take a peek at this new site!

Root Beer Float Pen Club
Become a member of the Root Beer Float Pen Club!

Sara Etten's "My Floaty Pen Collection"
An artistic smiley floaty to behold!


Order vintage conceal/reveal pens directly from DynaPen!
Float Art Design
It's easy to design your own floaty!
Floaty Industries
Purchase the latest floaties!
Global Shake-up
Float pens and Snowdomes for purchase!
Idaho Center for the Book
Visit the first Floaty Pen Exhibit!
Ideal Motion Promotion
For your promotional needs!

Want To Trade?
My Personal Collection
Vote For Your Floaty
Treasured Floaties
Floating Felix & More
Pen-guin Club