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Jonah and the Whale


Bruyas Collection; (various art museums) - Mr. Courbet floats past text "Bonjour, Monsieur Courbet!"; photo
Degas and the Little Dancer - Edgar Degas' painting of the "Little Dancer"
• No caption; Degas' Little Dancer - The pretty Prima Ballerina floats
It's A Scream! - Edward Munch painting of an anxiety attack called "The Scream"
Night of the Tiki (by artist Shag) - Limited release in 2001 w/ book "Night of the Tiki"; tikis row canoe
No caption; Frida Kahlo - Portraits of the Mexican artist
No caption; Picasso - Two eyes float in search for a face
Norman Rockwell, The Saturday Evening Post - Artist at easel floats past 4 Rockwell paintings
Pierre-August Renoir (French 1841-1919) - Monet painting in his garden at Argenteuil, 1873
Vincent - Van Gogh's Sunflowers float down to vase
Vincent 1859-1890 - Paint brush floats past portrait of Vincent Van Gogh
No caption; Van Gogh Ears - Severed ear floats in front of Van Gogh's portrait
No caption; Bo Bendixen - Clear barrel; 4 cats by graphic artist & designer Bo Bendixen
No caption; Bo Bendixen - Clear barrel; 5 sailboats by graphic artist & designer Bo Bendixen
No caption; Bo Bendixen - Clear barrel; 6 bicycles by graphic artist & designer Bo Bendixen
No caption; Bo Bendixen - Clear barrel; 3 tigers by graphic artist & designer, Bo Bendixen


Benjamin Franklin; 1706-1790 - Kite flies towards lightning; Ben in lower frgd; (v)
Boston Tea Party Ship, Dec 16, 1773 - Crates of tea float from ship
Centennial of the Statue of Liberty 1886-1986 - Ship floats from France's flag & Eiffel Tower to US Flag & Statue of Liberty
Exxon Valdez, On the rocks, March 24, 1989 - Super tanker's oil spill in the Alaskan channel
History of America; George Washington Crossing the Delaware - George Washington crosses the Delaware
Lewis & Clark Expedition; 1803 Corps of Discovery 1806 - The boat, Discovery, floats along river
Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, April 18-19, 1775 - Paul Revere on horseback, rides through city
Millennium 2000, Basillica of Saint Mary - Doves fly to top of dome (v)
Napoleon 1769-1821 - Bust of Napoloeon floats among men in battlefield
Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria, Columbus Discovers America - Ships float across world map
R.M.S. Titanic, April 14, 1912 - Lifeboat floats from iceberg towards another; Titanic in background
Rock & Rover, July 4, 1997 - Yogi Rock & Mars Expolorer on exploration
Sept 11/2001 We Shall Never Forget! - Eagles flies past World Trade Center; Statue of Liberty
Slow Chase Speed, Los Angeles, CA North 405 - Al's Bronco floats down the 405 Freeway
Verdict #2 Is In, February 4, 1997 - OJ in Surburban floats past courthouse, etc.
We Can Do It! - "We Can Do It" thought balloon floats by Rosie the Riveter
"2000" - Clear barrel; 2000 Millenium with balloons in background; glitter
"2000", champagne & fireworks - 2000 floats in front of background of fireworks


Adventures of Huck Finn - Huckleberry Finn & Tom Sawyer float on raft; river
Alain Grée ©2009 Alain Grée and RicoBel; Sekiguchi - Curious boy, Pilou, floats past other characters and "Gens" (China)
Alain Grée ©2009 Alain Grée and RicoBel; Sekiguchi - Snail floats past Pilou and text "Les Animaux" (China)
Anne of Green Gables, Uncertain Feelings, Prince Edward Island, Canada - Anne on Prince Edward Island
• Green Gables, Prince Edward Island - Full-bodied Anne walks past Green Gables house
• Anne of Green Gables™ - Anne arrives in horse & buggy at Green Gables, Avonlea (Italy)
Barbapapa© 2007 A T & Kodansha - 1970's Children books by Annette Tison; family observes train
Barbapapa© 2007 A T & Kodansha - Cartoon Barbapapa family visit NYC; boat floats
Beatrix Potter© - Peter Rabbit and friends; Beatrix Potter logo floats
• Tale of Jemima Puddle Duck™- Jemima Puddle Duck walks on road towards gentlemanly fox
• Tale of Peter Rabbit™ - Peter Rabbit runs from McGregor's vegetable garden
Find a Way to Say Yes!!; www.yeslivesinthelandofno.com - Red "Yes" man walks past B&W men; "No" on L & R foregrounds
Freddy the Pig, A Children’s Book Series by Walter Brooks - Freddy; farm
Gersh Tales™ The Clandestine Order - Red headed boy rides vehicle past York Enterprises truck
H.C. Andersen, The Emperor's New Clothes - Emperor parades down street wearing new clothes
H.C. Andersen, The Little Mermaid - Little Mermaid tends to the nearly drowned Prince on sandy beach
H.C. Andersen (Nightingale)- Death's cold mist rises from behind nightingale to ill Emperor (v)
H.C. Andersen, Thumbelina - Butterfly pulls Thumbelina, seated on leaf, away from frog in pond
H.C. Andersen, The Tinder Box - Soldier marches by the 3 chests guarded by dogs
H.C. Andersen, The Ugly Duckling - Ugly duckling swims toward white swan
In the Night Kitchen, ©Maurice Sendak - Mickey flies his bread-dough plane out of the bakery
John Steinbeck (signature - Scene from "Travels with Charley"; green pick-up truck with camper; valley
Moomin - Moomin & Snork Maiden float in rising bubbles; Mamma in foreground (keychain)
Moomin - Moomin plays with 3 yellow canaries (keychain)
Moomin; ©Moomin Characters™ - Moomin rides in hot air balloon as friends watch (v)
Moomin; ©Moomin Characters™ - Moomin and Snufkin ride in boat (keychain)
• No caption, clear barrel - Moomin Troll floats; books by Finnish aurthor Tove Jansson
• No caption, clear barrel - Moomin Pappa floats
• No caption, clear barrel - Moomin Mamma floats
• No caption, clear barrel - Snufkin floats
• No caption, clear barrel - Sniff floats
• No caption, clear barrel - Little My floats
• No caption; clear barrel - Floren floats
Paperback® Dick Bruna - White silhouette of man holding book floats against "Paperback"
Royal Shakespeare Company - Hamlet sees his father's ghost floating by
Royal Shakespeare Company - Romeo ascends a balcony to join Juliet
Sherlock Holmes, Baker Street, London - Sherlock Holmes walks w/ magnifying glass; Dr. Watson in frgd
The Way Things Work, Friction, ©David Maccaulay - A mammoth is hoisted by a pulley (v)
The Way Things Work, Flying Mammoth, ©David Maccaulay - A mammoth, strapped with wings, flies out of barn
The Way Things Work, Energy on the Move, ©David Maccaulay - A mammoth drives a car thru the countryside
The Way Things Work, Wheels, ©David Maccaulay - A mammoth skateboards past Victorian houses
Where the Wild Things Are ©Maurice Sendak - Max & his dog playfully run across living room
Where the Wild Things Are ©Maurice Sendak - Max sails towards the Wild Things' island
Where the Wild Things Are ©Maurice Sendak - The Wild Things wave to Max as he sails home


Always Use a Condiment - Weiner with mustard floats into hot dog bun; pickles in frgd
Aquarius; Inventive, open-minded and lover; 21.01 -18.02 - Jug of water spills into pond
Ask Groundhog Phil: Will we have la niná or el nino? - Man pulls Phil out of Gobbler's Knob
Beer - Beer drinker holding mug floats past 12 beer mugs; keg in frgd
“Beverly” - name pen - conceal/reveal type
Bizet Carmen - Carmen dances up/down from Don Jose to the bullfighter, Escamillo
Brush! - Toothbrush plus food particles float past teeth
Caves & Caverns, Natural Wonders - Family of 3 tour caverns
Cancer; Caring, nurturing & loyal 22,06 - 22,07 - A lobster (s/b crab) floats on shore
Cocktail Lounge - 5 different cocktail glasses float past 1940's couple at bar
Crawl ‘Til You Bawl - Spelunkers crawl thru caves
Diploma, Very Well Done - Baker takes out graduates from oven
Dinosaurs - T-rex floats past volcano; Stegosaurus in right foreground
Dinosaurs - Stegosaurus floats past Brontosaurus; Triceratops in right foreground
Downsizing - Heavy woman enters healthspa; emerges fit & thin
Drive In - T-Rex chases damsel on drive-in theater screen
Everything's Just Ducky - 3 yellow ducks swim past man in tub
Fickle Floaty of Fate (The) - Answers are given similar to that of a Magic 8 Ball
Floaty Nation™, Go With the Flow - Dad flips steak in air while BBQing (v)
Floaty Nation™, Go With the Flow - Graduate walks to podium to receive diploma
Floaty Nation™, Go With the Flow - Grizzly bear chases campers out of tent
Floaty Nation™, Go With the Flow - Bowling ball strikes 7 pins
Floaty Nation™, Go With the Flow - Nickel floats between words "Heads" & "Tails"
Floaty Nation™, Go With the Flow - Surfer rides a wave
Floaty Nation™, Go With the Flow - Marlin leaps out of ocean; boat in background
Gemini; Creative, open, resourceful & witty, 22,05 - 21,06 - Twin faces float amidst flowers
Get Better Soon! - Thermometer reading reaches 112°
Get Out•Get Us Out and Stay Out! - Fire truck exits stations headed for fires
Get Your Kicks on Route 66 - Classic red Corvette floats past map of Route 66
“Gina” - name pen - conceal/reveal type
Good Coffee - Sleepy man emerges pepped up holding cup of coffee
Hey Wait, You Didn’t Take My Business Card/Atty at Law - Ambulance
High Bidder, I Won this on the Internet Auction - Postal worker delivers mail between seller & buyer
Hold Your Horses!! - Horse runs out of barn; designed by Lisa Rasmussen
Homeland Security Advisory System - Anxious citizen floats in front of terrorist alert chart (v)
I Have a Dream® - Dreamcatcher floats past desert scene; roadrunner in frg
I Love You - Couple, not talking, enter tunnel, exit in each others arms
I Love You (decal); No caption - Red & silver hearts float with red glitter
I ♥ (road sign of) Curves - Red Miata passes up other Miatas on road
I’ll Shout It From the Rooftops - Climber scales bldg shouts “Thank-You”
I Thee Wed - Groom’s arm extends to place ring on bride’s finger
I Want to Be With You - Cupid points arrow at man on bench floating to woman with open arms
I Would Rather Be Fishing - Fishermen in boat floats on lake
"If I Cannot Smoke Cigars in Heaven, I Shall Not Go", Mark Twain - Smoke floats; lit cigar
If Music Be the Food of Love, Play on; Wm Shakespeare - Instruments float past sheet music
It's a Boy - Stork carries a bundle of joy (con/rev)
It's a Girl - Stork carries a bundle of joy (con/rev)
It’s a Pig Pen!! - Pig runs out of barn
Junior Clasical League, We (Heart) Latin - 2 students in togas float past Coliseum
Keep in Touch - Michelangelo-type drawing of two hands about to touch
Let The Sun Shine Through - Mother & 2 duckings walk past Victorian houses; girl with umbrella in frgd
Martini Time - Green olives float to martini glass; lounge scene
mmmmmmm good! - Cow enters Meat Processing building; exits as hamburger sandwich
Museum of Wonder Wall - Man on knees in front of the Wonder Wall
Mysteries of Egypt - IMAX film; Egyptian boat floats on Nile
Nancy'sOffice@Can'tThrowAnythingAway.com; July 2008 - Bags, plants & documents float past cluttered office
Palm Size Investor’s Guide to Solid Investment Decisions - Stock market
Pteranodon - Dinosaur Pteranodon flies into body of water
“Robbie” - name pen - conceal/reveal type
“Robert” - name pen - conceal/reveal type
Rock Around the "Clock" - Jukebox floats past background of dancers (v)
Route 66, The American Legend - Red corvette floats past map of Route 66
Safe Sex, Get it up, Get it on, Get happy! - Translucent pink condom floats from package to smiling penis (v)
She was a head out the window.... - Car with dog's head out the window drives down sign-filled highway
Slot Jockey - Cartoonish cowboy straddles slot machines past casinos
Sometimes I’m Happy, Sometimes I’m NOT; Life - Smiley & Frown face
Southwest Charm - 2 Kokopellis against sunburst float past cacti & other icons
Stripper Screwdriver - Girl dresses/undresses (con/rev)
Stripper Pen - 1950’s females dress/undresess (tip ‘n strip)
Stripper Pen - Male in black shorts, undresses (tip ‘n strip)
Stripper Pen - Female in one piece swimsuit, undresses (tip ‘n strip)
Stripper Pen - Woman's dress disappears to undies as she speaks on phone
Stripper Pen - Woman's short nightie disappears to undergarments; gloves
Stripper Pen - Brunette girl loses her one piece swimsuit
Stripper Pen (cartoon drawing) - Blonde voluptuous girl loses clothes; hot flames in bkgd (con/rev)
Stripper Pen - Do You Want to See My….Christmas Tree? - Male in Santa Claus coat strips down to bare all
Stripper Pen - To All of You…..From All of Me - Blonde female in Santa hat, red dress & boots strips to bare all
Stripper Screwdriver - Girl dresses/undresses (con/rev)
Sweet on You! - Ice cream sundae floats past other ice cream treats (v)
Taking Care of Business - Taxpayer pushing wheelbarrel full of $ into IRS
There Is No Life Before Coffee - Coffee beans poured from spoon into bag
They’re Here - Aliens leave space ship with probes in hand
Titanic, A New Musical - Titanic floats against bkgd of NY scenery
Universe, The - Comet floats past Saturn & moons
W.A. Mozart; J.S. Bach; L. van Beethoven, etc. - Hands play along piano keys
Way Out! - 5 figures enter closet; emerges as Villiage People clones
We're a great pair! - Two pairs of shoes dance past juke box; records & notes in bkgd
You Have to Kiss Alot of Frogs - Frog floats toward Princess w/ puckered lips; exits as Prince
No Caption; clear barrel - Amber stones
No Caption; clear barrel - Figurine of a Beefeater
No caption; clear barrel - Figurine of a German woman in costume
No caption; clear barrel - Figurine of a uniformed military man
No Caption; clear barrel - Figurine of Napoleon
No Caption -clear barrel - Figurine of Sailor
No Caption -clear barrel - Figurine of a Scotsman
No Caption; clear barrel - Independence Day - Red, silver & blue glitter float; stationery people wave flag
No Caption; clear barrel - Pink ribbon is surronded by glitter; Breast Cancer awareness
No caption; clear barrel; red car - Gold glitter surrounds red 4-door sedan
No Caption; clear barrel - Seashells No Caption; clear barrel - Snowman; silver glitter floats as in snowdome effect
No Caption; clear barrel - Troll with pink hair floats
No Caption/Ants at a Picnic - Ants carry off fruit; ant says "Bon Appetit"
No Caption/Camping - Wood panel station wagon pulls trailer into forest; deer
No Caption/Golfing - Golf ball floats to hole; golfer's shoes; putter
No Caption/Graveyward - Purple hearse driven by skeleton drives through graveyard
No Caption/Humpty Dumpty - Humpty Dumpty falls from wall; thought balloon "oh no!"(v)
No caption/Junk Yard - Caveman & modern man float past prehistoric age to 21st century
No Caption/Lava Lamp - Green bubbles form on lava lamp (con/rev)
No Caption/Medical - - Woman enters X-ray machine; exits as skeleton
No Caption/Mice Exits Mousehole, Jack Keeley - Cat chases mouse into mouse hole
No Caption/Musical Notes - Hands holding drum sticks float past cymbal & drums
No Caption/Musical Notes - Hands move across keyboard; clef in frgd
No Caption/Musical Notes - Hands move up and down clarinet
No Caption/Musical Notes - Hand moves up and down cello (v)
No Caption/Musical Notes - Hand moves up and down guitar neck
No Caption/Piano Keys - Silver clef note float past written music
No Caption/Snack Cakes - Animal crackers float past Sno-balls, Ho-ho's, cupcakes
No Caption/Sushi - Sushi, ginger & wasabi float past more sushi
No Caption/Theatre Entrance/Albert Elovitz Inc. - Comedy & drama masks; curtains
No Caption/Tiki - Hula girl dances in front of volcano; Tiki god in bottom frgd
No Caption/Vacation/Globe, Woman, Luggage - Plane, boat & train pass globe of tourists & vacationeers
No Caption/Wedding - Groom flies toward Bride holding hearts; bells in right foreground
$ ($100 bills in bkgd) - "I ♥ $" floats in front of $100 bills


Air Force One; United States of America - Air Force One flies over blue skies; Flag & Presidential Seal in foreground
Barack Obama; 44th President of the United States - Presidential Seal floats; Obama in foreground
Earning Your Presidential Kneepads - Monica Lewinsky crawls toward Clinton seated at desk
Gerald R. Ford 1913-2006; 38th President of the United States - Presidential seal floats fr Ford to White House; flag in background
Governator (The) - California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger holds CA over his head; Hollywood sign, hills
John F. Kennedy, 35th President 1961-1963 - Presidential Seal floats; JFK in frgd
President George W. Bush, 43rd President - Presidential seal floats behind image of Bush
President William J. Clinton; 42nd President of USA - Presidential Seal floats over 4 different photos of Pres Clinton & family
Proud to be a Democrat - Donkey draped in US flag walks past bkgd of blue & 7 stars; flags in frgd
Republican Pride - GOP elephant carries flag by his trunk walks past bkg of blue & 8 stars
Running the U.S.A. 42nd President, Bill Clinton - President Clinton jogs ahead of 2 Secret Service men; limo
U.S. Air Force - U.S. Air Froce logo floatas past text "U.S. Air Force"
U.S. Army - U.S. Army logo floats past text "U.S. Army"
(U.S. Marines) Oorah! - U.S. Marines logo float past text "U.S. Marines"
U.S. Navy - Anchor floats past text "U.S. Navy"
You Are Not Forgotten - POW-MIA logo floats past text "POW*MIA"
Your Government in Action! - Tug of war between Democratic donkey & Republican elephant


Adam & Eve - Eve walks in garden towards Adam
Anima Sola - Lady floats up/out of Purgatory awaiting judgement
Ascension - Jesus rises towards heaven
Daniel & the Lions - Lion approaches Daniel as he kneels & prays
Daniel and the Lion’s Den - Daniel, sitting, is surrounded by lions
David & Goliath - David slings rock towards Goliath
Day of the Dead - Dancing skeletons float past peppers; Virgin Mary in top frgd
Die Mauer von Jericho - Trumpeters float; wall tumbles
Elijah and the Chariot of Fire - Winged horse pulls Elijah in flaming chariot
Family (The) That Prays Together, Stays Together - Family of 4, dressed in Sunday's best, walk towards church (pencil)
Jesus Walking on the Waters - Jesus walks across rough waters
Jonah and the Whale - Whale chases Jonah
Last Supper - Jesus and 12 disciples partake of bread & wine
Last Supper/Holyland - Jesus and 12 disciples partake of bread & wine
Long Time Ago in Bethlehem - 3 Wise Men bearing gifts follow Star
Lord is My Shepherd - 2 sheep float from shepherd boy
Lourdes Apparition - Virgin Mary appears to 14 yr old Bernadette in a rocky outcrop
Moses - Pharoah’s daughter receives Baby Moses at riverbank
Noah’s Ark - Pair of tigers and rabbits; ark
Noah’s Ark - Pair of sheep and alligators; ark
Noah’s Ark - Flood engulfs Ark
Noah’s Ark - Dove carries olive branch flies by Noah’s ark
Pope John Paul II; 1920-2005 - Pope rises/falls behind Vatican w/ masses of people below; Cross in frgd
Scared Hearts; Holy, Holy, Holy - Jesus Christ; Virgin Mary (con/rev)
Sacred Soil - Fine dirt floats; text from Joshua 5:10 in foreground
Samson - Samson topples the pillars
Samson & Delilah - Delilah, carrying shears, approaches a sleeping Samson
Simon Carrying the Cross - Simon helps Jesus carry the cross
Ten Commandments - Moses carries Tablets


Baseball - Runner slides into homeplate; stadium
Buffalo Sabres (NHL) - Hockey player attempts to score goal; fans
Calgary Flames® ©NHL - Flames team logo floats past hockey players on ice
Chicago Black Hawks (NHL) - - Hockey player attempts to score goal; fans
Cincinatti Reds (Reds mascot on R) - Player #24 slides into home plate
Duck Fever - "Oregon Ducks" of Univ. of Oregon banner floats across football field
Edmonton Oilers® ©NHL - Oilers team logo floats past hockey players on ice
Go Bucks! Ohio State University - Football passes between 2 players on field
Home Run - Player slides into home plate racing against ball (baseball shaped pen)
Marquette Golden Eagles - Basketball player #34 dribbles ball to hoop
Mighty Ducks - Mascot Wild Wing of NHL's Anaheim Mighty Ducks
Montreal Canadiens® - Team logo floats past hockey players in arena
NFL Films, The Premier Filmaker in Sports - Camera man film two players running down field
NHL, Vancouver Canucks - Hockey player and puck reaches goal
Ottawa Senators® ©NHL - Senators team logo floats past hockey players on ice
Packers Hall of Fame - Packer catches football running across field; fans
Penn State Nittany Lions - Football player carries ball down field
St. Louis Blues (NHL) - Hockey player attempts to score goal; fans
Syracuse University - Orangemen mascots float past logo
TimrÅ Red Eagles - Hockey player with stick and puck floats across arena
Toronto Maples Leafs® ©NHL - Maple Leafs team logo float past hockey players on ice
Toronto Roadrunners - Roadrunner mascot shoots puck past goalie on ice
Triumph of the Human Spirit™ - 1996 Atlantic Paralympic Games; racers in custom wheelchairs
University of South Carolina - Gamecock struts past stadium and buildings
University of Washington, Husky Fever - Husky mascot & logo floats past football field
University of Washington, UW Huskies - Glitter floats around UW Huskies logo
University of Washington®, Huskies - Huskies' logo float past 3 scenic panels
Vancouver Canucks® ©NHL - Canucks team logo floats past hockey players on ice
Virginia Cavaliers - A cavelier rides horse past University of Virginia campus
Washington State University Cougars - WSC logo float past campus
Wisconsin Badgers - Mascot Bucky Badger holds hockey stick; puck floats across ice rink
Wisconsin Badgers - Mascot Bucky Badger dribbles basketball down court
Wisconsin Badgers - Mascot Bucky Badger handles football on playing field
No Caption; Bowling - Bowling ball is thrown to strike 2 pins; woman in background



Classics - Couple in 1920's car drive along street past others
Mini Meet East 2007- Red Mini Cooper floats past blue mini in bkgd; logo in left foreground
NHRA, The Extreme Motorsport - Hot Rod races past grandstand
Racing....for the Flag - Red race car surpasses blue car; checkered flag
Rock-n-Rolls - 1950's T-bird drives past Drive-In; Corvette, Chevy in frgd


B-1B Bomber - B-1B Bomber in flight
B-2 Stealth Bomber - B-2 Stealth in flight
SR-71 Blackbird - 2 jet fighter pilots in frgd; Blackbird floats
Spirit of St. Louis By Charles a. Lindbergh - Lindbergh plane flies from New York to Paris
Wright Flyer by Wilber & Orville Wright - Wright flyer moves past spectators; horse & carriages


Carnival Spirit™ "The Fun Ship" - Cruise ship floats past tropical island
Celebration® "The Fun Ship" - Cruise ship floats from one tropical island to another
Fantasy Carnival Cruise Line - Popular carnival cruise line floats by island
Holiday™ "The Fun Ship" - Cruise ship floats from one tropical island to another
Holiday "The Fun Ship" - Cruise ship floats toward island with 4 palm trees
M.P.S. Ursula - Cruise ship floats past coastal community
M.P.S. Victoria Cruiziana - Cruise ship floats past village to lush forest
Mette & Maren Mols - Mette ferry & Maren ferry from Denmark float past map
Monarch of the Seas® - Cruise ship approaches palm tree-lined shore
Olau; Vlissingen; Sheerness - Ferry service between Vlissingen and Sheerness
P & O Arcadia - Cruise ship floats towards island
Pacific Sky - Cruise ship moves past island full of palm trees (center frgd)
Paradise "The Fun Ship" - Cruise ship floats from one tropical island to another
Sea Princess - Cruise ship floats from island during sunset
U.S.S. Missouri 'Mighty Mo' BB-63 - Warship floats between officer and flag
U.S.S. Nimitz - Fighter plane attempts to land on Nimitz


Adventures in Space, Manned Mobility Unit - Astronaut floats towards other astronauts
Destination Space, Space Shuttle Launch - Space Shuttle lifts off (v)
Exploring the Future, Space Shuttle Orbit - Shuttle leaves from behind moon to cross Earth
Space Adventure - Astronaut rides Lunar Rover across moon's surface


American Centennials - Diesel electric train crosses bridge; Santa Fe logo
Union Pacific - Train moves past mountains in background
Union Pacific; Building America - Yellow train moves past lush greenery

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